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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-14 10:53 PM
    2006PD people are younger (most of them) and can contribute to the future to a greater extent and have less baggage :D

    How come most of the 2006 PD holders getting approved? I do not have any grudge against who have 2006 PD and got their AOS approved. I am just wondering as to what is making USCIS to choose only 2006 PD ? Definitely, the low hanging fruits theory does not seem to be working here. Anybody has any idea about that ? I am just frustrated.

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  • dilbert_cal
    07-10 12:00 AM
    Answer inline in different color
    I'm working for a big company in US since 2001. My Lc is filed in 2001 and it is still pending in BEC (phily).

    Recently my company offered me LC substitution (PD of 2002). I have taken it and they filed 140. I need to show the previous experience of a skill set in 1999. I have a letter from that company for that. The problem is that company is out of business.


    1)Will USCIS call that employer (employer is in a foreign country) for that experience?If so, the company is closed. What will happen? Will they reject my 140?
    The chances of USCIS calling up the company are slim - havent heard of it from anyone yet. In case, they do call and find the company is closed, they might ask for additional evidence that you worked for the company - paystubs, I.T. return or anything that proves you were working there.

    2)My original LC is approved (got approved yesterday)? My lawyer is telling that they will file 140 on this one also? How on earth can I habe 2 140's? When my time comes for 485, which 140 should I choose? I'm confused
    Can you have more than one 140 - Absolutely yes. Can you have it from the same company - YES again. In terms of which 140 to choose - here is what I might have done if I were in your position. The substitution 140 can only be filed in normal processing. For the month of July, premium processing is not available for 140 but hopefully in Auguest, USCIS will again allow premium processing. I'd had put my own labor's 140 in premium processing.
    Next, I would wait for September and as soon as the bulletin comes out - there is a very very high possibility of your 2001 date becoming current then , make sure that your 485 is filed on the very first date. Your 2001 PD is better in terms of PD if both the PDs are in the same category. Otherwise, EB2 is better than EB3 as of now.

    Hope this helps you.

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  • qualified_trash
    11-02 01:32 PM
    rajiv khanna is good. he took my wife's case which was messed up by another lawyer and helped her get the work visa with change of status so she could start working here.

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  • jigsaw
    02-23 04:49 PM
    I guess it is an approval. In the cases where officer needs an approval from senior officer they issue N-652. That is standard practice.

    Thanks number30

    Any idea how much time do they generally take to decide on N652.
    Thanks again


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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-07 04:44 PM

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  • mdross2
    11-26 12:39 PM
    Thank you so much for your response.

    So If I understand correctly I will have to staple the current I-94 (bottom part of I-797) from company C to my original I-94 in the passport i.e the I-94 I got at the time of entry (the one which has the company A info , I mean the type of visa , valid till etc.)

    What abt the I-94 from company B(the one which I have the copy of) . Does it need to be stapled too while I am leaving US ? If yes, can I staple the copy ?

    Thanks again for your time.


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  • saketkapur
    05-07 12:43 PM
    Its not can file it anytime........its totally up to you and your immigration lawyer depending on your situation.
    You will still need to meet the requirements of wage and same or similar job criteria whenever(if) you decide to file it or get an RFE.

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  • Gator
    04-11 08:10 PM
    Today I found out that my RFE wasn't answered at all as opposed to being late.

    Bascially, the attorney screwed me. My company wasn't happy with them and was in the process of moving all existing cases to a new firm and my RFE was supposed to be one of the last for the old firm. And apparently they didn't send it out, quoting miscommunication from my company that my case was transfered to the new firm as well.

    So does 'not answering an RFE at all' change anything for my case or can I still do MTR and then appeal as suggested by the members.

    And it seems like MTRs take at least a year in most cases. So is it a valid option to file a new I-140?

    Appreciate your help and advise

    fyi..I did not file concurrently but my I-485 was denied the same day as my I-140.


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  • iwantgc
    09-11 07:35 PM
    I was hoping something out of IV's effort that SKILL bill be passed before end this year but it appears this organization's voices are not even heard nor included in the picture.

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  • willigetgc?
    07-06 10:32 AM
    Recently I started looking other options in India, Britain, Canada and Australia.

    Here is what I found just in last 1 week.

    Britain puts new cap on non-European high skilled immigration
    United Kingdom, Immigration, Coalition Government Announces Temporary Migration Cap - Newland Chase - 30/06/2010, Government & Public Sector, Labour and Employment, Immigration (
    Non-EU immigration to the UK: the statistics visualised | UK news | (

    The federal government is seeking a limit on the total number of applications for Canada immigration to 20,000 annually
    Canada to welcome high skilled and wealthy immigrants | Canada Updates (

    Australia announced new visa ruler to target Indians
    New visa rules not targeting Indians: Oz envoy - World News - IBNLive (

    This may be the result of global economic slowdown. But China and India are allowing more immigration. Now high skill immigration is a new measure of future economic growth.

    It is true that US is a far better country for immigrants - it is a lot easier to assimilate in here than anywhere else in the world. US not fixing its immigration system will only make the brightest stay in the home country!!
    Cannot fault them either for staying, who wants to be stuck in the gc system with no end in sight?


