Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Applejuiced
    Apr 26, 03:11 PM
    I notice that too, not a big deal, just don't scroll near the video.

    I agree.
    Im sure people can survive without having to scroll with the pointer on the video:D

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  • Abstract
    Aug 18, 06:00 AM
    Yeah, the Northern Line has always been quite good. It was also one of the most reliable.

    Metropolitan line is definitely the most ghetto. It's so 3rd world.

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  • GGJstudios
    Feb 22, 12:15 AM
    Is it 250 or 500? I'm close to 250...


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  • jiminaus
    Apr 17, 09:39 PM
    I hadn't bought a physical book in a long time. I always by e-books. They're much more easily searchable than physical books, I can cross-reference with a click on a hyperlink, I don't have to wait or pay for shipped (which to Australia can be more than the cost of the book), and I don't have to find a place to physically store it.

    The only issue would be if you need to access the book side-by-side with your work. This isn't a problem for me because I have 2 large screens. If you only have one smallish screen, then this may be an issue. Unless you have an iPad and can view the book on the iPad while you work. ;)


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  • brn2ski00
    Jun 22, 07:30 AM
    does the battery works with ibook g3?

    Not sure, my guess is probably not.

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  • cokirex
    Nov 12, 03:39 PM
    ha! i actually bought this cd off itunes a few months ago. could do with some more sequencing and layering. but what it is great for is sampling. i took one of the ink cartridge hitting the side of the caseing sounds and processed it into a kick drum. heres a rough mix.




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  • Counterfit
    Sep 26, 10:15 AM
    1.) Darn you and your working latch :P
    2.) the only thing you should need the Manual for would be to calibrate the battery. Maybe. But remember to do it.
    3.) Check out my pics (http://homepage.mac.com/counterfit/PhotoAlbum5.html).

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  • Michael383
    May 7, 12:36 AM
    At this time I'd go for the top of the line iMac 27".


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  • Beanoir
    Apr 19, 04:57 AM
    Autobrite G101.... :eek:

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  • maw4bc
    Apr 13, 08:46 PM
    I have searched for the last 2 hours and have yet to find a solution that has worked for me.

    I am using lockinfo and the lockinfo weather plugin. From what I have read, since we are on ipad, we are needing to overwrite the default weather app (since we dont have one). using the yahoo configuration. I put my location in USTX0617|12791340 (houston). and it is still not working. Can anyone out there help? This is driving me crazy.


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  • Beric
    Sep 8, 12:55 AM
    This guy seems confident though doesn't he? :p

    Registered just to post this, apparently. I'd believe him if he had a link, evidence, or at least a good argument why he is reliable.

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  • zelmo
    Feb 1, 07:28 PM
    Things are running well of late. Now averaging around 300ppd. I have 2 instances of Folding running on the Xeon 3.6, but the IT guy decided he was only going to let me use one processor on the dualie...because he took the other one to Fold for Team MR.

    He's got the other processor, a Xeon box on his desk at work, an eMac at work, plus his laptop and two PIII servers at home. He is ke3gp, and he is climbing up the ranks quickly, averaging over 500ppd since he signed on last week.


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  • swedishchef
    Sep 28, 09:17 AM
    Hi, I'm going to be ordering a 12" PB in the next couple of weeks, whether the much rumored revisions happen or not but in would be cool if they did. This will be my first Mac and I'm very excited but I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you guys think of Bluetooth mice? I've seen some complaints about problems with them connecting and lag time between mouse and cursor. The lag-time thing would be pretty unacceptable for me so should I go with BT or just get a regular RF? (I'm thinking of the Macally BTMouse)

    2) RAM - I'm going to max out the RAM (1.25g) so is there any advantage to the RAM Apple installs on built-to-order machines that makes it worth the $400 price tag or is this just the cost of convenience? I've worked on PC's before so I wouldn't find the idea of purchasing RAM somewhere else and installing it myself all that intimidating.

    3) I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing work with this computer, I know it's not the ideal machine for it but it's what I can afford and it should do the job until I can buy something better. My question is should I get a notebook cooling stand (with the fans in it) for when I'm doing these resource intensive operations or would something like the iCurve be enough?

    Thanks for reading and for your advice.


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  • brucem91
    Apr 13, 05:32 PM
    Interesting update, for those that care/may be wondering. As a test, I grabbed a 2 GB Ram stick from my laptop and placed it in one of the free slots on my iMac. Computer now reports 6 GB RAM installed, but the 2 x 2GB already installed now underclock to 1067. It seems that Ram will always run as fast as the slowest installed. Still, 6 GB @ 1067 has to be better than 4 GB @ 1333, right?


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  • rx7dude
    Apr 25, 09:44 AM
    I've got one.
    I use it primarily for quick videos of my kids.
    I love it and think the quality is better than the iphone 4.
    Works well with Imovie

    Great bang for the buck.

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  • deadwulfe
    Mar 30, 06:41 PM
    The "right" amount is a bit subjective. WinXP requires 1.5GB of space, but you'll also need room for additional hardware drivers, room for temporary space/virtual memory, and room for games. You'll need to consider how much space your games will need. On my 500GB HDD, I partitioned off 100GB. It's not nearly enough for all the games in my library, but it allows me to have several of them installed while running Win 7.

    However, I don't think there's a right answer that anyone other than you can provide. Also, read the Bootcamp message and make sure it supports WinXP. I know the 2011 MBPs do not.


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  • thesmileman
    Apr 30, 09:35 AM
    I asked but they won't tell me how many they have. They do have them already.

    I met with manager wants picure of me with him. We qre in an official line.

    charisma carpenter wallpaper. charisma carpenter wallpaper
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  • mcnicks
    Jul 22, 03:43 AM
    Have they checked that they are not just props left by the Doctor Who production team?

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  • Blackheart
    Apr 5, 07:20 PM
    For what it's worth, I'll just throw in here that I too am waiting for a PM revision. (And have been, since the initial introduction, and then much more expectantly since MWSF).

    *runs around room screaming in frustration, leaving trail of hair behind*

    Macrumors is a cool site and the forums have a lot of cool people, but I think getting involved in the rumor mill has caused some serious stress...

    Yeah, you're not the only one who's been stressing. It's especially not good when you tell PC people that you live with "I'm gonna get a dual G5 real soon and it's gonna be BADA**"...maybe with different words but to that degree, and the powermac doesn't even come out. I'm getting quite frustrated. I just ignore "Magic Tuesdays" anymore.

    Jul 5, 10:05 PM
    Originally posted by tazo
    i think the biggest hurdle to leap over to run panther, are the graphic card limitations of the older machines. stuff like the cube user switching and expose are going to be cpu and graphic card intensive. do you think those older machines would be able to handle those?

    Panther doesn't claim to support any
    G3 without built in usb ports. That means the beige boxes and the first G3 laptops are out of luck.

    Would Apple purposely exclude these machines even though the ability is there in both the machines and the OS?

    Of course...

    May 2, 01:01 AM
    It's not restoring to either though, I've created a few c.firmware packages with pwnagetool - all returning same error code 6 as official.

    May 6, 04:20 PM
    How about 1080p movies in full screen mode? Does it look bad? Do you guys prefer watching it through a window at 1080p?

    1080p, or even 720p should be fine. Moving picture is different because you don't concentrate in small details but try to read text in Safari at 1920x1080 and it will look pixel-ish, something that you don't want.

    Oct 28, 03:11 PM
    Right now:

    Luciano - Essential mix live from Ibiza 2009-08-01

    Jul 7, 11:56 PM
    and then i found the answer myself here (http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20010422202915223&query=htaccess)

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