Wednesday, June 1, 2011

avril lavigne house

avril lavigne house. tabbed by avril lavigne
  • tabbed by avril lavigne

  • Rt&Dzine
    May 4, 03:42 PM
    Apparently, a coalition of state retailers weighed in and convinced the legislature that not having to collect taxes would give Amazon an unfair sales advantage.

    Walmart and others are the biggies behind this. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it's all about their profits.

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  • Girlfriend+avril+lavigne+

  • Jordan921
    Feb 9, 02:00 PM
    I can make calls on At&t just fine

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  • Avril Lavigne Hair.

  • aafuss1
    Aug 3, 03:37 PM
    I'm suprised to see there's still support for the Lumix FZ35 camera's .rw2 RAW files.

    I hope Apple adds support this in a future Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update.

    I own that model-and currently have to use Silkypix to work with the RAW files from the camera.

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  • Avril Lavigne looked worse for

  • christophermdia
    Apr 25, 08:38 PM
    i decided to go ahead and buy a current edition MBA....I think the only thing that I want in a new release would be thunderbolt as that could be amazingly useful especially since laptops nowadays don't have express card slots anymore except the 17"....

    Todays model is a great value especially refurbished and will last years for its purpose...


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  • maflynn
    Apr 18, 09:15 AM
    Device convergence. Cameraphones have been catching up very nicely as of late. I can do so me pretty astounding things with my iPhone 4 camera plus photo software. The only real issue yet to be sorted out is zoom.
    Until they start adding a decently sized sensor there will be no true convergence. The iPhone does take great pictures - for a phone. There's no comparison when it comes to a point and shoot camera, never mind a digital SLR.

    Both cameras handle low light situations, much better then the iPhone, the aperture can handle faster shutter speeds so you can increase/decrease the aperture and shutter speeds depending on the conditions.

    Cameras have way too much ability and performance over a camera phone. They're only catching up on megapixels, sensor size, RAW, aperture, lens, shutter speed have not been addressed on a phone

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  • maflynn
    Apr 9, 08:09 AM
    Apple should just let this slide. Seriously, it's Javascript.
    That's because they don't want any competition with safari so they force them to remove a major function

    It's ridiculous that apple would do this


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  • Avril Lavigne#39;s ex husband

  • Unstupid
    Mar 11, 03:51 PM
    Maybe the line is somewhere else.... You should go check! :D

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  • roland.g
    Nov 19, 06:00 PM

    It's not an unreasonable suggestion. The need for an iOS subforum depends in part on the quantity of IOS-themed threads we routinely have, other than those in the News forums and the programming forums. Can you point out more than a few currently active threads that fall into this category? I haven't spotted many.


    They are everywhere in my opinion. Many people are talking about the iOS software, features, release date, etc. and if I wanted to start a thread I'm not sure I'd know which forum to start it in, iPhone or iPad, likewise, within that main forum or in the tricks, troubleshooting subs.

    Examples. - this one mentions iPhone but it is a general Airplay and Apple TV discussion.

    Just to show some of the recent ones. I think it will be even more helpful when it is released and in the future now that the iOS is consolidated on all devices to discuss announced new features coming or those found in betas.

    While some of these threads are obviously posted by someone in regard to a specific device, that doesn't mean the discussion isn't broad enough for all. That's simply my point. We talk about OS X but leave iOS discussion to each device forum. Should I go to iMac or MacBook to talk about OS X because that's what I'm running it on. Like I said, I just thought it was time.


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  • Avril Lavigne — Falling Down

  • Guiyon
    Jan 30, 07:18 AM
    I've been playing music from Metroid Metal ( quite a bit recently. They perform re-imagined versions of the soundtracks from the various Metroid games; my personal favorite is Theme/Bryyo (

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  • NewbieNerd
    Oct 22, 10:45 AM
    I've heard that ruby on wheels is a really good editor - it will allow you to do allsorts, but you need to be pretty handy with code side of designing... if not, just take a bit of time to look into it...

