Saturday, June 4, 2011

jensen ackles hot

jensen ackles hot. HOT: Jensen Ackles
  • HOT: Jensen Ackles

  • Sun Baked
    Dec 21, 06:50 PM
    Almost looks like a thinly disguised commercial for selling the SpyMac products.

    You can't have cool products without a cool commercial.

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  • Crystal-RX
    Apr 3, 12:39 AM
    He is.

    LOL...:D That is his story to Roggers....

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  • GGJstudios
    May 4, 12:25 AM
    any idea if i can use the apple logo, or can copy stuff off their site? their diagrams? its all academic, and will probably promote apple rather than anything else.
    My guess is that it shouldn't be a problem, as long as you're not doing it for profit.

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  • jensen ackles images. Jensen

  • mischief
    Feb 14, 08:25 PM
    YOU WILL BUY A MUG NOW!!! NOW!!NOW!!NOW!!NOW!!:D :eek: :cool: :rolleyes: :p ;)


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  • iQuit
    Sep 29, 01:32 AM
    You can get a lower MHz iBook for hardly anything on eBay. A new iBook from the Educational Store runs $949.

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  • Jensen Ackles: Supernatural

  • anmoldagreat
    Jul 1, 08:41 PM
    is this an ips panel or pva?
    and would you be interested in a trade for a dell 2007wfp ips panel plus cash

    the 20in in vertical next to a 30 looks really nice : )


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  • arn
    Nov 6, 02:19 PM
    I think people try to prevent multiple songs from the same artist showing up at once... but we then forget to go back...

    we'll get 'em in there...

    I'll talk to the other admins


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  • May 14, 2011. The Oh My God

  • MattInOz
    Mar 17, 01:36 AM
    Judging by the video and screen shots of Lion it doesn't seem like there are that many elements left that use appearance colour anymore anyway. Seems like active buttons and progress bars are the only ones that use still use this colour. It's gone from Scroll Bars, Group Tabs, Popup Lists.

    Yes I'm hoping like Highlight Colour it becomes completely user choice with a few well chosen default colours. I do prefer Graphite personally it's just tones things down to be less garish so although with extreme reduction in use the blue may not be so bad.

    Any sign that they maybe standardizing on a sidebar background colour?
    What with a couple of greys and a blue across various Apple apps. it would be good if this was user definable as well?


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  • notjustjay
    Mar 15, 10:39 AM
    I've learned over time that zooming is really something you shouldn't do often. So many people think they can make amazing videos by zooming in and out all the time when really the zooming just hurts them.

    It can be dramatic if done right, and sparingly, but it should not be overused. And always disable the "digital" zoom option on any camera. It's optical zoom, or nohing.

    I'd recommend not using copyrighted music without the proper permissions.

    Certainly for anything shared publicly (although YouTube seems to be changing the rules by allowing you to use certain tracks as long as they get to link to the artist credits and a "buy track" page on iTunes/Amazon). I'd say it should be OK for personal use and for learning how to edit against music.

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  • Fishrrman
    May 2, 08:49 AM
    Download the free CarbonCopyCloner from

    Take a few mins and set it up.

    It will create BOOTABLE backups in POFF (plain ol' finder format).

    In a moment of extreme need, you will find out why this is a better way to backup your data....


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  • rhett7660
    Apr 18, 06:40 PM
    I will reserve judgment on this until I see the photo's. I would rather have great optics and a descent sensor then a very high pixel count. I like the fact thou, the smart phones are pushing. This means one less thing for me to carry in the not to distant future.

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  • *new* Jensen Ackles Photo

  • TalonFlyer
    Jul 2, 10:14 AM
    I updated Safari 5 before I updated to 10.6.4. I did not see this issue when updating in this order.


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  • FredAkbar
    Jul 12, 01:56 PM
    [edit: looks like bwawn beat me to it, and his way of doing it is probably better unless you have Terminal-ophobia ;)]

    Firstly (and obviously) make sure Classic isn't running.

    Also, did you try logging in as root? If you don't have a root account, it's pretty simple to create one using NetInfo Manager (in your Applications-->Utilities folder).

