Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • KillersKiss
    Jan 25, 10:01 AM
    How can I convert mp4 files to mp3?

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  • princess letizia wedding

  • AppleIntelRock
    Jul 9, 01:28 AM
    looks like i'm going to los gatos

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  • Princess Letizia of Spain

  • John J Rambo
    Apr 6, 04:05 PM
    Hi guys,

    Im completely new to php and I'm trying link a php script to this form I have:

    <form action="contactformprocess.php" method="post">
    <label for="name">Name:</label>
    <input type="text" name="name" placeholder="Enter your full name" />

    <label for="email">Email:</label>
    <input type="email" name="email" placeholder="Enter your email address" />

    <label for="message">Message:</label>
    <textarea name="message" placeholder="What's on your mind?"></textarea>

    <input type="submit" value="Send message" name="submit"/>


    I cant see anything wrong with this form and i have linked a php mailer script to it but I'm not receiving the email...

    I'm testing it live by the way.

    thank in advance...

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  • bizzle
    Apr 19, 05:42 AM
    Bad GPU son.


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  • Princess Letizia of Spain

  • zedsdead
    Mar 19, 08:09 AM
    The next Mac Mini should be fine for that. If as hoped it gets a Sandy Bridge processor it'll make the MacBook Air look terribly slow in comparison for CPU intensive tasks, especially if you put a SSD in the Mini.

    As for EyeTV, the current Mini isn't as powerful as many of us would like, but I find it to be adequate. Hopefully the refresh will correct this and allow smooth playing of live sport in HDTV using progressive scan.

    I think part of the issue was the 2.13 core2duo processor in the Macbook Air, but I agree that the next Mac Mini should be much more powerful. The Graphics Card will be a downgrade, but shouldn't be that much of a difference.

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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 4, 06:08 PM
    The product that Larry reviewed can be found here: http://www.thehishop.com/

    They have the back oleo protectors but the front cutout is a single opening and not separate cutouts.

    As a side note, when SGP first released their oleophobic protectors they were separate cutouts and somewhere down the line they decided to switch to a single cutout (not sure why).

    Thanks for the link.

    Now I am confused. You say that SGP first made the oleo protectors with two cuts and then one cut.

    Does the current oleos have single or double cut?


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  • and Crown Princess Letizia

  • iwoodworkshop
    Apr 11, 09:49 AM
    That's sweet! How secure are those latches? I'd be worried about it coming open and dumping the MBP, which would make me cry.

    I'm also curious with what you've lined the inside to protect the MBP.

    The latches are very secure, i tested it dropping it 3 meters form the stairs. The inside has a lining of small strips of rubber covered with velvet

    Nice! Was it hard to make? Do you have any fillings in there? If it's even a bit loose, it may sway while carrying it and wood is pretty tough so it could get dents or scratches.

    It has a filling of rubber and velvet so it's very secure, it is made out of 100% wood ((http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebrawood)) I have also made some of other woods.
    As with all kind of woods (and other materials) if you bumb it hard enough it will get scratched.

    right now i am making a suitcase from ebony wood with a solid silver apple logo (for personal use ofcours), here are some pictures of one case and the ebony case being build

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  • yoyo5280
    Oct 19, 08:20 PM
    I will probably buy Leopard but can I show up with out buying it? Like to test it on the new macs?


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  • Princess Letizia Crown

  • AWallen90
    May 4, 02:04 PM
    I set my grandparents up on a 350mhz powermac g4 about 7 months ago and they love it. I use a powermac g3 400mhz every once in a while to play some older great games, "You Don't Know Jack" They are truly great machines.

    Getting to the point, for video cards try lowendmac.com they have forums dedicated to ppc and I'm sure they have all the different and best cards available for your g5.

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  • Princess Letizia Princess

  • lathrop4
    Jan 17, 01:34 PM
    I'm a teacher who has brought his class every year to MacWorld. We always come on Friday. I don't think that any booths close down on Friday until the late afternoon. My kids like the fact that vendors are more willing to give away free stuff on Fridays.

    So...I don't think it would be a waste of your time.


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  • Princess Letizia of Spain

  • needlnerdz
    Mar 10, 05:14 AM
    what you described is very seemingly possible. look into PhoneGap (http://www.phonegap.com/) - you can develop apps in CSS/HTML/JAVASCRIPT that are compiled as normal apps. Nevertheless - it could probably also be done simply by making a normal website that utilizes the iOS Webkit - run the Mac with a local wifi network [not sure if there is a limit to how many people can be connected at once?] - then with MAMP running the server.. just have all of the ipads loading the server page.. using PHP/mySQL to keep track of who finds what. PhoneGap is the slick way to do it.. but might be overkill.

