Friday, June 3, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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  • Daveway
    Jan 2, 01:25 AM
    I hate Spymac. They aut' to be ashamed of themselves for doing this. They're going to charge for documentation when anyone can go there and post pictures for free. They definitely have the wrong priorities.

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  • webmacster87
    Jun 14, 05:30 PM
    The newest and coolest Macintosh Users Group on the web is here! Fountain of Apples is a place where Mac users can show what they do on their Mac, where Mac users can get Mac support, where they can vote in polls, write product reviews, or simply meet each other. There's even a place where switchers can share their stories! Come drop by Fountain of Apples at!

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  • torbjoern
    Feb 20, 05:05 PM
    Apple is Apple. Nothing from Apple is cheap.

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  • petjuli
    Feb 23, 06:19 PM
    Great pics! I definitely think you have the eye for good subjects. However, I have seen others post about your composition. Google "rule of thirds" and learn it. You will be surprised how much of a difference it makes. You don't even really have to force yourself to shoot rule of thirds with todays cameras you can typically just crop to get your image composed the way you like it.


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  • brucem91
    Apr 18, 06:09 PM
    Howdy. I have a Logitech G5, Logitech G9, and Razer Lachesis. I love 'em all but none has a Mac driver. :(

    Do you use a laser mouse? If so, which do you use?

    (I don't game, but the higher sensitivity works nicely for larger screen resolutions and some graphic design)

    Thx!The problem isn't necessarily a mac driver, but Apple's Acceleration Curve. It works perfectly with Apple Mice, but not so much with other's. Now assuming that your issue is tracking issue and not customizable buttons, then my solution will work for you. Download USB overdrive and install it. If I remember correctly, you will have to restart your mac after installation. Now their is a free and a paid version, the free will work just fine. After installation, you can change the settings under system preferences -> USB Overdrive.

    In the picture below, you will see two sliders. I find it helpful to have the top slider near the far right, and the bottom slider near the far left. I believe I also set the mouse speed (found in the normal mouse settings) around the middle, but you can set it anywhere.

    As far as mice with mac drivers, I recently purchased the Logitech wireless m510. I am normally picky when it come to mice, but I do enjoy using it. After installing the logitech driver and uninstalling USB Overdrive, the mice works nicely. I've only had it for a few days, but I love it.

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  • zdobson
    Jan 12, 09:02 PM
    They might as well call it MacBook Light In The Loafers


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  • darkside flow
    Apr 10, 03:28 PM
    Put it on once and never used it again. I can't physically make my phone drop any signal in Toronto.

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 22, 09:42 PM
    All right, I have it up to 72 fps and added intermediate frames to smooth out the animation. You'll need at least a 500 MHz G4 to fully appreciate the effect, try closing other windows if there is continued roughness.


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  • Hermes Monster
    Jan 25, 03:55 PM

    I need some advice on a good guide to selecting a font to go with logos or illustrations pleeease :) I've become quite proficient in illustrator and even made some money, but more often than not I pick a naff font which doesn't do my image any favours.

    I have a good selection on my mac, but I'm looking for somewhere or someone that can provide a useful guide...or is it just personal taste? I need to get away from Myriad Pro (I blame apple for that)

    Thanks in advance for any help :D

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  • 2992
    Dec 10, 09:27 PM
    how about if I'm not in the US but I want to use English?!


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  • Bob_Barker
    Oct 2, 12:16 PM
    I'm not sure. Probably more than $345. I'm leaning more towards a trade for a touch.

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  • rorschach
    Apr 25, 09:26 PM
    It's not an unreasonable expectation. Apple might not 'owe' you anything - but at this stage the OP hasn't made the purchase - they are trying to negotiate the purchase. Apple have announced they are updating software soon, OP could wait and buy later, or buy now. Apple would prefer buy now, so it's an exchange, OP agrees not to hold off on his purchase, Apple agrees to give him free software (the marginal cost of which, by the way, is essentially nil).

    Or should we not try to negotiate with the almighty Apple gods?

    Hey - there is only one Apple god and his name is Steve! ;)


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  • SideStepSociety
    Apr 27, 08:41 PM
    Ahh, yeah, that sucks. Hopefully the JB comes sooner than later. I've almost been considering an iPad, but I'm just not sure I'd make enough use of it to warrant the price.

    Edit: Killer! Thanks lavirshevo! They look great! They look even better in my multitasking bar! :)

    Thanks to Hackint0sh814 as well! Loving the new rotation lock switch on my iPhone.

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  • AppleNewton
    May 3, 01:59 AM
    a time capsule server would be nice. dual drives with RAID1 (back up/mirror the 1 drive), raid-0 one big drive, or split -- each drive is independent so you can back up one set of machines to one and store files on the other.

    they need proper ventilation in them for sure, with the powersupply and the wireless cards causing heat on top of the hard drive being a huge heat component its a wonder they havent redesigned it to some degree yet.


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  • RobertPS
    Apr 20, 05:17 PM
    Basically you are saying that the case is physically warped and that I should apply torque on the MBA case to fix the warp. That sounds a bit risky. I think I will bring this back.

    Yes, that's what I'm saying.

    It doesn't need a lot of pressure.
    The MBA case isn't very rigid.
    You can start with very little pressure.

    No harm in bringing it back though.

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  • lyzardking
    Apr 19, 10:50 AM
    I started folding after I found out a loved one was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.


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  • antmarobel
    Mar 12, 12:03 PM
    Completed erased the HDD and than installed it in a totally clean home :D

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  • alust2013
    May 4, 01:20 PM
    How much do you think the Lion update would cost?

    My guess is around $100, so it may be worth waiting for a little while. At this point, I personally won't be upgrading for a while, as I'm not a huge fan of what I have seen so far out of Lion.

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  • UnixMac
    Oct 12, 06:53 PM
    Ok, 63 people have read this and:

    a) no one can read Japanese..........fine...
    b) no one cares.............................that's fine too...
    c) no one knows anything..............that's fine also...
    d) Kadowarisan is grabage..............Ok, I'll buy that...

    But heck folks, surely someone can make something up or something?

    Feb 13, 04:16 PM
    i get error 1600

    Apr 20, 04:30 PM
    Come on algoriddim, bring on the sale for the iPad version and I'll be happy :) 20 dollars is too much for me, I just won't use it enough to warrant that price. If it was 7,99 I would have bought it already.

    Jul 31, 05:43 PM
    It takes 578mhz to do one w/u a day. Therefore that would mean an 867mhz would do 1.5 a day (accurate, thats what my PB does) and a 266mhz would do one every 2.1 days, also accurate. Someone compare my equation to their computer. All you do is take your CPU speed and divide it by 578. It *should* give you roughly the w/u you complete in one day.

    Oct 20, 06:21 PM (

    Aug 15, 04:14 AM
    Also you should be able to install the surround speakers properly on the wall where the sofa is.

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