Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • veni001
    06-22 02:46 PM
    With same employer could definitely trigger audits from both DOL and USCIS!!

    I'm holding Bachelor's Degree from India and have 9 years of full time experience (6 years with previous employers + 3 years with current employer). Last year my employer initiated a process to file PERM. My employer had given all the specific details to our attorney firm to file my case in EB2. But our attorney screwed up everything and filed my case in EB3. My EB3 labor is approved (Section H, PERM job for Bachelors + 2 years of experience). I'm planning to file I140 with this EB3 PERM to facilitate my H1B extensions,etc.

    Right now, my employer says that he can initiate another PERM with EB2 and later when we file I140 for the EB2 labor, we can make use of EB3's PD after its I140 approval. I understand that it has to be a different position for EB2. If we follow this case, at what stage I need to use my EB3's PD to port. I mean, do I need to have my EB3 I140 approved before filing EB2 PERM or have only when filing EB2 I140.

    My another question is, how risky is this? I mean having applied for EB3 and EB2 from the same employer. What kinda repercussions we're heading into? What are the possiblities of getting audited for EB2 PERM ( I didn't get any audit for my EB3 PERM).

    Do you think it's better to transfer visa to someone else after my EB3 I140's approval and start a fresh EB2 PERM from that employer?

    I had gone thro a case study given in this forum but it's only after applying AOS(485). Mine is still at I140 stage.

    Any input is welcome.


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  • statuslaw
    01-31 12:03 PM
    I got an email from DOS ( as follows:

    Dear XXX

    We can now conclude your application for a nonimmigrant visa. Please mail the following items to the Non-Immigrant Visa Unit, 360 University Avenue , Toronto , ON M5G 1S4 or appear with them in person at 225 Simcoe St. at your earliest convenience within sixty (60) days of this notice, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9 AM and 11 AM , excluding U.S. and Canadian holidays. No new appointment is necessary. Please mail or bring:

    o This request.

    o The notice of suspension TRT/NIV-13(A) received at your interview.

    o Your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from today�s date).

    o All documents that you submitted with your original application (e.g. I-797, I-20, DS-1029, etc.).

    o A self-addressed, prepaid Canada Express Post mailer.

    o USD or Mastercard/Visa credit card to pay any visa reciprocity fee noted at

    o NO electronic items, food or liquids.

    It may take an additional workweek to prepare your visa after you appear here or these items reach us by mail. Please understand that U.S. law makes the applicant, and not the U.S. government, solely responsible for qualifying for a visa in time to suit his/her needs. We can offer no prior assurance of eligibility to any applicant for any reason at any time.

    Should I contact US Consulate in Toronto for confirmation before go to Toronto for my visa interview?


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  • samcam
    10-24 01:54 PM
    Thanks for responding. What happens when we get a RFE or NOID. Could we respond by ourself then? My case is not complicated at all. As straight forward as it could get.

    I am going to search in this forum for sample covering letter. But if anybody has the info handy please let me know.

    Thanks guys!

    Why do you want to spent $2000 for lawyer for AC21? If you have same or similar offer letter, why cant you type a simple covering letter for your AC21?Do it yourself. US certified post cost around $2.00. Hiring lawyer for AC21 is waste of money.

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  • lostinbeta
    10-05 04:40 PM
    :) :) :) =)


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  • sidbee
    03-17 10:43 AM
    Add you wife , 2 weeks before she comes, IE if she is coming on 16th may add her on 1st may.
    pay some extra premium.

    wouldn't that be common sense....

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  • paskal
    09-29 12:30 PM
    Nothing sensational here. But it does affect me and all the physicians who have pending NIW based I-485.

