Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • AB1275
    09-25 03:48 PM
    Thanks for your response.....

    What happens if I-140 gets revoked?
    The market situation isnt that great....What if I am unable to get a job prior to I-140 being revoked?
    Will my EAD be valid?

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  • newbie2020
    05-18 08:18 PM
    For conditional GC the USC should make a joint application for his/her spouse for removal of conditional GC restrictions.

    One of the important things with Conditional GC is to demonstrate that the Husband and Wife still have lots of family ties during the Adjustment of Conditional status, This would include showing the IO with proofs such as joint bank accounts, kids, utility bills etc......

    If the spouse is being abused by the USC and provided there is adequate proofs for the same such as court restrain order, Police complaint etc At that time, one can file for a waiver of a joint application without the need for USC to make the application

    It is always better to consult a Good immigration lawyer for Professional Advise.

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  • waiting4gc
    08-20 12:58 PM
    As far as possible, I would strongly suggest to stay away from small consulting companies. These typically pay you only when you are on project and that too after taking a huge cut from your billing rate. For e.g. it is very common for such a company to bill $80-100/hr i.e. $160-200K annually for an employee but pay the employee between $50-70K only.

    Also I have heard horror stories of delayed payrolls, h1 not being given to employee fearing that the employee might change jobs and so forth.

    However if you are strong of heart, and can negotiate well, you might be able to make more money. For e.g. if you already have EAD, you are not bound to them. Thus you can always say that you want 80% of billing rate or else no deal. :)

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  • sureshd
    07-01 05:34 PM
    Hi All,
    Company A:
    I am on my 7th year of H-1B visa (6th year expired on Apr30th 2008).
    Labor approved Dec, 2006.
    I-140 applied in June 2007. (Got RFE regarding my Educational Transcripts
    which we responded in time and USCIS received on Dec 5, 2007)
    I-485 applied in Sep 2007
    Got EID and Advance parole approved.
    I-140 Denied on Apr 3 2008.
    Applied for MTR (I-120 B). Now it is at Texas Service center (since May1, 2008).

    Company B:
    Now this company applied for my Labor (Perm) on Apr 21, 2008.
    Got Approved on June 24, 2008.

    1. Do I Eligible for Premium Processing of I-140?
    2. If iam not eligible for Premium Processing, still do I eligible for 8th year extension based on my Labor applied on Apr21, 2008 (365 days before my 7th year H1B expiry)? Even when company A withdraws my MTR.

    Please advice.



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  • coopheal
    12-02 03:34 PM

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  • uslegals
    08-20 04:41 PM
    Thank your for ur reply....What about I-129 petition & withdrawal letter...Is there anything that protects me which states that i have a right to get a copy of documents - petition, letter, etc,...from employer. Can somebody point me in the right direction to so that i have a case in point.!


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  • psaxena
    03-03 03:13 PM
    Seems to me like a planned execution to torture and frustrate us.

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  • uslegals
    11-11 09:14 AM
    Hello Friends,
    My current AP expires on 2/18/11. My PD (EB-2) has been current since Sept 2010 but no sign of GC yet. I would like to renew my AP and have decided to file myself Vs using the attorney. Has anybody used the e-filing option OR is it better to send in a hard copy of the application.?

    If somebody can kindly direct me to the appropriate links on IV for folks who have filed themselves - i would greatly appreciate that. Any advice on supporting documents, etc. would be really helpful.



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  • broadcaster
    11-12 05:09 PM
    I called NSC but I never heard the option that you mentioned (Receipts not received). Could you explain it?

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  • wanaparthy
    03-24 05:30 PM
    How come h1 transfer gives me the solution?

    do you mean to say goto any employer whoever gets job?


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  • quizzer
    01-09 12:27 PM
    not to trivialize the issue at discussion.......... I am sure this is important to you.

