Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Kmanne
    03-06 07:35 AM

    My F1 visa (I got 2 yr student visa for Fall 2007) expires in May 2009. I applied for OPT and starting date is June 1st 2009. Since my F1 visa stamping is expiring, what is my possibility of visiting India after May �09? Is there any possibility of extending my F1 Visa for another couple of yrs without leaving the country and continue on my OPT? Or any other suggestions? Please help me..

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  • sunny1000
    09-13 02:23 AM
    Great Work Lady and gentlemen!

    Here is an inspirational song by Mavis Staples to go with it. The song and the video are moving. But, some might find the video graphic so, please use discretion.

    Good luck on the 18th.

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  • go2roomshare
    01-19 03:14 PM
    It may be dump question.

    Is it the date LC is filed?
    Is it the date DOL Received Acknowledgement Date? ( Receipt Date)
    Is it the date just DOL received the package??

    Any one knows for sure??

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  • krishna_brc
    07-28 02:49 PM
    Just to let everyone know if any of you encounter the same issue -

    called up USCIS Customer Service and spoke to them about this error. They said to mention this in the Cover Letter (When I send the supporting docs) as a mistake that happened while filing the EAD and what the correct answer should be. They said it'll be then taken care of.

    Am going to do accordingly!

    I did some what similar mistake and explained the same in Cover Letter while sending the supporting documents.
    Got my approvals also.



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  • willIWill
    10-29 04:43 PM
    Economy returns to growth after deep slump | Reuters (

    BBC NEWS | Business | US economy is growing once again (

    The Good and the bad of this news.

    Good: More Jobs created if the growth sustains moving forward to 2010. :)

    Bad: Lesser Spill Over numbers than is being expected for 2010. ;)

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  • gccovet
    07-08 09:36 PM
    but we sent out the application package on June 28 (Friday) and the USCIS received our package on July 1st (Based on the Fedex tracking record). There is no way that my employer can refer to the new prevailing wage databse, which is released on July 1st.

    Save the FedEx receipts etc, they might be useful in case of RFE.


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  • techchaat
    11-17 08:24 PM

    This is regarding my H1B VISA application. I came to US in 2007 as a student of MBA and was working with my employer since then on CPT. My H1B petition was filed under Student Quota in Apr 2009 and was approved. I am going to India for my H1 stamping when I got I-129 from my employer. My highest education mentioned by my employer is MS - Computer Science from the University, while I pursued MBA - Management. Following are my questions:

    Is it OK to go for H1B stamping with this I-129?
    What are the possible options to correct it?
    Will this be a problem for my Green Card processing?

    Please let me know if any further details are required from my side.

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  • gc28262
    02-28 04:19 PM
    Why take risk ? File an LCA.
    Anyway LCA is tied to work location, so you probably will have to file an LCA. --My guess


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  • cheg
    10-11 04:16 PM
    A lot of people have filed on July 2 and still haven't received their FP notice while my husband and I filed July 6 and we're scheduled for FP tomorrow. My brother who filed on July 26 also received his FP notice last Friday. USCIS is really unpredictable nowadays so who knows how long it takes to generate FP notices. Hopefully you'll get yours soon too. :o

    How much time does it take on an average to generate a FP notice from the receipt notice date and when does the actual FP take place?

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  • GCBy3000
    04-30 10:32 AM
    04/29/2007: Need for Networking of Immigrants to Support Immigration Reform Legislation

    When it comes to the community organizing and support activities for the comprehensive immigration reform legislation, there are hundreds of organizations that organize, network, and mobilize the immigrants in support of the issues involving the difficult issues of legalization of illegal aliens. However, the same is not true with the employment-based immigration reform issues. The lobbying and organizing and support of these issues rely heavily on the employers, businesses, and academic institutions such as competeamerica. Without doubt, the employers should be the most effective and powerful groups to pressure the Congress, President, and other players in the political process.
    However, it is time that the immigrants themselves also participate in a similar effort to share information, issues, and supporting activities. Obviously, the first move is to organize and build a network throuhout the nation and the world, and along with the networking, other support activities must be conducted and expanded. There are not too many immigrant groups that are focused on the employment-based immigration reform issues. Currently, a website of is launching this campaign and attempting to organize and network in the employment-based immigrant communities. This reporter urges the foreign professional workers to visit and join this group to help an activities of side-kick from the standpoint of stakeholder foreign workers in support of the employers and their support groups. "Networking" will create a power in the political process.


