Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • supermoto1962
    Mar 29, 11:09 AM
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to merge two or more images together using Aperture? Only have this and iPhoto at the moment.

    Looking for a package that will allow me to combine images (before and after scenario) for a range of engine components that i refurbish.

    Any recommendations for both bought or free software package's would be appreciated.
    Many thanks

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  • b0blndsy
    Dec 29, 10:03 AM
    I love my iPad beyond belief, but buying another one (at least before the second gen comes out) is an epic waste of money.

    I agree, I'll only buy the second if the first one gets stolen or damaged otherwise I am happy with it not matter what new features gets added in the later versions.

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  • ItouchMe
    Jun 20, 05:11 PM

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  • SpitUK
    May 6, 05:59 AM
    I have noticed the speed improvement too. Subtle but just feels more solid and smoother if that make sense.


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  • Young Spade
    Apr 14, 11:53 PM
    Unfortunately i would go ahead and say to see if you could get a new macbook. Of course you should bring it to an Apple store and see how much it would be to get them to fix it... if it isn't too much I'd get it fixed but... the MBPs are really nice.

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  • Hrududu
    Apr 25, 11:46 PM
    Just to clarify, it does chime and the light on the front does fade to off after its turned on right? If its doing all that, its most likely a bad graphics chip.


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  • BigBeast
    Apr 26, 09:00 PM
    I've been researching some of the OCZ PCI solutions (much cheaper of course) and I doubt I will be able to boot in Mac Pro with that card, is that true ?

    Why would you think that? If you have the correct PCIe slot, it should allow you to boot from it. A quick email to their tech support might allow you know for sure.

    HOWEVER! If you're thinking about the cheaper versions, look at their transfer speeds. Only PCI solutions which offer a clear speed enhancement over SATA 2 or 3 should be bought. Why waste a PCI slot if a SATA drive has the same performance (assuming you have more SATA slots available than PCI slots)?

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  • luminosity
    Mar 11, 12:49 AM
    I was part way through switching to Nikon (I'd bought a D300). I decided I wanted to get a camera more suited to landscape/studio so I figured I was safer switching back to Canon and the 5DII.

    Over 18 months later, and I'm glad I did. I never thought it would take Nikon this long to release an affordable 5DII competitor.

    Nikon's competitor remains the D3x. Canon has no real competitor to the D700 without paying much more for the 1D Mark IV. The price differences are stark in both cases.


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  • *LTD*
    Apr 8, 10:06 PM
    Executable code from 3rd party servers?

    If this is what iCab did then Apple should have done this a long time ago.

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  • bousozoku
    Mar 4, 06:23 PM
    Concerned about my adoptive dad's memory loss, I started folding in 2002. I know that it won't help him but it might help the suffering of those who are caretakers and sufferers in the future.

    We know so little about biology, so if this little bit helps, all the better.


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  • Emattjenn
    Jan 18, 12:24 AM
    As the crazy person who invented this gadget I hope it's ok to post a comment. First of all I'm dog tired from having the ride of my life at MacWorld '08. I feel like I've finally found my extended family. Everybody was very, very cool, everybody had a great sense of humor and every person who tried it was amazed at the effect. As for the iLidz�, all I can say is I dared myself and then kept moving forward...Think different and then Just Do It! My two good brain cells fired at the same time and this is what came out! Two posts ago Spanky Deluxe hit the bulls eye as to what inspired me to make it. It's not for looking cool or walking down the street or for driving a car. It's for those times when you don't care who's around. One of the things that kept me going was the fact that I'm able to lay back in bed with my head in my pillow and watch a movie as if it was on a about a 65" display and not wake up my wife! I'd easily wear it on an airplane, there's nothing worse when the in-flight movie sucks. The other reason, both my wife and I have iPhones which was quite expensive and I'd never slap down the $250-$300 to buy a "cool" pmv, plus my kids would probably break it in a day. So, this alternative does the same thing for $29.95 and it's almost unbreakable! ;)

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  • cmhsam
    Jun 19, 10:27 PM
    Got mine this evening as well. About 10 people in line, had to wait an hour. Thought they would have run out of 16gb model andwWas expecting a 3 hour wait like the launch of the 3G.

    Will the store be open tomorrow for non-iphone purchases?