    However, what does this have anything to do with Non Immigrant visas?

    reason is i want expert opinion from members of this esteem forum (most of them belong to IT industry and some of them would have similar experience like me)

    Also i didnt know which forum to raise this question and i thought this particular forum was more related than GC forums.

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  • GCWhru
    03-26 02:10 PM
    Do you have any source on this....I also had to amend my H1B last month. Its done without any issues..

    My lawyer informed this. They instructed me not to travel while extension is pending. In case you have to travel, they suggest to do the extension after return back. I don't have any source for this information.

    But it makes sense isn't it. Your extension is the extension of your last I94, however if you travelled after application, your extension have different i94 number and your recent i94 has different number. Just my opinion.


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  • Ramba
    10-24 01:48 PM
    Why do you want to spent $2000 for lawyer for AC21? If you have same or similar offer letter, why cant you type a simple covering letter for your AC21?Do it yourself. US certified post cost around $2.00. Hiring lawyer for AC21 is waste of money.

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  • tabletpc
    03-18 01:40 PM

    you ned to be more specific about your situation in order for us to give our 2 cents.

    1. Did you get EAD thru your spouse...???

    2. If Not then being on bench is not good since you are on H1b. Try to to get employed...ASAP.


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  • bp333
    09-25 04:41 PM

    By Ruben Navarrette Jr.
    Special to CNN

    Editor's note: Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a nationally syndicated columnist and a regular contributor to Read his column here.

    Ruben Navarrette Jr. asks why the nation's chief multitasker can't take time for immigration reform.

    SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) -- President Obama has placed the immigration reform community at the back of the bus.

    This same president who insists the country can't wait to fix what he calls a broken health care system tells reformers to wait for him to get around to fixing what they consider to be an equally broken immigration system.

    The same president who tried to juggle a half dozen major policy initiatives in his first few months in office now seems unsure of his ability to -- as he told Univision's Jorge Ramos in an interview last weekend -- "solve every problem at once."

    And the same president who seems to understand that the longer he waits to accomplish health care reform, the more difficult it will be to get, doesn't seem to understand the same is true with immigration reform.

    The political math for both kinds of reform only gets more difficult if Democrats lose seats in the House and Senate in next year's midterm elections, as is expected to happen.

    During a recent speech to a black-tie gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Obama again promised action on immigration -- at some point. But he didn't give a timetable.

    Obama and his advisers decided to attack health care reform before immigration reform. That obviously was a mistake.

    'Latino in America'
    The Latino population is set to nearly triple by 2050. This October, Soledad O'Brien journeys into the homes and hearts of a group destined to change the U.S. Witness the evolution of a country as Latinos change America and America changes Latinos.
    October 21 & 22, 9 p.m. ET

    see full schedule �
    One thing that has thrown a wrench into the prospects for health care reform is the Joe Wilsonian concern that illegal immigrants might get free health care as a result of the reform process. Had that issue been addressed beforehand by giving illegal immigrants a path to earned legalization, that controversy might have been defused. Now Obama might walk away with nothing.

    Be that as it may, it's clear that immigration reform just isn't a top priority for this administration.

    The White House may view this as a niche issue, one with limited impact on any group other than Latinos. If so, that shows how little they know.

    Business groups, law enforcement, border security advocates, organized labor, high-tech firms, university educators and others are all clamoring for immigration reform. For the record, Latinos care about the same issues the president seems to care about -- the economy, education and health care. But they also care about immigration because they see it as a test of political courage.

    They're well-aware of the resistance out there to giving illegal immigrants a path to earned legalization, and so they're drawn to elected officials who are willing to brave those winds in order to do the right thing.

    Does that include Obama? At this point, who knows? Time flies when a president is stalling.

    It was just several months ago that White House officials were promising that Obama would address immigration reform before the end of the year. Now that timeline seems to have been pushed back to the beginning of 2010. And with midterm elections next November, we can expect Congress to invest -- at most -- five or six months on this issue.

