Saturday, June 4, 2011

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johnny weir gay. Johnny Weir reveals he is gay
  • Johnny Weir reveals he is gay

  • liquid stereo
    Mar 22, 11:51 AM
    ISO, Gain Factor, Sensitivity, blah, blah, blah.
    Whatever word/phrase one uses, it would still need to be defined.

    Or one could put the cam on auto ISO and put a piece of electrical tape over the ISO button :)

    Clearly ISO (a measure of film sensitivity), although conceptually similar, is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to digital. Wouldn't a more appropriate term be something like "Gain Factor"?

    I would think this would be an easier concept to grasp for newcomers to DSLRs, especially when trying to understand the trade-off between gain and noise.

    How can you tell I'm bored today... :)

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  • he was not gay on Sunday.

  • ECUpirate44
    May 2, 01:08 PM
    Ugh, I just bought CleanMyMac. Could you elaborate more why these products are bad to use? Thanks

    I've also noticed that CleanMyMac sometimes deletes important system files which can lead to problems down the road. Id just consider it a waste of $15 or 30 if you paid for a lifetime license :o and just never use it.

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  • Johnny Weir realized he was

  • arn
    Sep 12, 01:41 AM

    johnny weir gay. Gay Hypocrisy: Johnny Weir
  • Gay Hypocrisy: Johnny Weir

  • gotohamish
    Jul 14, 11:14 AM
    Originally posted by mactastic
    Is it impossible for someone to make a card that would replace the 'b' card in there currently with a 'g' card? Like is the connection to slow to make it worth doing? And what about combining that with a bluetooth connection too? I'd love to be able to put those in my laptop, and still have the pcmcia card slot still available for photo transfers.

    That's an interesting thought. It appears to me that the Airport Card is a regular PCMCIA card, but without the head which in third-party cards has the aerial in. Hence the need to plug the aerial in to it when installed IN a Mac.

    So couldn't you buy a regualr PCMCIA 'g' card, take the had off it and install it in the Airport slot?

    To try and answer my own question - In theory yes, but I'm sure if it was that simple Apple would have done it. On the other hand, it does make it more of a perk to upgrading your Mac, which is ultimately what Apple want.


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  • from Johnny Weir#39;s “Pop

  • iDisk
    Jul 23, 12:43 PM
    XCode 4 looks like its going to take a big step foward. Hopefully as large as the one between ProjectBuilder and XCode.

    I'm really looking forward to this. Any know of a possible release date?

    I think WWDC or a Apple iOS Event Preview (so 2011), Apple will likely make sure they get it right and release that along with the new iOS 5 or Mac OS X 10.7.

    Apple is in no rush to hurry something as important as this. A buggy IDE = Fail for Apple and a slow down in iPad iPhone iTouch and Mac Apps.

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  • Be Good Johnny Weir is a new

  • daryliow
    Jun 21, 05:23 PM
    +1 for the O2 store

    I was only there for the 3G launch and there was about 20 by the time the store opened! You know what time it opens? I'm think of getting there at 7.15am ish


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  • Johnny Weir and Perez Hilton,

  • vlj9r
    Oct 23, 03:52 PM
    I hope they have plenty of the family packs. That was a problem when iworks08 was released. Had to wait a few days because they kept running out.


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  • Too gay to skate?

  • Dalton63841
    Apr 17, 02:27 AM
    Okay !!

    But do you think after 5 years of use it be more 15 GB the logs?

    Well, to put that into perspective, the last time I purged my log files, they all together added up to about 3GB...and that was after about 6 months...


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  • Johnny Weir, Sofia Vergara

  • apmorency
    Apr 9, 04:04 PM
    The power support screen protectors seem to cover edge to edge.

    There is a tiny raised lip on the edge of the iphone 4 screen, the power support seems to fit right up to it.