    I have finished 5 years of NIW service for physician and waiting for visa number (PD 9-2004). I have a conrad 30 related I-140 (approved) / I-485 (pending).

    it is of no help- the extension allows NEW applications. i do not see what it has to do with 485 processing- honestly this seems like gibberish to me.
    here is the only way it makes sense: new NIW applicants that need a waiver can now apply under conrad and simeltaneously file for NIW and IF current they can file an AOS and get their spouses an EAD.
    extension of conrad is an extension of a "J1 waiver"- nothing to do with NIW per se although we do need the waiver to prsues an NIW.
    the one good thing here is that the limited extension means that congress ahs to return to this issue before march and so conrad will come up for discussion again. this from my pov is great! had they done a 5 year extension, we would not have got another quick shot at trying to get quota exmeptions. now..we need to be ready and work with the Senator's office on this....

    btw gg- i got a letter from uscis confirming that my 5 year docs were received and verified and my AOS was considered "ready for processing". it does not help that my PD is not current of course, but it does confirm their acceptance of my 5 year completion!


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  • dreamgc_real
    04-23 02:18 PM
    Passage of Immigration reform in the senate was not at all a problem, they have passed it more then once before. It is the house that rejected all of them. No wonder pelosi dosn't want any of it :), but again she is a strong women who passed health care reform... There is more probablity of this thing going through if the house passed the resolution first, just like the other legislation.

    Well we got to hold them accountable and not pass the buck around. We should get both congressmen and senators to understand our situation and vote for it.

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  • va_dude
    05-10 12:44 PM
    What the heck do you mean by "we" are expecting?

    Who's "We".

    Just stop spreading random rumors. If u have anything credible to say then say so. Otherwise stop.


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  • usirit
    07-19 09:22 AM
    I live in Noblesville. Please let me know of meetings related to IV in Indianapolis or surroundings.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-06 02:47 PM
    I wonder if anyone has any info about this.
    A friend comes here on h-1b. She works for 6 years on h1 and files for adjustment of status. She can't do 7th year due to PERM filed and approved less than a year ago. Now, her H-1B expired and she is her as AOS pending, without H1. Now, she is afraid there may be something wrong with her 485 and wants to switch back to H-1b. Can she do it? Can she do go back to H-1B status? The thing is that now her Perm and I140 are approved and she is entitled to 7th H-1B extension, but she is an "Adjustee". Please let me know if anyone was able to change from AOS to H-1B without leaving the US. Thank you for you info.

    glus, Since she now has an approved I140, she is eligible for a 3 year H1 extension, provided her PD is not current. She need not be continuously be on H1 to be eligible for applying H1 for the 7th year.

    Once you get the H1 paper, you would have to enter the US, so that the status changes from "Adjustee" to "admitted" i.e., H1 status...or, if the H-1B paper come with the I-94 stub, you need not travel out and get it.


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  • ivgclive
    05-02 08:31 AM
    I was on I-485 status on my EB3 application working on EAD. My I140 for Eb2 application got approved today while also requesting porting of priority date.

    I believe USCIS would have automatically switched the 485 application to use the new EB2 I-140 instead of old EB3-I140

    Now my question I am ready to renew my EAD. I wanted if there will be any problem with my EAD application since it is now transfered to an Eb2 position.

    My pririty date is still not current....

    EAD is based on a pending I-485, you should go ahead to renew your EAD (as you work in EAD, do not let it expire). Consult a lawyer, send additional documentation along with the package that you have done so-and-so transfer.

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  • haveaquestion
    03-06 01:07 AM
    Hi I'm currently working as a strategist in an ad agency on OPT, which expires in June this year. My H1B application was denied because my major in college was French and the lawyer obviously wasn't able to establish the connection between my major and my work (although in my defense, my college was a liberal arts college, there weren't any specialized majors such as advertising, communications, etc. It's all about cultivating critical thinking, analytical skills, communication skill, which are all essential to working in advertising). So my question is, if in the future I want to come back to the US on an H1B visa, would that be possible? Is this issue with my major going to haunt me for at least 12 years (as in 3 years of working experience equal 1 year of college education)? Given that I do want to stay in the advertising industry, what are my options to solve this issue? Would getting an MBA with a marketing focus solve this?

    PS: I understand another way to come back to the US by employment is via L1 visa. However, the prerequisite would be that I was already working in that company's overseas office, correct? So, if I received an offer from a company in the US without having worked in one of its overseas branch, I would still have to apply an H1B, correct?

