Thursday, June 2, 2011

argyle v-neck sweater

argyle v-neck sweater. Argyle V-neck Sweater
  • Argyle V-neck Sweater

  • daneoni
    Mar 4, 03:28 PM
    Is it too late to ask for one?

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  • lasteve
    Jul 9, 06:41 PM
    Im going 5 ish, hopefully that will secure me a white 16gb.

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  • Deathlok2001
    Jul 30, 06:26 AM
    W@W! 100 people at southgate! I am going to go and make a video.


    I LOVE how APPLE "claps you in" when they open the store!

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  • Erendiox
    Apr 22, 07:04 PM
    So H.264 is a very compressed format. That sets off a flag right there. Ideally you wouldn't be provided footage in such a lossy format.

    Taking the H.264 footage and converting it to DV NTSC is essentially compressing it again (albeit a lesser compression), but it is still increasing the generation count. Instead, I would try throwing it into compressor and transcoding to apple prores 422. That should hopefully alleviate any loss of quality.


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  • Rower_CPU
    Oct 20, 03:49 PM
    Originally posted by job
    Huh? What do you mean? :confused:

    Also, where did AmbitiousLemon go?

    Alpha's number 11 now.

    'Lemon is on page 4.

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  • JasonGough
    Sep 23, 12:22 PM
    Is it because that might be the date when they bring out the new updates we've been waiting for so long??

    Or am i just puting 2 + 2 together and getting 'Dual Core'? :)


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  • jbachandouris
    Jun 20, 05:12 PM
    I will continue to whine about the crappy Nokia Go-phone I have been using while I wait for Thursday (sold my iPhone 3GS already).:mad:

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Jun 22, 08:18 PM
    does the battery works with ibook g3?


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  • teflon
    Apr 20, 08:26 PM
    Ok thanks! I've never rented before, I thought the privacy policy had some merit to it... you don't want curious people running around your tenant's home all the time. But obviously it's not so.
    By the way, the aforementioned listers with false/out of town numbers, can I assume they're all scams?
    How long in advance (to the moving date) should I start looking for an apartment?

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  • resom
    Apr 7, 07:36 PM
    I really enjoyed it. Definitely kept my attention the whole time.

    If I had to pick apart anything I'd say the weakest graphic would be the rit dye packaging folding up at :33-:35 but I thought everything else was very strong and appealing.


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  • spencecb
    Mar 4, 05:36 PM
    I started doing it because I have my iMac on all the time...actually, I started folding on my PowerBook G4 running at 667 MHz...not a lot of productivity, but it helped.

    I'm excited to get my MacBook Pro (probably this week) and start on it...although the F@H website does not have an Intel version yet.

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  • Abstract
    Sep 22, 07:24 PM
    So you're trying to get a regular digital camera to work for webchat?

    Just get a Macally IceCam. They're cheap (in the US :rolleyes: ) and they work well. You'd still need iChatUSB, but I know that iChatUSB works for sure with the IceCam, as that's what it says on the IceCam box. ;)

    I don't use AIM or iChat though, and I use aMSN and my IceCam works out of the box. :)


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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 4, 12:05 AM
    If it does what you need it to, and does it to your liking, I don't think there is any reason to upgrade.

    +1. Better off waiting until 2012 for the redesign if all you do on the computer you have now is basic use.

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  • 12lemon
    Jan 30, 07:21 PM
    I was a Mac user for the first several years of my computing life. Then I purchased a G3 Wallstreet Powerbook. I liked it, but my wife got a Toshiba Satellite, it seemed(at the time) much faster, and was about half the price. Needless to say that I then converted to the dark side of the force...

    It wasn't until I got a new job that I begin to shake off years of un-faithfulness. I had even tried to bring down an empire by convincing our CEO that we needed to switch from MYOB to QuickBooks so that he had to purchase PC's. Then I was given the gift of a G4 400 Mhz machine with OS X. I began to see the error of my ways, and within days had gone cold turkey with the PC...except my one reminder of the drunken stupor...we still have QuickBooks.

    As soon as they figure out a solution for multiple users on the Mac side we will fully convert back.

    That's my humble story.


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  • blunderboy
    Jul 6, 03:36 AM
    Don't we have enough fear, uncertainty, and doubt without invoking even more of it?

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  • Thomas Veil
    Feb 10, 05:39 PM
    So did they put out an APB on the rooster? Is it still running around out there like a...

    (, no, that's too easy!)

    And could this story be the inspiration for a whole series of chicken slasher films?


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  • iGav
    Feb 16, 08:34 AM
    but yes the packaging and the labeling

    Just the labelling (, but the minimalist Nutella, clear Schweppes & Red Bull all look far more sophisticated IMHO.

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  • redandrussian
    Apr 26, 05:25 AM
    This going to come? I love my Keyboard but it is so annoying when using spreadsheets not to have the numberpad version. :(

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  • Victor ch
    Jan 12, 09:32 PM
    Somehow its just doesn't sound like a good name for a laptop. Maybe the whole "There's something in the air" is relevant to the [insert feeling here] there is going to be after a new product(s) is/are presented. My thoughts only.Im still anxious to see what EL Jobso has for us fanboys!


    Nov 16, 05:01 AM
    i would go with the g5 imac. prob the 20" if you are going to be doing loads of photoshop etc. the imac does have line out etc.

    i second the jbl creatures, i have a set of the silver ones and the sound quality is really good.

    also, how do you know there is going to be g5 powerbooks in the next 6 months?

    Aug 5, 03:46 PM
    Wow, that is really cool. Now, if BMW but that kind of apple technology in their cars, I would buy one right away. :)

    Apr 25, 01:51 PM
    no they should not guarantee you a copy now anyways.

    when snow leopard came out apple issued a coupon to people who bought a mac i think it was 2 months prior to release to upgrade for $10 but even that was generous.

    Mar 15, 06:03 AM
    Make this thread alive people ! its fun :D

    Mar 25, 12:49 AM
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    BTW meant to call it "online ordering UK" but my finger slipped on my iPhone can't change it now!!!

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