Tuesday, May 31, 2011

princess letizia of asturias

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  • iGary
    Apr 6, 12:48 PM
    Get David Pogue's The Missing Manual for Tiger, it is "backorderable" on Amazon.

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  • idkew
    Nov 4, 06:49 PM
    you guys get what i mean...

    you all get drunk together, go out and cuase damage to parked cars. the MR crew.

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  • trainguy77
    Nov 15, 11:00 PM
    Just a quick question... I downloaded the SMP Intel version for my MacBook Pro, but I can't figure out how to pause it! Last night I did a ctrl-c (quit) and it closed out... but this morning it started all over! What on earth is the "pause" command?

    (yes I know I don't need to stop it for most things, but I like to at night and while I study because of the extra noise it creates.)

    Well since its beta there is bound to be problems. For example in the last version (non-public beta) there was problems with check points BIG problems so the current version does not have them, so i you stop it, it will start over. Of coarse this will be fixed in time. Also another bug if you disable airport folding stops......

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  • skippinjack
    Jul 10, 09:34 PM
    I shall be there! I'm gonna roll up at like 4 AM, see what the line is like (if there is one) and then may just chill and take a drive up and down A1A.


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  • drew.bowser
    Feb 18, 10:59 AM
    I have not done an SSD per say, but I have made a little side business upgrading the hard drive on 2010 Mac Mini's and selling them on ebay. After having done 10 or so of these, yes you do need to pull the logic board out slightly. The hard drive will not lift up enough to give you the angle you need clear the logic board with out pulling it out.

    That said, only pull it out enough to see a small gap of air between the black beisl in the rear and the alum case.

    WRT the heat sensors... I have found that the smallest amount of rubber cement works well if you you loose the adhesive when transferring the sensor. 8/10 times you will have plenty of stick left though and wont need to add any.

    The black cover I have also assumed was there for air flow as well. If the SSD has a smooth surface, and not logic board to short, you probably can do away with it.

    I will say that the OWC video is dead on. Follow it precisely. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SENSORS ON THE HDD. THEY BREAK VERY EASILY!!

    I found that out the hard way. I have a new sensor on the way as we speak.

    I second everything tek is saying. He's a smart guy :)

    TEK - QUESTION - the glue...you can use standard rubber cement? It doesnt have to be a special kind of thermal glue or anything??

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  • dino26
    May 2, 03:15 PM
    Why don't you go round all 3 apple stores in the city , then go around all the best buy stores and then some other tech stores.


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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 21, 09:04 PM
    At this point im just frustrated. I changed the host file with this ip gs.apple.com Then I followed all the steps and got 4.2.1 on. When I went to jailbreak, I got it into DFU mode but the jailbreak failed. Now I just want to update to 4.3 but I cant because I dont remember what I changed and replace with this gs.apple.com. Anybody know the original text so I can update to 4.3?

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  • maflynn
    Mar 29, 09:46 AM
    The stock analysts have target prices on Apple as high as $550.
    I have absolutely no doubt that will happen, so I am holding my large position in Apple.

    A broker can give you suggestions how to buy without a SS#.

    The OP has suggested that he doesn't want investment advice, i.e., the wisdom of putting all of his money in one stock thats at an all time high, but rather how can he actually go about purchasing the stock using US dollars without a social security number.


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  • l.a.rossmann
    Jun 11, 11:40 PM
    I am not sure if this is the right section.

    I like giving away free information based on my experiences. I wish more people did it so I wouldn't have to buy laptop parts from bad suppliers.

    I know people like t fix things themselves. What I would like to do here is have a list of good suppliers for certain parts where the end user can buy parts for their Macbook one at a time, and a list of ones to avoid, with the reasons why. My experiences will be devoid of bias, personal remarks, and stick to places where I have had the unfortunate experience of doing repeat business.

    I will update this list over time, and I encourage others to chime in. there are many suppliers I have used not listed here since I don't have all the names and information ready off hand.

    I am only listing suppliers of use to people looking to buy one part, not places that specialize in quantities of 50+, as that is useless to joe-blow looking to fix his out of warranty laptop.

    The hall of fame:

    sunvalleytek/sunvalleyus/smartlaptopparts(on ebay)

    They have occasionally sent out the incorrect screen, when they did, they paid for return shipping. They offer amazing prices, and a great RMA process

    screenaid(on ebay)

    see sunvalleyus. They are also great for local pickup in NYC. Unlike sunvalleyus, they do not ship the model they give you in the title. They ship a samsung or something else. For the 13.3" macbook, they do not ship the regular model samsung apple uses. It looks the same to me, but the brightness/dim buttons` on the keyboard will not work unless you have some drivers/a newer OSX installed.

    izashop (on ebay)

    small things like top cases, bezels, etc. fast shipping, best prices, good parts.


    Their prices fluctuate greatly, which is unfortunate. However, they have a plethora of LCDs to select from, the occasional quantity discount, great shipping rates, and decent support.

    The hall of SHAME:


    they claim to use "compatible" parts. However, what they send out is often ****. no model, no name junk with

    - bars down the left side of the LCD
    - poor fit
    - washed out colors

    I have, and others have, been roped into buying from them on numerous occasion. I am hoping someone I heard from recently who went through the experience I did will chime in here. Their parts are trash. They are notorious for the 15.4" LED LCDs that go for $177.