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  • mainstreetmark
    Nov 1, 12:51 PM
    Also, this page seems to have a good list of subcategories.

    I also'd like to see a "Freeware", "Commercial", "Shareware" category.

    So, a single software app, like iTunes, could say:

    [[Category: Apple Software]]
    [[Category: Audio]]
    [[Category: Freeware]]

    and Photoshop:

    [[Category: Graphics]]
    [[Category: Commercial Software]]

    (I think the "Third Party" categories are unnecessary. They don't add value to someone searching for information, unless someone's coming along looking for something specifically non-Apple)

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  • flipster
    May 6, 08:27 PM
    I called Apple, they said it's most likely a graphics card failing (I agree).

    The weird thing is, is that 10-15 in while playing a game, it completely locks up, but the mouse cursor is movable (weird).

    You have to hold the power button to get it to work again. But once booted back into OS X, it's slow, and the screen flickers once, and then locks up again.
    The TechDoolDeluxe tests came back normal too....

    This only happens when gaming for about 10 mintues, and then the lock ups happen. (weird thing is mouse cursor is still movable)

    Any thoughts?


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  • Mudbug
    Nov 7, 03:37 PM
    I've been trying to split them up, so there's not just a solid front page of "ween" or "kenny chesney" or "the dixie chicks" or whatever - trying to get kind-of a cross-section of music at a time. And the way I see it, you should suggest the best song or two off an album, and if you want the whole album suggested, do that in the comments section of the first track you recommend. That way it's like a lead-in for people who like similar music and want to know more about this particular band.

    I've been trying to remember to go back, but sometime I forget... :) I'll try and make a sweep over them again before too long. :D

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  • Eidorian
    Apr 5, 04:54 PM
    Windows is a typical masturbation operating system that constantly tries to satisfy itself (herself/himself?).

    Windows 7 has many background processes that do things, consume CPU cycles and therefore nibble battery capacity.

    OS X like most UN*X operating systems is behaving more orderly here.I would avoid looking at Activity Monitor for the rest of your life. :eek:


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  • iCeQuBe
    Oct 18, 08:50 AM
    I was thinking that I would probably hit the mall that night. Even if I don't buy anything I am sure there will be demo's and stuff to play around with Leapord. If I end up going it would be nice to meet up with other MR members while there. :)

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  • Lopez.T.H.
    Sep 25, 09:45 PM
    Im selling my Shuffle hoping to get at least $100 - $120 for it. Im looking at a 20Gb iPod <- Wayyy too much space or a nano. I like the nano because I already take my Shuffle everywhere with me. I like the screen of the nano well because its color and you can view pictures. But a 20Gb or 10Gb 3Gen would be a bit big. And I like the portability of the nano. Its small so I can keep it in my pocket with other school stuff ( ID, pens, ect) and from some pictures I have seen of it it fits in any pocket. I have only 3.6Gb of music so a 4Gb model would be fine. And about 50Mb of pictures. Any advice?

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  • cootersgarage6
    Feb 11, 10:52 PM
    Hi, I want to put some CD's that I purchased on my iTunes to put on my iPod. The only problem is that I am getting a new laptop soon, my BlackBook is dyeing.)))): Well, so far I have bought all my music on iTunes, but it's so expensive. I bought many CD's like I said, and I'm putting them on iTunes. When I plug the iPod into a new computer, it would ask me if I wanted to transfer my purchases. And everything that I bought would transfer. The songs that I got from other websites wouldn't transfer. But If I import the CD's through iTunes, will it still transfer to the new computer? Or do they have to be bought from iTunes?

    Thank You!

    Apr 26, 02:43 PM
    Thank you so much! Your the best!

    Jun 23, 05:16 PM
    In many cases, compulsion to buy the latest gadget.

    Dec 26, 08:21 PM
    Anyone else notice that they use pictures of 4G iPods? Take a look Here (

    I find that interesting...why not use newer iPods?

    I have an idea! Maybe the new iPod's are so new and good, they can't mess them up enough to get the sad iPod(or the folder icon)! Maybe CQ picked out all of the iPods before they got into the hands of the web division of Apple! Maybe they just weren't in the mood to take new pictures!

    May 6, 09:10 AM
    Ironically, I am looking forward to vacation out of Florida with the family in the next few months.

    Mar 21, 05:53 PM
    the screenshots look pretty crappy XD

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