Wednesday, June 1, 2011

kevin garnett dunk

kevin garnett dunk. Kevin Garnett throws down a
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  • Cabbit
    Feb 21, 01:25 PM
    Totally agreed its just a exercise in wasting money. They only thing that would give some soft of protection to your php/asp files if any would be something like Zend Guard to encrypt the code(But not the CSS and HTML).

    kevin garnett dunk. kevin garnett dunk.
  • kevin garnett dunk.

  • PracticalMac
    Jun 23, 11:48 AM

    WELL DONE ALL! Great imagination! :D

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  • romeo.xk
    May 5, 03:52 PM
    Now, just a question, if you are in Florida, and you are willing to get "some" data, why not just stay with AT&T, since most likely the the phone you get from the store will not be unlock able, and maybe even get the contract... so you can get the phone cheaper too... I don't know, but to me, it seems like the best option, but I might be missing something...

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  • CaoCao
    Mar 1, 04:25 PM
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor came to Speaker John Boehner�s side Monday, promising action by Friday to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, now that President Barack Obama has said he won�t.

    �I stand by [Boehner�s] commitment to make that happen,� Cantor (R-Va.) said Monday afternoon at a press conference, promising to outline their plans in detail Friday.

    Cantor said the Justice Department�s refusal to defend the law is a problem separate from the substance of the law itself, which allows states to decide whether to recognize same-sex unions in other states. The Justice Department has called another provision, that bars same-sex couples from receiving federal-worker benefits, unconstitutional.

    �Again I do believe that this is a case that is distinguishable on its merits and to have the administration take the position, the president take the position, that he�s not defending the law of the land, is something very troubling I think to most members of the House,� Cantor said.

    When pressed on what House Republicans planned to do, he demurred.

    �I think you�ll see that on Friday,� Cantor said.

    In a taped interview posted Monday, Boehner (R-Ohio) said the GOP-controlled House could appoint a special counsel to defend the law commonly known as DOMA, a suggestion first made by former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.).

    �It�s an option being considered. �� Boehner said during an appearance on The Christian Broadcasting Network. �I�d be very surprised if the House didn�t decide that they were going to defend law.�

    His office is currently researching several legal options and seeking feedback from other Republicans to determine how to proceed, Boehner said. A decision likely will be made by the end of the week.

    �I�m really disappointed in the president and the Department of Justice in the fact that they�re not going to defend a law that Congress passed overwhelmingly. It�s their responsibility to do that. �� Boehner said. �But if the president won�t lead, if the president won�t defend DOMA, then you�ll see the House of Representatives defend our actions in passing a bill that frankly passed overwhelmingly.�

    While taking legal action doesn�t require a vote in the House, the lower chamber could decide to pass a resolution reaffirming their support for DOMA and reiterating their justification for passing it in the first place.

    A handful of Republicans, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), have already filed friend-of-the-court briefs, backing the law in a number of court cases where its constitutionality is being challenged.

    �We�re working with leadership to examine all the legal options before Congress,� said a senior Judiciary Committee aide.

    But gay-rights activists say there�s a whiff of hypocrisy from the GOP�s pledge.

    �Republican leaders have been claiming to want to focus on the economy, yet their insertion into this case would represent a hypocritical departure from that position,� said Michael Cole-Schwartz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, a gay-rights advocacy group.

    That�s the same argument Republicans made last week as they criticized President Barack Obama for ordering his Justice Department to stop defending the 15-year-old law that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman: Why was the president wading into a hot-button social issue now if his top priorities are jobs and the economy?

    Anticipating that Republicans will mount a rigorous defense of DOMA, the Human Rights Campaign has been taken steps to fight back. Its leaders sent e-mail alerts to thousands of its supporters, launched a petition seeking to block the House from intervening, and have been huddling with Capitol Hill allies to develop a strategy.