    If you got your Mac in 2002 or earlier, you can start up from an OS 9 CD, and I'm pretty sure you could delete the 9 system folder from there, without having to deal with OS X permissions and such.

    Good luck.


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  • Eluon
    Dec 15, 11:56 PM
    has a deal been reached about the powerbook g3


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  • macduke
    Mar 11, 12:38 AM
    I was there last year, but sadly not this year. I'm probably going to have to hold out until iPad 3 and the retina display. Although if I can about $500 for my 32GB Wifi and my loads of accessories, I might pickup a 16GB model. But it won't be tomorrow (unless someone on Craigslist pulls the trigger soon!)

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  • compuwar
    Mar 18, 01:01 PM
    Clearly ISO (a measure of film sensitivity), although conceptually similar, is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to digital. Wouldn't a more appropriate term be something like "Gain Factor"?

    I would think this would be an easier concept to grasp for newcomers to DSLRs, especially when trying to understand the trade-off between gain and noise.

    How can you tell I'm bored today... :)

    Actually, the term ISO is just short for the organization that provides standards on film speed (and before it was ISO, it was ASA.) I don't see what value trying to rename it has- you still have to know what that is, and how it applies, and since you can assign that information to the term ISO and not break every photographic instruction ever made or make the remaining film cameras suddenly "different" than digital, I don't see a big gain (pun intended) in going from a three letter abbreviation to a word.



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  • My favorite is Jensen.

  • arn
    Nov 16, 02:31 PM

    also specify what browser you are using.

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  • terraphantm
    Apr 30, 02:23 PM
    I fail to see the need to preserve a baseband that can't be unlocked.

    The team isn't going to waste their time working on 3.10 when they can just work on the most recent, or put serious effort into whatever comes with 5.0.

    Then they'd just have everyone update to 5.0.

    There is the off chance that they'll find a crash in one of the older basebands that was inadvertently fixed in the newer basebands. But I agree in that it probably isn't worth preserving since there's an equal chance that one of the newer basebands will have a crash that wasn't available in an older one... and w/ the iPhone 4 you can only install whatever baseband is being signed at that moment, so preserving a baseband might actually screw one's unlock chances too.

    Hopefully they can figure out the NCK Unlock stuff since that'd be just as good as an official unlock. If the key truly is 40-bits, it shouldn't be that hard to brute force. Everything has been kinda quiet lately though, so who knows what's going on behind the scenes. They might even be saving it for the iPhone 5 release

    jensen ackles hot. Jensen Ackles
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  • ChrisFromCanada
    Dec 20, 10:09 PM
    anyone hear of this before.... cool, but will this finally be the answer to my question, "can i hook up my ipod to my car"
    How is this differnt then this ,

    I'm getting errors on both links :confused:

    Apr 16, 07:59 PM
    Just thought I would say, I have retinapad 1.1.2 (the updated version for 4.3.1) and it works perfectly on 4.3.1. Even fixes the bugs in 1.1.1.
    So I would double check if I were you. It is neither dead nor broken as far as I can see.

    May 5, 09:53 PM
    Looks like your drive may be failing.. I had this same problem with a 500gb Western Digital external hard drive about a year ago. It just didn't mount all of the sudden and then quit working all-together. You still should try to reformat the drive to see if that fixes the problem though.

    If you need any of the files on the external drive you are going to have to use a utility such as Data Rescue 3 or something similar and then try to reformat the drive. If not, go ahead and click erase and try to reformat it and see if it works.

    TouchDown, do those utilities such as Data Rescue 3 and Disk Warrior actually work? thanks for the help :)

    Jul 11, 08:25 PM
    This is not an exploit, although it is not functioning as most people expect it to.

    As has been discussed in other threads before, the login panel uses an old UNIX DES login encryption method. This system has always recognized a maximum of 8 characters, no matter how long your password is.

    Hopefully in Panther, Apple will use one of the other, better encryption methods for the default login.

    Apr 12, 07:26 PM
    Spring for a 3DS, that way you will be set for the next generation as well :p

    Apr 19, 10:20 PM
    Works fine for me on 4.3.1 original iPad, latest version of Retinapad.


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