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  • virtual55
    07-17 01:57 PM
    Not a single contribution by anyone....

    I think CORE and all active members should shut this website down right now and let all the non paying members feel the misery without this site...

    That's why we need paid website, so info can be passed to only paid members who are really serious about these issues
    and people like AILA will not have our info.

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  • jliechty
    November 17th, 2004, 02:55 PM
    My first advice would be to bump up the ISO for indoor shots, so the shutter speed will be faster and you will be able to avoid blurred movement. In full auto mode, cameras may not increase the ISO above some unreasonably low number, like 400. Try going to a mode that lets you pick the ISO (program?) and set it to 1600 (with a DSLR the noise will be much less than 1600 ISO film grain, so don't be afraid to experiment).

    Not knowing about the automatic metering systems on modern cameras, I'm not able to analyze what might be throwing off the meter to cause it to underexpose, so I'll leave that up to our resident DSLR gurus. ;)


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  • gc03
    10-20 10:31 AM
    I went to stamping in Montreal on 10/10/06. No issues or problems. I also recommend to be prepared for a lot of questions, and take all the paperwork.

    My visa was also expired in 2004. I got 3 years VISA stamp upon my 3 year extention approval.
    Good Luck.

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  • ohguy
    02-18 09:25 PM
    I got the same email like you later in the day today. 485 is not in the USCIS office where it was transferred. Hopefully they will work on our cases soon.


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  • indianabacklog
    06-10 12:48 PM
    You have the instructions since you quote them. Send exactly what they are asking for, i.e. the form, photos, copy of front and back of previous EAD and check to pay them.

    I would suggest you send separate checks if only to be able to get the case number from the back of them when they are cashed.

    The instructions clearly say make check payable to the Department of Homeland Security. I believe if you did write them to the USCIS they will still get cashed but follow the instructions.

    You seem to have it all under control. Have confidence in yourself and get the applications sent in.

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  • Panchtantra
    09-01 04:06 PM
    I think I am the "Chosen One" for investigation :-)

    You arent alone, my friend :)
    I am waiting too - similar story as yours....


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  • hopesoon
    09-02 12:39 PM
    I am EB3 (Aug 07) because of my lawyer�s mistake; but in June they asked for further medical testing, it can be a good sign they are looking into EB3.

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  • kaylamarie
    01-27 11:54 AM
    Hi All,

    I am currently on h4 visa and have been searching for a h1 sponsorer to do h1 workpermit visa in the coming april 2009 lottery (if there is one).

    I am very new to understand the rules and regulations and seek help from experienced folks here.

    1) If i file a non-profit h1b visa , i was suggested that i can work immediately, is that true?

    2) If i file a normal h1b visa, now in the april 2009 lottery, is it ok for me to go back to home country after filing the visa, because even if it gets selected and approved in lottery i can work only from oct 2009 right, so what happens if i go to home country, how can i get stamping because i have not yet started work and will not have any pay stubs.

    3) I have been searching monster, indeed etc to find a sponsorer for my visa, i attended 2 interviews till now and cleared them too but when it comes to work permit they are not willing to do h1 for me. I have lost all hopes and posting here to find out if there are any companies who are willing to do h1b.

    I am not in software field, i am in to bio technology and i am looking for the post of clinical research coordinator or clinical research associate CRA , CRC.

    If any of you know any company which does h1b for CRA, CRC it would really be helpful if you could post me the link of the company here.

    I know this is a immigration site and not a job search, but i have lost all hope of working here since i have exhausted my search on monster , craigslists indded and other sites.

    Am not able to find out who would sponsor h1b for clinical research, so am posting here.

    Please help with any info you have. Thanks for your time.

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  • desi3933
    03-24 08:51 AM
    I've been in US for over a year on my L1b Visa. Last year i applied for my H1B visa and got through in the loottery. My Visa became effective Oct08. I still have net left my L1 company and nor have got my H1B Visa stamped. Its been 6 months since the VISA is effective. What should I do now, Im not getting jobs outside and also the L1 company is more secure from the job perspective. Should I just revoke my H1B or is it ok to live in the US like this?


    Leave US asap and re-enter using L1 visa stamp to get back into L1 status.

    Not a legal advice.

    10-01 06:27 PM
    Guys, I can see the energy level drop down after the HR 5882 did not pass in the Judiciary Committee. However we have to keep trying and part of that effort is keep working with lobbyists through IV core. During the next 6-9 months we need to collect enough money so that when the time comes IV Core is able to lobby hard on our behalf and get the necessary measures passed.

    On that note I am starting this thread for people who would like to contribute $50 or more. It is the 1st of the month and all of us got our paychecks, so no reason not to.(Remember Feed the Pig Ad? Well IV is as important as feeding the pig - so please do your part).

    Additionally for every $2500 collected I will put in an additional $50.

    03-19 01:48 PM
    Canada option though attractive has his own problems and I mean serious problems!. When you apply for stamping, consulate will first cancel your existing visa so if your H1B is denied you have to go to your home country from Canada!

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