    �We�re all prepared for [Republicans] to intervene in some way,� Cole-Schwartz said. �The question is how do they do it, how do they roll it out, and what kind of political hay they want to make of it?�

    Read more:
    Congress appears to disagree with the President


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  • roadbloc
    Dec 28, 05:57 AM
    I still have two left. I'm surprised more people aren't interested, Spotify is the single best music resource I have ever found.

    What is the benefit of getting an invite... I just went online and downloaded the client free....

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    Jan 12, 10:00 PM
    Yes! Macbook Air


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  • Project
    Sep 22, 03:30 PM
    One of the most elegant pieces of technology ive ever seen.... the 20" is simply amazing. I dont see how they are going to top it with the next remake of it...

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  • GGJstudios
    Mar 3, 10:29 AM
    Why not simply report any thread title that you think is inappropriate? After all, that's what this button is for.


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  • sushi
    Sep 8, 12:34 AM
    Apple will announce Internet Radio capability on new iPod. With WiFi capability new iPods will able to tune into specially designated Internet Radio stations operated by Apple. And with one click listeners will able to purchase, via wireless download the song recently heard via the Apple Internet Radio channels. :o
    This would be a nice feature and would fit with Apple's way of doing things.

    Guess we'll know soon.

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  • iJon
    Apr 26, 01:54 PM
    your a typical new mac user. you just cant get enought of them. what stuff do you have to do on the hp, virtual pc may be a suitable solution for you. i do too miss the game like you too. unfourtantly the games i play they dont make for consoles, so i have to have a pc too.



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  • HawaiiMacAddict
    Mar 13, 12:43 PM
    yes, that's exactly what I did. I took an external 1TB WD small form factor drive (it houses a 2.5" HDD), created 200GB and 800GB partitions, then installed Lion on the smaller one. I still haven't begun to use the larger partition, however :D

    BTW, has anyone gotten iStat Menus 2.0 running on Lion? I can't seem to get it working correctly. It downloads the sensors, but when I click on any of them in the preference pane, I'm told that they can't be loaded.

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  • queshy
    Jun 23, 08:01 PM
    Can you still plug in DVI? Looks kind of dented.


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  • SanFranKyle
    Apr 21, 03:48 PM

    iFixitdirect looks like they have a quality swap kit, includes everything the white iPhone has. They even mention oem quality parts and no problems with the prox sensor.

    buddy's from them had prox sensor issues.

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  • Adey
    Jul 22, 11:40 AM
    I'm shocked you have forgotten Colonel Panic, who has been known to stop computers dead with his amazing multi-lingual skills.

    Excellent! Love it!


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  • Osarkon
    Apr 6, 01:45 PM
    MGS: PO will definitely keep you going, got it yesterday and yikes it's frustatingly hard compared to the old ones and a whole lot more complex. It's easily kept me going 24 hours. :D

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  • Rod Rod
    Oct 5, 01:15 PM
    heh. lack of user support? more like too much support from the warez community... ;)

    if you dont' know what really happened to it, dig up the whole story, very interesting, amusing and scary all at the same time. :eek: :D

    it's probably unrealistic to expect a product that has massive appeal to the warez types not to be cracked and then freely distributed.

    do you have any links to "the whole story"? I did some Google digging and I didn't get anywhere. thanks.


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  • kdoug
    May 2, 08:53 PM
    I did what parapup suggested.

    I went with OWC with their data doubler combo which was the 128SSD (115 usable) with the optibay for 279. I then bought the optical drive housing for 24 from max upgrades total around 310.

    Its about what I wanted to spend and hopefully I'll only use the HD for data storage.

    Stupid question, will the OSX install disc boot from the external drive or do I need to replace my main HD, then install osx, then replace the optical drive?

    also, time machine will have no trouble right?

    THANKS for all your help guys
    It'll boot holding down the alt/option key. Time machine will have no troubles. Ideally the best time to do this is when your computer is new and you can clone your virgin disk with CCC. You than copy that to another partition, lets say USB drive. You'll never have to use the optical drive again.