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  • appleguy123
    May 20, 05:25 PM
    Looks like Apple pulled it :(


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  • Scepticalscribe
    Feb 16, 07:18 AM
    Go with the 5th Gen Nano[/B]

    If you..
    - want superior battery life
    - want superior capacity
    - hard drive fragility isn't a issue for you
    - interested in holding video (16GB nano isn't going to do much for holding video)
    - don't mind the larger form factor (some prefer it, fits much more comfortably in hand for me in comparison to the nano)
    Go with the classic

    Very well put, and I agree with your conclusion. To the OP, my recommendation also would be to go for the classic.


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  • point665
    Oct 27, 07:49 AM
    In the first picture - theres a white shirted old guy, thats me infront of him (you can see my head right above his shoulder).


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  • princess letizia wedding dress

  • mowogg
    Jan 10, 09:07 PM
    Hi all, I recently rebooted and have noticed a small blue "bubble" on my screen. It is transparent and turns opaque when you mouse over it. If you click on it, it activates the function usually assigned to the F10 key for Expose. I can move it around the screen like something from Konfabulator. I do have both Konfabulator and Growl installed, but they are both off right now.. and this thing still won't go away. Any help?

    That's the "Expose Blob." Do you have Cocktail? If so, Cocktail can turn that on and off.
    If you don't have Cocktail, download it. It's shareware and you can use it for free for this one time. The best thing to do would be to spend the $9.95 for it in case the blob ever comes back.

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  • locust76
    Aug 13, 02:37 PM
    Wait... They don't have QuickTime 10 yet!?!?!?:eek:

    The only reason Windows users even have Quicktime in the first place is because you can't install iTunes without that crap.

    In fact, it's so crappy, I don't think it even tries to take over file associations when it's installed. Apple knows they'll just be reset anyways, so Quicktime just sits there like a vestigial limb. It's an entirely wasted 32 megabytes, whereas VLC can play a million times more formats than Quicktime and is half the size.

    Oh, but Quicktime looks like brushed aluminum. Great. And it can't do fullscreen unless you pay for it. Fantastic.


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  • lannim
    Apr 8, 08:43 PM
    It's not too bulky, i actually really like the look of it..much better than the previous gen otterboxes

    And of course very protective and theoretically water resistant, though I wouldn't go testing this on purpose

    Good investment though

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  • mcdj
    Apr 23, 11:28 PM
    while I also suspect the UE will be the best of the bunch, how long have you used the A Jays? Most higher end headphones have to burn in the drivers, which usually takes several dozen hours, before maximum sound quality is achieved

    I can assure you, at $70, the A Jays Fours are no where near "higher end".

    My default set of IEMs is the Klipsch x10i. I have yet to find anything as punchy and detailed and simultaneously comfortable. They put the A Jays Fours to shame.

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  • princess letizia wedding

  • jupiteroot
    Apr 20, 09:04 AM
    There are many 40 pin ZIF to sata adapters out there... what's needed is actually a LIF adapter. According to other forums, this could do this job:


    I'm ordering one today and will post results.

    Jun 20, 05:01 PM
    Gonna be on this damn forum fantasizing about it...

    May 5, 07:19 PM
    I purchased the 2011 13'' MBP about 6 weeks ago (my first Mac laptop btw:cool:) and I am planning to also get an iPad by September. I used my friend's and it is just... well, a really good experience. I plan to use the laptop for work & school and I'll use the iPad for general web browsing, books/news/magazines, entertainment (iTunes, Netflix, games), etc.. I figure it should extend the life of my MBP as well because I expect to use it less once I get an iPad.

    Apr 24, 01:59 PM
    Read http://whathaveyoutried.com and http://mikeash.com/getting_answers.html .

    You are unlikely to get the answers you seek without giving us a lot more than you already have. Post any code you have tried that doesn't work. Post links to the Java code that you think does what you want, etc...

    Especially if this sounds like homework, you need to at least try to solve it.


    Apr 18, 07:16 AM
    A gay lightbulb?

    May 4, 11:42 PM
    MacBook Airs:
    extremely portable
    slower processors than the iMac
    SSD is faster than the iMac's traditional hard drive, but less storage capacity
    memory can't be upgraded after purchase
    no Thunderbolt ports

    not very portable
    faster processors than the Air
    traditional hard drive is slower than the Air's SSD, but has more storage capability
    memory can be upgraded after purchase
    has Thunderbolt ports
    You forgot to add that the iMac has a much much much bigger screen which, besides everything else, is of much higher quality than than any MBA.

    OP in every aspect the iMac is the better value for money - faster, bigger screen, more convenient even for trivial tasks like writing and browsing, let alone picture editing. You have to decide whether you need a laptop or a desktop.

    I've decided to go for both, as it turned out I cannot give up the ergonomics of a desktop computer while at home.

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