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  • kode
    10-12 04:24 AM
    maybe importing your swf or swft exported from swift into flash? :sleep:

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-20 11:10 AM
    From Business Week: A report released on Tuesday makes the case that increased immigration is not a cause of increased unemployment in the U.S. The study, �The Unemployment Disconnect: Untying the Knot,� was issued by the Immigration Policy Center, the research arm of the American Immigration Law Foundation, an association of immigration lawyers that generally supports pro-immigration policies. The study sets out with the assertion that if immigrants are taking jobs away from native-born workers, �one would expect to find high unemployment rates in those parts of the country with large numbers of immigrants.� Examining state, county, and metropolitan area...

    More... (


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  • dval_dpal
    11-12 08:42 AM
    i took my passport pics from walgreen....i told them passport size photos...i got my renewed passport without any problem.

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  • jasmine182
    07-04 02:21 AM
    I wonder if there is anybody who could help me with my questions about the diversity visa in US.

    I was among the randomly selected people for DV 2009. Currently I am in US with F-1 visa. I learned that I am eligible for Adjustment of Status. Do you think it is reasonable to process my files in US or should I go back to my country?

    What kind of documents should I fill in? Also I need to pay the filing fees (for I-485 $930 for example). Are there any other costs? I also read that there is a medical examination report, how much could it cost to me?

    So after reviewing everything what will be the best decision for me? I asked an attorney but he didn't have enough of experience to help me, and I can not afford one more attorney.

    I will be thankful if somebody could enlighten me on these.

    Thank you very much.


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  • needhelp!
    10-13 12:45 PM
    at 4..

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  • LondonTown
    11-21 12:18 AM
    Please do not go for stamping if it can be avoided, as embassies are very frequently giving form 221(g) for additional administrative processing which may take few weeks to several months.


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  • tabletpc
    03-31 09:35 AM
    Again I did not get any response for my query. Looks like members here are more into GC stuff than other issues. Anyway as always, I contacted chennai consualte to learn more about my concern, here comes their reply. I hope this will be helpfull to someone wout their .
    Knowledge is waste, if not shared...!!!!
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your email.

    Once you take a confirmed appointment, modifications in terms of adding a new applicant cannot be made. However, you may cancel your existing appointment and then apply together as a family. (The Consulate encourages applicants to schedule appointment together).
    Please note that canceling your appointment for a second time would lead to deactivation of your receipt for the next 90 days.

    Kindly note that the modifications on Q.No 1 to 14 in DS-156 cannot be made, either you need to cancel the appointment and schedule a new appointment or you could go ahead with your appointment and inform the consular officer of the same wherein the final decision would be that of the consular officer.
    You can cancel your appointment only two times. After the second cancellation your HDFC Visa Fee Receipt is deactivated for 90 calendar days. You will not be able to book another appointment until the 90 days have passed.

    Thanking you

    VFS Team3

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  • eadguru
    10-04 11:34 AM
    My self and my wife both are on H1B. Both are working for different companies.

    I filled I 485, EAD and AP through my company, for my self and my wife.

    1) I am the primary person. After getting the EAD, Is it possible, If my wife can open a consulting company with her name?

    2) After opening a consulting company on her name, Is it possible, she can leave her H1B employer and run her own paystubs on her own company.

    Your help will be really appreciated. :)


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  • royus77
    06-26 01:25 PM
    My H1 for 3 yr Ext got aPPROVED TODAY

    06-28 06:44 PM
    Nevermind, i have it figured out. i should've just made the Array a bool[,] (i did, thats how it was fixed).

    Swati Solanki
    10-04 04:08 PM
    Mine was received on 18th july too by R Cook. No news yet! Did anyone's cheque got cashed out?

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