    Thank you very much!


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  • newyorker123
    09-28 10:53 AM
    Yes. You can file another FOIA to get the I-140 approval notice.

    You want to specify that you're looking for a copy of I-797 of the I-140 approval for receipt number LINXXXXXXXXXX. That should get you the approval notice.

    A friend filed the FOIA with this verbiage and it worked for him. Of-course, he had to reference his Alien number etc... in the G-639 form.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks friend, I already know the A# so I will just put it in.

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  • sbdol
    07-21 07:11 PM
    My H1-B visa expired on June 16, 2007. Extension (I-129) has been filed in May 2007 (before expiration). It has not been approved yet. It's still pending. My LC has been approved on July 09, 2007 and my PD is April 2004. My question is: Can I file concurrently I-140 and I-485? Will my application be rejected or will an RFE be issued?

    Thanks for your input.

    Yes you can. As far as I can see there is nothing unusual/illegal in your situation.


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  • ramus
    06-11 06:11 PM

    Why we starting new thred for anything.. members should do more active things rather then just creating new thred...

    Pappu asked us 100... times not to create but we won't listen to him.

    Mistake..............Now i am not able to change the title-sorry guys.

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  • amenon
    05-01 10:29 PM
    I understand that the chance is slim.... almost microscopic :rolleyes: But I need to prepare for the worst case (or is it the best...?? :confused:) hence the question.
    Any idea about how long consular processing takes and does it depend on priority dates (in the case of a further retrogression)?

    Thanks for the input, will keep a close watch on the visa bulletin and keep my wife's return trip options open.

    Thanks again.


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  • gchopes
    11-05 01:41 PM
    Files Jul 27 w. TSC. No RNs yet. Called USCIS. Not in the sytem.

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  • mn2007
    07-03 04:44 PM
    If you are a resident of Karnataka, TN, AP or Kerala, you need to schedule an appointment with Chennai consulate. With regards to PIMS, I guess consulates wll ask for this info. well in advance once you schedule the appointment. I got my VISA stamped from Chennai cosnulate during my visit in Feb and received my passport in 3 days. My wife who is in India now got her VISA stamped last month and the stamped passport was returned in 2 days. I don't think you need to worry too much about PIMS since the system is more streamlined now.


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  • karthkc
    03-18 05:19 PM
    Yha i got my EAD through Spouse.

    Is corp to corp a better option or should i ask my other XYZ company to file for my H1B?

    Okay..Here is the deal..If you are on H1B currently and do NOT have any paystubs for longer than a month (usually), then you face the risk of getting an RFE from USCIS regarding your status.

    This is YMMV meaning you may get it or you may not, nobody can say for sure...It all depends on how closely USCIS looks at your case.

    If you have been on H1B status without paystubs longer than 183 calendar days, you have bigger problems. My recommendation in that case is to get a good attorney ASAP.

    If you feel your case status so far does not have any major legal or immigration issues, my suggestion is to use the EAD to work and make sure you renew it on time and stay in AOS. The downside to that is if your spouse's 485 has any issues and gets denied, then you are immediately out of status. (If that happens, you probably have more to worry about than just your status)

    As always, take the above with a pinch of salt and consult an attorney in moments of doubt...!


    06-13 11:18 AM
    Folks! MSNBC is organizing a gut check on the immigration issue (though this appears to be on issues related to illegal immigration). It's a message board inviting opinions on immigration with an expert panel set to reply to the meesages posted. Eventually, messages will be short-listed for publishing. We may be able to make an opportunity out of this.


    05-02 08:25 PM

    How could your friends get the 3 yr extension in their new company. Did they show their I-140 approval copy from previous company ?

    In my situation, I don't think I can get the I-140 approval copy from my company.

    So, can I move now before my 6 yr period ends in August and have company B transfer my H1B till 2010 (based on current + 3 yr I-797 copies) or wait till August when my 3 yr extension till 2010 takes effect ?


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