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  • ruchi555
    03-02 01:40 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    Please advise me regarding my situation
    My current H1B expires May 1s1 and I have my H1B extension pending (in lieu of GC pending with the same company, and EAD is not an option for me because of dependents) with a fortune 500 company A, with whom I am employed. They plan to do a round of layoffs in a couple of weeks that I am sure my team is a part of.
    With the foreknowledge of pending situation, please let me know if I can validly take the following course of action.
    I am thinking that I premium process my 3 year H1extension with company A right away, then have it transferred to company B. Only problem is extension starts in a future date, ie May 1st.
    Can I get my current+extended H1B transferred to company B even before the start date of extended May1st . If I have to wait till May1st to get it transferred, does it matter that on May 1st I am not with company A anymore.

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  • roseball
    06-27 01:23 PM
    Yes, go ahead and upgrade your pending H1 extension to premium processing. As per the law, USCIS can deny your H1 extension if a 485 is pending at the time a decision is taken on the H1 extension petition...This is a possibility only if they check if a 485 is pending while they adjudicate your extension petition.....

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  • alparsons
    November 16th, 2004, 09:02 PM
    Looking at these pictures and I think that a couple of these would be a nice alternative to the usual porch light by the front door.

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  • gcslave
    07-07 10:09 PM
    Priority date is Mar 05.


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  • Abhishika
    12-13 06:32 AM
    Hi All,

    For the 140 appln we see that all service centers except TSC takes more than 6 months. TSC has a processing time frame of 6 months for 140
    where as NSC and CSC says they are processing 140 of Sep/jan 2006.

    We pay same fee for USCIS at all offices. This is a descrimination based on
    USCIS location. If 140 is approved and 485 is pending we have flexibility of changing the jobs.
    (ie if you had applied at NSC, then u will not get this flexibility)

    Most of the guys who applied at TSC during July 07 got the approval of 140 where as NSC and CSC are still processing 2006.
    (Mine was filed at TSC and on the 5th month got transferred to NSC.
    Now should it follow 6months of TSC processing time or go to the storage cabin and wait till the processing date at NSC comes to current?)

    So should we complain to ombudsman, to make the processing time similar at all the offices. If there is a difference of one months is OK but not more than one month.

    I would like to hear everyones opinion especially those who stuck at NSC and CSC.

    Thank You


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  • jcrajput
    10-09 07:53 AM
    I-485 Rejected/RND:09-21/I-140 Not Found/USCIS error/Re-file date:10/09/07/Recevied By: 10/09/07/Status:No news after re-sent


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  • chanduv23
    09-20 11:33 AM
    If you have the valid H1b stamped while your 485 is pending and got RN,FP done,you should not have any issues in POE.So are you done with your FP?? Its always safe you wait for FP and finish it and then decide your travel plans.


    I travelled after 485, got h1b stamping , came baack and recently my checks also got cashed and am looking for the Reciept Notice also.

    I did not have any issues anywhere.

    For FP - you just have to make sure someone is checking ur mailbox so that you will know when FP date comes, and you can postphone FP to a later date when you return

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-20 10:20 AM
    Sad for a guy who used to be the voice of reason on immigration.

    More... (


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  • chrisclick
    04-11 01:54 PM
    This thread makes me physically ill. I shall not read more, lol.

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  • techchaat
    11-17 08:24 PM

    This is regarding my H1B VISA application. I came to US in 2007 as a student of MBA and was working with my employer since then on CPT. My H1B petition was filed under Student Quota in Apr 2009 and was approved. I am going to India for my H1 stamping when I got I-129 from my employer. My highest education mentioned by my employer is MS - Computer Science from the University, while I pursued MBA - Management. Following are my questions:

    Is it OK to go for H1B stamping with this I-129?
    What are the possible options to correct it?
    Will this be a problem for my Green Card processing?

    Please let me know if any further details are required from my side.


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  • viper673
    07-24 02:55 PM
    PD has nothing to do with EAD processing. They're not linked.

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  • GCBy3000
    11-08 03:17 PM
    This is a very sad message this morning I got to read from my inbox. I am not bothered about losing the pledge, but I am shocked to see only 88 members pledged. The sadest part is that this pledge is created by a US Citizen for IV.

    IV Members 6000+
    Retrogressed members 350,000+

    Why only 88 pledged? Many people wants free ride which they cannot get if they dont want to unite for the common cause. I know most of the H1b holders are paid well and spend a lot. But when it comes to donate, they feel $1 equivalent to $1000. The reason is they feel they are not getting anything in return which is not true and they feel they are smart to get a free ride when others donate.

