Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • hipeye01
    Apr 30, 12:52 AM
    i found this thread while looking for the solution to a similar situation. I too am looking for a phone with a QWERTY keyboard that does not require a data plan, but I also need a calendar that can sync with my mac computer. I don't care what calendar it is (google/ical/other) and and am willing to buy/download third party software, but am not sure about Bit Pim since fourm users' reviews seem mixed at best. I would like to stay with Verizon (cdma) if possible, but haven't found a phone on their network to fit my needs, so now I am open to any carrier. Any advice appreciated.

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  • torndownunit
    Feb 3, 07:07 PM
    Thanks a ton!

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  • cbegf
    Nov 13, 08:53 PM
    After about 10yrs i finally pulled our old SE out of the closet hoping someone has a solution to my problem! As soon as it boots up it goes right to the screen saver and it asks for a password and noone has a clue what it is how can i get this fixed?? I dont want to format it cause then i might as well throw it then. I want all the games i had on it. Can anyone help me save this thing????

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  • pgwalsh
    Feb 23, 11:14 AM
    I got an unknown host for I have no problems with cocoamysql.. If anyone knows how to get this going on a local machine for test, please let us know..


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  • Austin M.
    Apr 6, 03:31 PM
    This looks pretty cool.


    Here is the company's website (http://www.vazo.kr/index.html) and the product (http://www.vazo.kr/metal.html).

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  • spaceballl
    Jun 14, 09:05 PM
    I lined up for the iPhone 3G last year! And I lined up with my girlfriend for the Palm Pre last weekend (http://www.crazyhawt.com/2009/06/06/palm-pre-waiting-in-line-first-impressions/). This year, i'm doing this by mail :). My 3GS should arrive on the 19th.


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  • Ibanez Strummer
    Oct 11, 08:16 AM
    I second Andy McKee and Raul Midon. I would look at somebody like Newton Faulkner. He's big in england and his live set is just him and acoustic rather than with some of the other instruments on the two albums. Maybe City & Colour for something a bit more emo.

    Did you mean generally acoustic or instrumental?

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  • shane1
    Sep 28, 07:17 PM
    Dancing sucks. Anyone know where I can go play chess and bare knuckle box in Minneapolis?


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  • imacgeek
    Jan 6, 12:53 PM
    Sounds good, I just checked my iPhone and found several Starbucks - duh :D - around Moscone center. Maybe a native San Franciscan can suggest one of them, or an alternative in any case? Veterans of similar meetings from previous years: what do you think??

    I'll be wearing my original MacOS X t-shirt :)

    I am not a native but know the area pretty well. I would also be wiling to take shifts in line outside the Mascone center in the morning if some people want to wake up early and then I can come and hold the line for a few hours. I don't know about you guys but I am also staying at the Marriott so that could be a place to meet (I think they have a few louges)

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  • AuroraProject
    Apr 3, 12:32 AM
    The world as you know it, will cease to exist. You will be sucked into the black hole that is no phone land. Pack accordingly.


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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 11, 03:02 PM
    Keep it and upgrade the RAM yourself. It's much cheaper.

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  • skoker
    Dec 8, 06:52 AM
    I have some "stuff" that i need to get rid of:

    They are all free, so help your self:

    1.PIII motherboard
    2.PIII cooling fan
    3.Powermac 7100 power supply
    4.Apple floppy drive
    5.Apple 700mb hard drive(not sure if it works)
    6. 3com ethernet card(new)

    you CAN take one, but i would rather someone take the lot(less shipping work for me)

    if you have any 30pin memory you don't need, i can always use that


    I'll take the motherboard, fan, power supply, and ethernet card. What kind of 30-pin are you looking for? I may have some. What kinda of computer do you need it for?


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  • srf4real
    May 4, 07:37 PM
    Can I run two external displays from the 21" iMac? One from mini dp with vga converter and one from thunderbolt to vga or hdmi? It looks like the graphics card only supports one external display by the specs.. so what would be the point of using the thunderbolt over the mini display port right?

    I would get a 21.5" iMac to go with my two 22" ips monitors if I knew it could work...

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 18, 02:11 PM
    Been using iKleer Apple Polish on case ,keyboard and screen, on a COOL laptop, ALWAYS spray on a Microfiber cloth, NEVER on the machine itself.
    Love the stuff!!!
    Even use it on my 55":eek::cool: LCD TV screen as well


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  • chrono1081
    Apr 8, 06:21 PM
    Did you ever manage to get this working?

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  • eyelikeart
    Nov 7, 03:01 PM
    Was that u, Dahl, who suggested like half a dozen Ween tracks yesterday?


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  • john123
    Nov 21, 12:10 AM
    Well you can't really ban anyone forever...

    The most you can do is block the IP(s) that person uses and/or deactivate that person's account.

    No matter...we need to build back up an old school army!

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  • abriwin
    Apr 7, 04:19 AM
    I heartily agree, I even paid for a Pixmania card to get discounts and better service. It doesn't work, the discounts are only applied to special items.
    As to service, what service? I bought a Nikon Coolpix that had a screen that failed after only 10 days. By the time I had an authorisation to return the item, not in my country but to their office in France, by the time they had sent it to Nikon to confirm there was a problem with the camera and eventually got a refund it took over three months! That was three months of complaining, writing to head office, what aggravation!

    Pixmania gets my thumbs down, terrible service.

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  • iThinkergoiMac
    Apr 29, 06:19 PM
    What is a unibody white MacBook? It's either white or an unibody.

    It's the white MacBook Apple has been selling for the past 2 years. By Apple's description, it's a "white unibody" MacBook. The current white MacBook design is very different from the previous polycarbonate MacBook design.

    Oct 19, 12:06 PM
    I will be going to KOP. I am excited. My wife and I are also buying iPhones. WOOHOO!!!!

    Dec 30, 08:03 PM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Who\'s Your Favorite Mac Application Developer? (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20041230210343)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug

    Jun 15, 08:26 PM
    Find a parabolic equation that matches the graph.

    /threadAs the graph is not of a parabolic function, what good would that do?

    Apr 19, 06:06 PM
    for sure you have a faulty gfx chip. Your best bet is to replace the logic board.

    Mar 7, 12:26 PM
    I've been using MacTubes for awhile and it breathed new life into my iMac G4. Which is my itunes/youtube server now.

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