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  • skater Johnny Weir says it is

  • ramjetpitt
    Feb 15, 06:12 PM
    Does anyone get sound from the ipod (any gen) and from headphones when pulled in? I thought maybe it was a setting to have both at once. There is no decrease in sound on either device and it is the same when using an aux cable thru a sound system. It is not actually a problem it is just annoying!!


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  • And so begins Johnny Weir#39;s

  • Stealthipad
    May 5, 08:36 AM
    You phone searching for a tower to "talk" to is VERY hard on the battery. This is likely your major problem.

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  • skater Johnny Weir is gay?

  • macpro2000
    Apr 26, 09:27 AM
    If you are a rational person, one should know that it isn't reasonable to expect a break until Lion is officially announced. However, you could always write a letter to Obama and 'hope' that things will 'change.' :) People are getting things in this country they shouldn't have and they just expect more and more.


    johnny weir gay. Skater Johnny Weir Shrugs
  • Skater Johnny Weir Shrugs

  • Detrius
    May 3, 06:41 PM
    I don't care what they change so long as it's user-replaceable, and until then, I will continue to recommend against them to customers. As it stands, it's barely technician-replaceable, as the rubber bottom normally gets torn in opening the thing.

    johnny weir gay. Johnny Weir Book Coming Soon?
  • Johnny Weir Book Coming Soon?

  • iccy82
    Jun 5, 07:45 AM
    lol, why no spymac :D


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  • Figure skater Johnny Weir says

  • techfreak85
    Mar 6, 01:15 AM
    Holy cow, that is as fast as my quad core desktop! :eek: I am getting TPFs of 11 mins on these dumb 6701s. Cant seem to get anything else. These new MBPs could run bigadvs if left awake all the time! :eek:

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  • G4scott
    Jul 22, 05:10 PM
    this makes me want to buy a mug :cool:


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  • figure skater Johnny Weir

  • Bobdude161
    Mar 27, 11:26 PM
    Yes it makes SOME games look better. Road Rash 64 and Vigilante 8 had an option for a higher resolution when the expansion pack was detected. It took out some of the jagginess (whatever the word is for that), but the detail was the same and it cut a noticeable amount of FPS.

    eBay? Yes?

    EDIT: And Turok 2 had an option I think as well for a higher resolution

    johnny weir gay. Ice Queen Johnny Weir#39;s
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  • DoFoT9
    Sep 5, 04:16 AM
    very nice guide! thank you for posting :)

    we need more people like you helping out in the community!

    johnny weir gay. and divisive) Johnny Weir
  • and divisive) Johnny Weir

  • LimeiBook86
    Dec 16, 12:24 AM
    Well the Mac 9600 (the one I borrowed the video card for) won't really boot up and the buyer doesn't need it anymore. I should be fine for now but, if anyone has a card still I'd be interested. :)

    May 3, 10:20 AM
    Tried all Best buy does JR electronics have them?

    As mentioned a few posts above, no. J and R does not carry them. Only Best Buy and Apple stores.

    Jax Mac
    Sep 22, 01:40 PM
    Hi all,

    Can anyone give me your personal thoughts on the 20" iMac? I'm currently using an old Powermac desktop (It's a 4 -1/2 year old, dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver). If the Intel switch wasn't around the corner, I'd have a new desktop already. My main work is in Photoshop, Illustrator, and occasionally some 3D programs.

    Anyway, I was thinking of getting a 20" iMac to hold the fort while I wait. Would I notice any bump in speed for graphics programs? (My desktop has been reliable but occasionally quirky). I'm also considering using the 20" iMac after it's out of date as a TV or as a display at exhibitions to show video or Flash movies of new products.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Feb 23, 05:17 PM
    Yeah, I don't have the phone anymore. Thanks for the interest though.

    Jun 16, 09:57 AM

    fine, i eat all biscuits myself then :(

    Oct 25, 05:38 AM
    ^ when claiming work as your own be sure to remove the copyright. :rolleyes:



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