    It is fine to sell alternative compatible models, but they truly stretch the definition of compatible. screencountry does this with a few LCDs, but they ship out ones where there is no visible difference, of established brand names and well known models.


    Imagine you buy part A. The eBay ad claims 13 available and a day later you'll receive an email with "GREAT NEWS!" claiming he's totally out of them, but that he can upgrade you to part B. You say sure, then he asks for more money. But you agreed to the price for part A. It's classic bait & switch, while being careless on eBay I made the mistake of using him a few times.

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  • Bond007
    Jun 28, 11:21 PM
    Hi all. I seem to be having a few problems with my powermac. Its a 1ghz with 1g of ram and the comp is about 4 months old.

    Heres my problems...

    iTunes: Whenever I use the visualizer it studders every 6 or so seconds. It never did this when I first got it, this problem just accured about a month ago. I thought it would just go away, but no such luck. Any idea's?

    Microphone: I tried USB microphone, i tried the regular mic jack in the back of the comp, and nothing. The comp wont pick it up at all. I've been wanting to use my mic with iChat A/v. This problem is also hapening on my other G4. So I was wondering if maybe there was a setting or something I might be missing? Or is the only option I have the new camera mic from apple for 150.00.???

    Any help would be great. Thanks!!!



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  • balamw
    Apr 12, 07:28 AM
    I would like to create a simple iphone app for my sports team

    Why not just make a website?

    Agreed, I had missed what the app was about. I don't see anything in the desired feature list that can't be implemented as a plain old mobile-optimized website. Basically all a native app would be doing anyway is retrieving that information from the web and displaying it in a webview.

    If you need a book to point you in the right direction, pick up Programming the Mobile Web (http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596807795). Apple also has some resources of their own here: http://www.apple.com/webapps/


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  • shademan64
    Feb 13, 04:16 PM
    i get error 1600


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  • litosclone
    Dec 6, 01:05 PM
    I trick my browser by creating another tab while a myspace page is loading. Once the page is loaded, I tab back to their page; I can sometimes get to that persons page. I have also found my browsers crashes more on pages customized with Thomas editor.

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  • Huntn
    Jun 6, 06:32 PM
    My number one Oblivion tip is "level properly". If anyone wants to read more about it see the Guide link I posted a couple of replies ago. :)


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  • Small White Car
    May 1, 09:44 PM
    Apple already has a split-system.

    They sell this year's phone for one price and last year's phone for a much cheaper price.

    I don't see any reason why they'd give that up and start selling 2 brand-new models at different prices. I don't understand what that gains them over the current system. Any blog that says there will be a 'pro model' but doesn't explain how that's better than the current system doesn't count much in my opinion.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 20, 08:04 PM
    I've already stocked up on canned food.


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  • Dielawn
    Jul 30, 04:06 AM
    At West Ed right now, about 50 people lined up. A lot smaller than what I was expecting!

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  • gngan
    Apr 30, 04:27 AM
    I think there's no point for preserving the BB. However; it's not that difficult to do it so why not? What if unlock comes out but you've already updated it?

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  • ninebythree
    Dec 23, 05:10 PM
    I'm having this problem with my relatively new (3 months) iBook. After it's been woken from sleep mode, the keyboard won't work for a minute or so. It'll work if the iBook's been open during sleep mode and I wake it up using the keyboard, but if I wake it from being closed or I wake it with the mouse, the keyboard doesn't function for a short period of time. Help?

    Jul 8, 11:39 PM
    Where are my Broward People?

    I will be at the store at about 10am, I can't wake up early, I took the day off and I am sleeping in, even if it's the iPhone launch :)

    Who's going??

    Mar 18, 07:00 PM
    I considering heading to covent garden, but for me depends on whether we get pre-orders for delivery on Friday. If not then the weather. If its raining, I'll just go to my local store I think. Its inside a shopping center, so wont get wet. :)

    hey v66jack, if you check out my link above, i also asked about pre orders and she said they would most likely not be shipping on the friday as couriers delivered iphone 4 too earlier too people (hence it being on a friday no deliveries at weekends which is a bit rubbish!)

    Mar 5, 06:46 AM
    Well my quad core i7 MPB turned up this morning, so the first thing had to be to see how well it folds!

    It's just the stock 2.0 GHz 15" version, but initial indications are good.

    It downloaded a 6701 WU, which do tend to be slower than the others, so I'll update these figures once its done a few different units.

    TPF: 11 min 46 s
    PPD: 6184
    CPU temp: 85 C
    Fan speed: 4667 rpm (both)
    Power draw: 58-59 W (screen off, 62-63 W with screen on)

    For comparison, my 2.4 C2D iMac does about 1400 ppd using 75 W, but at a much cooler 54 C.

    Feel free to add your own Sandy Bridge numbers for comparison.

    Keep folding!


    Jan 16, 05:59 AM

    I just received my macrumors email... at 3AM EST!!! 1/16/08. :(

    Man, glad I didn't wait.

    Dec 22, 08:34 AM
    I know this may seem oftopic but I have questions concerning copyright images and trademarks. More specifically, I am a freelance artist and I occasionally a customer will request me to paint their child's favorite cartoon character.... I've gotten mixed feedback so far on the regulations for such things, and I have other questions relating to this post. This is my first time being on here and I'm not to familiar with how it works, so if you could email me at dilligafanyhoo@hotmail.com with your suggestions and knowledge I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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