    Don't Miss
    Commentary: Our culture of rudeness
    Commentary: Why the shock over Joe Wilson?
    In Depth: Latino in America
    In Depth: Commentaries
    For all intents and purposes, the curtain closes when Congress adjourns for summer recess next year, since members will spend most of the fall campaigning for re-election.

    Given all that, immigration reform could easily lapse into Obama's second term, if there is a second term. For now, the president's reluctance to approach the issue in a meaningful way that goes beyond assurances to advocacy groups and promises to Hispanic audiences seems to be prompting members of Congress to take the reins.

    Both Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois, have promised to unveil immigration reform proposals in the coming weeks.

    Schumer is already behind schedule, since he said he would come up with something by Labor Day. Still, this is all a notable departure from what happened under President Bush, where it was the White House that tried to lead Congress toward immigration reform.

    Now it's the other way around. Call that what you want. But it's not leadership on an issue that demands nothing less.

    The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Ruben Navarrette Jr.

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  • rocky17105
    07-29 09:48 AM
    Could anyone senior in the forum please let me know if there is any way for me to get 485 reopened sooner where its USCIS mistake to deny 140 and 485.


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  • Aah_GC
    05-05 04:59 PM
    Wow that's a relief. I know you might have already done so just confirm the date until when the I-94 is issued and make a copy just in case.

    Good suggestion :). Will definitely act on that ASAP!

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  • dan19
    08-22 01:24 PM
    My lawyer filed my Labor certification stating that the job requires 'BS degree in CS'. My labor got approved last month.

    I hold a MS degree in CS and BS degree in Industrial Engg.

    Now while I am about to file for I-140, I am getting information from various sources that my bachelor's degree has to be in CS, irrespective of holding a master's degree in CS.

    Has anyone faced similar situation? How can I resolve this issue?
    Please help as I almost spent 4 years in LC backlog queue!!!!!!!!

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  • karanp25
    07-11 01:43 PM
    stop whining. I've seen your other posts as well. If u get an EAD approval, you complain. If PDs move forward, u complain.

    No one is going anywhere--this is just another non-sense move - DHS has no clue how many 485 apps are pending...they just moved the dates forward to use maximum visa numbers. EB2 will be back to where it was (or worse retrogress more) after Oct'08.

    It's simple math...10K visas a yr and over 160K applications pending. Go figure, how long will it take.

    1 year from now, only EB3-Indians with PDs of 2001-2006 will hang on the IV website. Everybody else(or atleast 99%) will be gone...
    We will need help renewing our EADs and AP each year forever...and will seek answers on wague rules and regulations USCIS/DHS will keep putting in

    02-24 04:29 PM
    Hello everyone,

    There is no need to get excited. How much we can achieve from this will depend on our efforts.

    Please contribute to Immigration Voice if you really want something to come out from this markup. Be generous by the way.


    03-07 10:41 AM

    Here are my details.

    1. currently in 8th yr extn on orig H1( h1 extn is there until mar 2010); 140 approved in march 2007
    2. filed 485 in june 07, got AP/ead in oct 07 ( eb3, apr 2003)
    3. became eligible for ac21 in jan 2008
    4. so far not yet used AP or ead

    the qn is -->

    1. if i use ac21 , can i have the new company transfer my H1? (even tho im past the 6 yr original limit)
    2. first join the new company using EAD, then ask them to apply for H1 transfer. will this work?
    3. if the new company doesnt sponsor my H1, then does that mean i will never be able to marry a girl from india and get her here on dependent visa (h4) before my GC approval.
    4. pple who use EAD and chg jobs, is there any way in which they can get to add a spouse as a derivative 485 appln before the GC gets approved.

    can you give ur opinion regd the above qns? thanks

    The important question you have is about marrying girl?
    Stay in h1b and get your spouse h4 after marriage.
    When you do not have h1b there is no way to bring her.

    I hope there are lot of questions in your message and they are answered in lot of places in this website. Please go through.

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