    If you dont unite for the common cause, everyone including is going to struggle to get what you want. But at least the donated members will feel good about trying their best.

    *************** EMAIL FROM PLEDGEBANK *****************
    We are sorry to have to inform you that the pledge to which you
    signed up did not meet its target in the required time. It
    required 1000 other people, but achieved only 88.

    The pledge, created by Randall Emery, read: 'I will donate $10
    monthly to Immigration Voice for one year but only if 1,000
    other people will too.'

    This means you don't have to do your part of the pledge.
    Instead, why not sign up to local alerts at to find out when someone
    creates a new pledge near you, browse the pledges at or perhaps make your own

    -- the team


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  • h1bee
    09-17 08:58 AM
    My H1B was cancelled at the US consulate under 221g and I 797 not returned to me. I work for a consulting company at a major client. I guess the cancellation occurred because of Neufield memo, as in my case the client supervises my work. The reason given in the white letter to me says:

    "your petitioner does not appear to be either willing or able to provide qualifying employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations"........"action on your case has been suspended and the I129 application will be returned to USCIS with the facts of your case presented at the time of interview".

    What are my options now? I work through a vendor (i.e mycompany->vendor->client). My vendor has agreed to file for H1B on my behalf. Can they file for a new H1 or does this cancellation mean that I cannot apply anymore?


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  • milind70
    06-18 10:08 AM
    My birth certificate does not have my name on it. (in india it is OK to name the new born a few weeks after birth.) so it just says "baby boy" on it:)

    Do i need an affidavit from my parents mentioning my name?
    Yes you need affidavits from your parents ,it is a common practise in India where the baby is named by the aunt in a naming ceremony


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  • Butters
    04-08 05:30 PM
    Or the Microsoft Office ones...

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  • wandmaker
    11-20 01:48 PM
    DAZED: Once your H1B extension is approved, it will expire only on the date shown in I797. Your 485 rejection does not invalidate your H1. BTW, if you use your H1, your H1 is invalid but you will still be able to extend it as long as it has not expired.


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  • uma001
    10-30 05:17 PM
    How can they ask W2 for all years. Nobody keep W2 for more than 3 years. That what they recomments usually. They used to askf or only 3 years of W2. I never heard anything like this. If they start asking for all W2s, then 90% won't get green cards. They are making life miserable for grene card aspirants

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  • aniraj
    02-03 02:31 PM
    My wife has a valid H4 stamp in her passport till Jun2011 while my daughter has valid H4 but no stamp in her passport. Both are visiting Canada this week end.
    My wife wants to re-enter on H4 as she does not have AP & my daughter wants to
    re-enter on AP as she does not have stamp in her passport.
    Gurus could you see any issue since they are travelling together?
    (They are flying not driving)

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-03 11:40 AM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced that it has posted a revised Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form I-485. In addition to a revised form, there are new filing locations. The changes are part of an overall effort to transition the intake of USCIS benefit forms from Service Centers to Lockbox facilities. Centralizing form and fee intake allows USCIS to provide the public more efficient and effective initial processing of applications and fees.

    Beginning February 25, 2010, most applicants must submit Form I-485 to a USCIS Lockbox facility, depending on the eligibility category under which they are filing, as provided in the form instructions. USCIS Service Centers will forward all Form I-485 applications to the appropriate Lockbox facility until March 29, 2010. USCIS will accept previous versions of Form I-485 until March 29, 2010. After March 29, 2010, USCIS will only accept the Form I-485 dated �12/03/09.�Any previous versions of the the form that are submitted will be rejected. After the transitional period, the Service Centers will return any incorrectly filed Form I-485 with instructions to send the application to the correct location.

    At this time, applicants should not concurrently file Form I-485 with an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Form I-140) at a USCIS Lockbox facility. Refer to the Form I-140 filing Instructions for information on how to file forms concurrently.

    When filing Form I-485 at a Lockbox facility, you may elect to receive an email and/or text message notifying you that USCIS has accepted your application. To receive notification, you must complete an E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (Form G-1145), and attach it to the first page of your application.

    For more information on USCIS programs, visit ( or call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    More... (

    09-18 10:46 PM
    I applied for H4 to H1 conversion (April'06) and then travelled to India (May'06). I came back on H4 (Jun'06). After one month my H1 was approved which includes a new I 94 valid from Oct'06.

    Is this H1's I94 valid..?, as per law USCIS should abandon COS approval if alien travels out of U.S during its process.

    Can I start my employment from Oct '06 or do I have to get my H1 stamped.

    05-14 06:10 PM
    Lets not generalize it. Everyone is different.

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