Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Templarian
    01-11 08:18 PM
    C# and .NET is probably the most common method since it's development environment is pretty simple. Kirupa can explain it a lot better.

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  • nkappiah
    07-19 09:51 PM
    I got married recently. Both my husband and I have similar priority dates as labour was filed separately for each of us by our respective companies. Is there any downside to adding each other to our applications and dual filing for greencard?

    Is there any downside to having two applications in each name? Should we do this?


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  • rameshvaid
    05-25 10:46 PM
    lMy wife got RFE after this LUD, Mine and my kid's no change. Waiting for RFE details. I think since the processing time for Texas is Aug 2007 they are pre adjusting the apps, i guess.

    I too had SL on my 485 on 4/10/09 but none of my family members and nothing after that. Does this mean they have assigned my file to an IO?


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  • avantika.nandamuri
    04-08 09:26 PM
    As soon I got the receipt number, I started working for Company B. Now I have paystubs for almost 8 months. With those pay stubs, can i transfer to company C? If Company C files for a H1 transfer, with which H1B receipt will he file for transfer-H1B approval copy of employer A or H1B receipt of employer B? My attorney feels that my H1 transfer petition with Company B has got stuck in a security/background check, since USCIS has not responded to 2 SR's placed by my attorney and added that PP will not help if my petition got stuck in security check.


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  • jliechty
    February 12th, 2005, 12:50 AM
    The picture is fine, but I think the way FNM crops it makes it even better. :)

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  • ras
    02-22 09:04 PM
    Is there a way to see this program online instead of TV?


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  • kirupa
    09-29 09:12 PM
    Hi psychman!
    In a nutshell, you can't because WebClient cannot access the file system. One thing you can do is install a web server on the machine - IIS, Apache, etc. Would that be something you would be interested in doing?


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  • GCard_Dream
    06-30 07:23 PM
    Both my wife and I also received a RFE on June 29th but don't know the content of the RFE because haven't received the CIS letter yet. I did submit the BC, however, so I hope that the RFE is not for BC. I don't know what else it could be.. I have been scratching my head since I got the email yesterday. Also called CIS but they wouldn't tell me what the RFE is about.


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  • ruchigup
    08-15 01:34 PM

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  • coolgc
    05-14 01:05 PM
    As per INA Sec 101(b), the definition of child is dependent who is unmarried and under 21 years old. The Child Status Protection Act (2002) provides some additional relief. This article could be useful for you -,0119-eiss.shtm

    Thank you very much for the information and also for the very useful link.


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  • go_guy123
    01-26 10:51 AM

    Article by Frank Aquila of Bloomberg BusinessWeek who underscores several reasons why lifting the cap on H-1B petitions is essential for US Tech growth including the fact that "The U.S. Labor Dept. estimates that by 2014, 2 million high-tech jobs will go unfilled simply because the cap on H-1B visas has not been raised."

    Read Article (

    More... (

    As usual the author is out of touch and ignorant about reality and is simply doing a quick copy and rehash existing articles on the internet.
    Talks of nothing about GC wait etc. Utterly useless article.

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  • pappu
    03-10 04:14 PM
    Hello Every one

    As we have some funding drive , I would like to start this thread so people update their profile. Please do update your profile and post confirmation once you are done.

    How to update Profile :

    (1) Login into IV site
    (2) Click on Forum from Top Navigation
    (3) Click on My User Profile from Drop down
    (4) Click on Edit Your Details on Left side navigation. Please enter correct GC details

    Post confirmation message once you are done so you can verify details of your profile in your post.

    As we dont know yet how long FOIA will take but at least we can have some stats. and may not need to go on other commercial site for data.

    Please add this tutorial on IV wiki too so that in future when someone asks, we can point to the Wiki - Forums FAQS


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  • sounakc
    03-09 05:03 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I filed my I-485 in July 2007. My I-140 approved. I want to file my EAD now. I have the following questions.

    1) can I e-file ?
    2) how much is the filing fee for me ?
    3) what are the forms to fill and documents to send ?

    It would be helpful if you can point me to any thread with all these info.


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  • itkris
    12-08 03:50 PM
    There's more important issue going on - read the forum and call senator's first !!
    I wish you could answer my question.


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  • ps57002
    12-03 12:08 AM
    I added my older H1b case too of Dec 01 (i hadn't added such old case to my portfolio..didn't see need) and that had a LUD of 10/13/07 maybe due to my submitted cases of 140/ead/ap/485. Those had a LUD on 10/16/07 with notice date of 10/12.

    seems like some batch work was done on the 2004 cases today.

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  • Krilnon
    12-01 09:11 PM
    What kind of awesome university do you go to that assigns Flash+Silverlight combo projects?


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  • altima_le
    09-24 09:38 AM
    I have a question regarding Multiple I-140s.
    I applied for I-140 (PD: 2006) and it got approved in 11/2006;
    I applied for LC-sub (PD:2004) and it is pending with USCIS

    I applied for 485 in July 2007, My question is which PD will USCIS consider? Does it take the one with approve I140 or the pending one ? form 485 does not show the PD anywhere.

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  • CCC
    04-04 02:39 PM
    I am starting this thread to infuse some life into the now dormant contributions to IV. I noticed in the past few days that we have been stuck @ 70,725. All of the core IV members are busy talking to the Senators regarding the SJC bills in Washington and generally working hard to push for our cause.

    In the meanwhile i feel we as members of this group should again start the push for contributions as we are certain to face an uphill battle in the House.

    So please contribute and ask your co-workers, friends, family to also do so now. This is the least we can do... :D

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  • chris
    10-23 04:48 PM
    I also got an LUD, no idea what it means? May be RFE or Approval or nothing.

    You may see approval email soon

    11-07 12:36 PM
    I think cash for clunkers did this GDP increment, to an extent artificial. But still banks are reluctant to give loans to small business. Let us hope consumer spending increases next year leading to the natural increment of GDP

    07-05 01:26 AM
    Your questions are valid....but either way, you must enter US ASAP on your AP (or have someone mail ytou your GC). The issue is that you are NOT totally free once you get GC because immediately leaving your sponsoring employer is a no-no and can cause your GC to be revoked or be an issue at the time of citizenship. It is advisable to stick to the employer for 6mts to 1 year after GC - if the employer is still functioning. Also, USCIS has increased employment place visits for recent GC approvals. :)

    Thanks for your answer!^^

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