Thursday, June 30, 2011

golden retriever puppy playing

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  • bb08
    03-18 11:25 PM
    If you have digital camera, you can get soft copy of your photo by using this side.

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  • sk2009
    07-28 03:46 PM
    Hi Krisha

    in how many days did u get EAD approved.
    i applied (efile )in the second week of may done with FP and got CPO mail on 28th june , till now no approval mail or EAD Card

    did u get Approval mail before getting actual EAD Card?

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  • ek_bechara
    03-25 06:23 PM
    Its an old rule.

    Next will be electronic monitoring. No more strip clubs guys.. no more.

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  • ssharma
    06-30 06:49 PM
    Maybe the server is not able to parse URL encoding chars.

    Doc link:

    Go to Main Memo page:


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  • jnraajan
    04-11 02:22 PM

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  • bhartigorkar
    04-13 09:58 AM
    Congrats guys!!!
    Thanks to the judges!!!


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  • vinki
    10-24 01:11 PM
    Hi !
    My husband just had his performance appraisal today. He is presently working as a Senior Consultant.What we are wondering is that if there is any change in the designation, will it affect the GC process in any way ?

    We got our I-140 last month and EAD two weeks back.
    Kindly advice us on this.

    Vinki :)

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  • wc_user
    08-28 01:26 PM
    Thanks all for your response. Really appreciate it.


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  • nfinity
    02-13 02:30 PM
    no replies? cant believe i am the only one in this situation :)

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  • needhelp!
    10-11 05:36 PM


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  • Golden Retriever Puppy Playing

  • impala
    09-18 01:27 PM
    god,,,this betrayel is killing me,,,,,can't able to digest this news,,,,

    my dates are NOT current also ...

    any advise?...

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  • sam2006
    09-21 03:03 PM
    i got a LUD on 140( 9/21) after 2 weeks of 485/EAD/AP RN ..

    all the RN from SRC...

    any one on the same boat


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    03-28 06:22 PM
    If the employer agrees not to revoke the 140, Can I change the employer after getting EAD. 485 application is pending but less than 180 days.

    My project is getting over, and it seems hard to find a h1b job.

    pls advice

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  • ita
    01-25 08:22 PM
    Please try sending this suggestion to CIS Ombudsman


    Thank you.


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  • mk26
    06-10 08:28 AM
    Are you the mouth piece for your friend...?
    I liked the answer, these days there are lot of message meant for freinds only, no offence in helping friends though.

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  • Charleh
    01-16 09:34 AM
    Fixed it - found that I had set something to be slightly bigger than the parent control visible area and the animation wouldn't play. As long as the control doesn't overlap the parent area I'm OK!


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  • intheyan
    01-29 11:36 PM
    Thanks a lot for you Reply. I appreciated you valuable time. Yes I am going to apply for AP soon. :)

    Kanshul and Anilsal,
    Thanks to both of your replies. Thanks for sparing some of your time in replying to my e-mail.


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-14 01:40 PM
    I recently received an inquiry at my San Francisco immigration law office from an "employer" who recently discovered that a person whom he had hired as an independent contractor was in the United States illegally. The employer had not originally known that the "employee" was illegal because independent contractors are exempt from the requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (*IRCA*) ( that require an employer to verify that an an employee is authorized to work in the United States. The "employer" wanted to explore the options of legalizing the contractor. While thinking about the options, I became interested in how the law defines an independent contractor.

    According to 8 Code of Federal Regulations Section 274a.1(j) ( an independent contractor is an individual or entity who carries on an independent business, contracts to do a piece of work according to their own means and methods, and are subject to control only as to results.

    The decision of whether or not someone is an independent contractor is determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors to be considered include whether the individual or entity:

    supplies the tools or materials;
    makes services available to the general public;
    works for a number of clients at the same time;
    has an opportunity for profit or loss as a result of labor or services provided;
    invests in the facilities for work;
    directs the order or sequence in which the work is to be done and determines the hours during which the work is to be done.

    I began to wonder if people used independent contractors to get around the IRCA requirements. Apparently Congress thought about that as there is a regulation which states that an "employer" may not avoid the requirements of IRCA by hiring an independent contractor if a person or entity knowingly uses a contract or subcontract to obtain labor or services of an unauthorized alien. 8 C.F.R. �274a.5 (

    More... (

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  • ashres11
    09-25 11:24 AM
    Fax letter and his office called me and following with USCIS.

    01-20 08:24 PM

    When I came into the United States, they documented my fingerprints. Now I want to apply for a reentry permit. Do I still have to pay for the Biometric fee? What exactly is it for?

    I would really appreciate any help on the topic.

    10-10 04:46 PM
    Carry all docs relevant to your current employment. Listing some.

    1. EAD/H1B petition original
    2. Employment letter from your current employer
    3. If your current employer had filed/started GC process, then those document copies

    You should be fine. When entering just answer the IO aptly. One common question is

    1. Purpose of your visit?
    2. Whom you are working for? <Be honest, tell them your current employer if asked>

    If you are traveling on AP with family the above questions will be asked only to the primary person, they don't question others who are traveling with you.

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