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  • linklinklink
    06-25 02:53 PM
    For those who have same problem.
    I just come back from local USCIS office. They do not make changes on I-94 any more ( I did show the memo whick is outdated according to the office). Now it's direct mail service. The supervisor of the office confirmed that I do not need file I-102 form if I file I-485 to adjust status, but I do need copies of all my I-94s including the error one. Good luck to anyone.

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  • d123
    09-25 11:40 AM
    inputs are valuable..

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  • flipflop
    08-28 01:39 PM
    I believe filing CPT and working on CPT till EAD (if filed with 485) arrives in hand should not affect pending I-485 at all.

    Can somebody else in this situation confirm this?

    This should be quite a common issue.

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  • snathan
    09-01 05:25 PM

    I work for company X and in my 9th year H1-B visa. X has filed for my Eb-3 labor and I-140 and I am currently AOS (July 07 filer) on my I-485. X recently extended my H1 through Oct 2012.

    I have an offer from company Y. Company Y is asking me if I want H1 extension or H1 transfer? What should I answer them. Which one ensures that I have a 3 year extension. Please advise ASAP.


    Are you sure they are asking this question...? Technically there is nothing called 'Transfer'. Its always new H1B sponsor and only you will not be counted against the cap as you are already counted. If you have I140 approved, you should get three extension based on that. Ask them what�s the difference between extension and transfer. I guess their knowledge in immigration is Zippo....take care.


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  • newbie2020
    03-27 11:26 AM
    ASk her to apply for a H4 Visa at local consulate in India. and when she comes to US use the H4 visa papers .....

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  • grinch
    06-24 07:53 PM
    Haha I was thinking about that one! Thanks for clearing it up!


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  • neeidd
    07-15 12:20 PM
    I have nov 2004 PD. I have the same problem. USCIS received my app on aug 3rd. But notice date is oct 11. From , i see that these dates doesnt matter as long as your PD is current. So, i didnt bother to contact USCIS.
    Thanks for the response, leoindiano


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-16 02:40 AM
    As we move closer to an Immigration reform, even government officials agree that such major change is very necessary. Here are some remarks by Secretary Napolitano on Immigration Reform at the Center for American Progress:

    Over the past year, as this Administration has pursued more effective strategies within the current laws, the picture of how exactly those laws need to be changed has become clearer than ever before. In the past ten months, we have made tough choices, and implemented significant reforms within the current legal framework�but they are not enough to create the system that we want or that we need. If we are truly going to fix a broken system, Congress will have to act.When it comes to immigration, I took an oath as Secretary of Homeland Security to secure the nation by enforcing the law and managing legal flows across the border. Let me be clear: to do this job as effectively as possible, DHS needs immigration reform.Reform legislation would provide lasting and dedicated resources at our borders, and provide some critical legal tools that we don�t currently have to combat smuggling organizations. For example, we need tougher anti-smuggling laws in dealing with the aggravated crimes smugglers commit�including assaulting law enforcement officers, endangering children, threatening relatives and abandoning people in the desert� hundreds of whom succumb to death from heat and lack of water. We also need to update current laws that don�t cover some of the new means by which criminals conduct their business. For instance, today�s smugglers and drug traffickers often move cash through �stored value� cards, which aren�t even considered monetary instruments under the current money-smuggling laws.In addition, we need improvements to the current law when it comes to interior and worksite enforcement. Dishonest businesses often ignore the civil fines for illegal employment now on the books because they�re so low. It�s also very difficult to prosecute these crimes as felonies because of the over-elaborate intent requirements built into the current statutes.

    Read more here... (

    More... (


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  • Antonio Trivelin
    July 26th, 2006, 06:31 PM
    Here in my city (Piracicaba - S�o Paulo/Brazil) there is a river (Piracicaba�s River) that crosses the center of the city.

    I was driving near when i saw something not commom, a man fishing and giving the fishes to this "gar�as" (i don�t know the name of this bird in english). There was more or less 8 to 10 gar�as waiting the fish.

    I took some photo and i post here to divide with you my friends. (

    This is Mr. Osvaldo ( ( (

    I think he is the enemy number one of the fishes :)

    Antonio Trivelin

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  • skark
    08-22 11:54 AM
    Does anyone know if the PIO card needs to be renewed or a new PIO card has to be obtained when US passport is renewed?


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  • bkarnik
    06-25 05:14 PM
    Please see other thread on similar topic...please do not start new threads without researching exisitng threads...moderators please lock this thread or merge with the existing thread.

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  • mk26
    03-29 03:05 PM

    Anyone can give some input on this ?

    I have approved H1b renewal and my wife went to India and got h4 visa based on my approval, I have not stamped yet,

    since my wife already got the visa stamped, do you think I need to verify for PIMS ?
    or it should have been already verified .

    Any idea?



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  • ganguteli
    04-08 01:06 PM
    I just noticed on USCIS website that all 4 of our family's I-485 (myself, wife, 2 children) have new LUD of 4/1/2009.

    The message still says "case received and pending" on all cases.

    I wonder what it means?


    Congrats. It means someone touched your file. Please update the LUD date in the IV tracker

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  • sbmallik
    05-20 02:07 PM
    Generally, Immigration add value to the economy ... but as a result of recession, we may see decline in immigration levels.


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  • reddy2cool
    09-12 12:58 PM
    bump..guys plz do reply

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  • indyanguy
    07-17 09:16 PM
    My lawyer sent out the LC Substitution/140/485/EAD on July 2nd and said that all these can be filed concurrently and he wanted to take advantage of the dates being current.

    I read in several forums that it's necessary to have the LC substitution stage completed before filing for 140/485. Is this true?

    Is it possible that there are more chances of LC substitution denial? If so, what are my options?


    PS: This is a genuine LC substitution case!


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  • AllIzzWell
    03-22 10:01 AM

    I am using the regular link that is on the website. The below is the link.

    The DS-160 is located at

    can anyone please confirm that we can fill the DS160 without the photograph? The application allowed me to fill in the app without photograph. Moreover I have booked an appointment for my wife's visa stamping.


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  • bugsbunny
    03-24 03:29 PM
    i don't believe there can be any guarantee against getting RFE or NOID. You can take precautions by following the regulations and yes having a job/job title in the same or similar occupations.
    There is a lot of guidance about what constitutes "same or similar"... from USCIS
    There are labor codes for every position/occupation in the Dept. of Labor...make sure yours falls within the same as directed by the USCIS guidance.
    Hope this helps!

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  • gc_chahiye
    07-23 06:26 PM
    anyone who printed single-side or has everyone submitted the forms printed on both sides of the page? does uscis even care?

    07-07 12:05 PM
    My EAD expires on 07/28/2010. My EAD renewal is currently pending (applied online on 5/18/2010 at NSC). My AP expires on 08/24/2010. I am planning to apply for AP renewal once I finish my move to new address.

    So, I really don't know which date to put. BTW, USCIS online application didn't mark that field as required.

    Put the latest date ( AP ) . May be you can indicate that you are on AOS.

    12-14 12:26 PM
    Why do you say that we would be shut out from any assistance from these agencies after the Nuclear deal goes through?

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