    You mean ruby on rails, lol. :)


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  • puckhead193
    Nov 3, 11:46 PM
    that one goes into the fake page :)

    i remember that week on MR that was funny, everyone was like CSI over the picture(s) how its taped and the font etc...


    someone got the original spymac iwalk pix?

    nice arn!! lets debate this it real or fake ...haha

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  • Avril Lavigne Moving in With

  • GGJstudios
    Mar 16, 11:10 AM
    Thanks, just what I was looking for.
    They keep it hidden! :D


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  • the song Avril Lavigne#39;s I

  • djbahdow01
    Jul 10, 08:47 PM
    I'll be there in the am. Have a service appt. at 7am at Diamond down the road. Will gauge the plan when I get down there.

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  • See love go wrong ofimage credit ashley adcox via flickr avril Specially young love, but nowsep Avril+lavigne+and+deryck+whibley+split

  • eastercat
    Mar 21, 07:28 PM
    I d/l the blobs to my computer with tiny umbrella, instead of editing the host file. Either way works.

    ETA: you can try using finder to find the hosts file.
    got em


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  • iGary
    Sep 23, 12:25 PM
    Not to be pedantic, just ignorant:

    I understand that the punctuation marks go inside the quotes (um, not parentheses... maybe you do need him ;)) when part of a quotational reply. However, when used to mark a single word or phrase, it seems as though contemporary "correct" usage allows for the quoted word/phrase to be used as an indivisible object, meaning punctuation would go outside.

    But, hey, I'm a programmer geek. I'm happy just to be able to communicate at all.

    AP says no. :D

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  • Xephian
    Dec 6, 09:54 AM
    The plugin error is most likely becouse you haven't installed Windows Media Player 9 yet.


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  • avrillavignealbum itunes

  • pqft
    Apr 30, 11:38 AM
    I am having the same problem

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  • rainbowboi
    Oct 23, 08:52 AM
    when do you guys think people will start lining up...I'm trying to figure out when I should (if i have to) leave school to get a t-shirt!

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  • asphalt-proof
    Dec 2, 11:48 AM
    I have a 17" iMac G4 that I am looking to sell.
    The specs are:
    17" screen
    1.25 ghz
    768 meg of ram
    80 gig hard drive
    FX 5200 video card
    OSX Panther edition w/ discs
    Apple Pro keyboard, mouse, and speakers
    Couple of games as well.

    The computer is in excellent condition. I bought in mid September of 2003. I have never sold anything on ebay so I have no supporting seller bona fides. I live in NC and would prefer to sell here and would hand deliver. However, I will ship anywhere in US. I will post pics when I get back home (I am work right now).

    May 4, 11:31 AM
    china doesn't need the iPhone, they can use their cheap little knockoff iphones... :p
    And why would you need wifi in a country without internet?

    Aug 12, 09:15 PM
    Wait... They don't have QuickTime 10 yet!?!?!?:eek:

    Apr 9, 08:29 AM
    how small do your fingers need to be to use the mute switch?!? "THAT'S" why i dont like bumpers and cases.

    ive got tiny hands.. so yay.. for me lol

    i quite like this case, i like the mettalic blue one in particular

    Feb 6, 03:38 AM
    Based on the database-driven backend, and reading through the online manual, I doubt there is a limit on the number of levels he can define.

    So we'll just have to wait and see. :)

    May 6, 07:42 PM
    Top-line iMac or base-line Mac Pro?

    Hey guys, I'm a video editor that works mostly with RED footage in Final Cut Pro and After Effects. I'm also a gamer running Bootcamp and Steam. I'm currently working on a 3 year old Macbook Pro and looking to upgrade by the end of the year. Here are my choices, I'm wondering if a new top of the line iMac will outperform the current base model of the Mac Pros for gaming and video work... or if the Mac Pro is the way to go.

    27" iMac
    3.4ghz Quad-Core i7
    2TB Serial ATA HD
    AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB
    $2,304 (Student)

    Mac Pro
    2.8ghz Quad-Core Xeon "Nehalem"
    2TB 7200 RPM HD
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB
    $2,614 (Student w/ no display)

    I plan on buying RAM (and Mac Pro display) elsewhere so I did not include it in the specs. Thoughts? :)

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