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  • amacgenius
    Dec 8, 06:26 PM
    You can't "view" any of the themes, you get a Tripod page not found error.

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  • SteveKnobs
    Feb 14, 06:24 PM
    This is what I'm doing:

    I'm buying a refurbished iPad Wi-Fi 16GB directly from Apple (it's like new) and use it less than 14 days. Then I'm going to return it.

    Cool. Way to be the most annoying person ever.

    Mar 8, 10:22 PM

    Apr 18, 12:10 AM
    they will exchange it. just show them what is worng.

    If I bring this to the Genius Bar, which is the more likely outcome: they will fix it, or exchange it? I'd like to know so I can start copying my files off of the computer.

    May 4, 12:26 PM
    just chatted with a representative:

    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Hi Robert Kaplarczuk,
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Thank you for contacting Monoprice Tech Support.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): My name is Lacey H.. Give me a moment while I review your question.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): How are you doing today Robert Kaplarczuk?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: very good I'm going to be purchasing the new iMacs and had a question about the HDMI converter
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Alright, how can I help you with that?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: it says that it goes in the mini display port which the new iMacs have
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    Robert Kaplarczuk: however at the botom of the page it also says thunderbolt compatible which the iMacs also have
    Robert Kaplarczuk: how is it t
    Robert Kaplarczuk: hunderbolt compatible
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): it it FULLY thunderbolt compatible
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so it can be connected to the thunderbolt port as well?
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, the thunderbolt port is a mini displayport, basically an upgraded mini displayport port
    Robert Kaplarczuk: ok thank you\
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so basically any mini display port wire ordevice can be used in a thunderbolt
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, thunderbolt is fully backwards compatible, however that does not mean it will give your devices thunderbolt compatibility if they have the previous displayport version.
    Robert Kaplarczuk: thank you

    Question guys:

    What she mean by previous display port version? Does her explanation mean that certain devices do not have to have Thunderbolt ports only mini display ports to plug ihnto the thunderbolt port?

    Feb 17, 08:46 PM
    Another option if you do not want to go with a USB player or worry about Audio out from a receiver or AV Processor is the NAD PP3i ($199). There are a few others out there, but they are creeping into the $500+ price range. I am looking at this unit for myself so I can plug my turntable into it, use a USB cable to connect to my Mac Mini and rip the albums with the NAD software ($25 extra). It helps with tagging the songs, removing clicks and pops, and exports to various audio files including ALAC, which is what I use.

    Software RIAA equalization is available at no cost. There is arguments that it might be even more acurate then a real phono preamp, certainly cheaper.

    If budget is unlimited then yes, buy everything. But if you have only $199 to spend. Buy a new photo cartridge or something that really will have a huge impact on the sound.

    The way to ask this question is "given the gear I already own and my budget what new gear will give the best sound?" the answer is different for everyone. For most people the best use of funds is to spend monay as "close to the vinyl" as yuo can. Start with leaning equipment to remove dirt. That has biggest payoff, then look at in this order stylus, cartridge turntable and then the audio interface into the computer. It's is a one-way signal flow later stages can not un-do hard cause by early stages, so work from the vinyl then follow the signal down stream investing in upgrades i nthat order

    So that preamp might be worth it if the gear upstream is up to the task or a total waste of money if the turn table and cartridge as junk. It all depends

    Apr 30, 06:29 AM
    A CDN isn't a web host or a cloud provider. It's a distributed network of computers that push-out content to the "edges" of the Internet, closer to users. It's appropriate for large web sites with large geographic appeal which also have a need for low-latency deliver of content to users.

    Amazon does have a CDN product, but it's not included in the base S3 offering. S3 offers storage services in ONE of Amazon's data centers, but doesn't push-out content across their world-wide network.

    To my knowledge, the other solutions offered aren't CDNs and don't offer a CDN product.

    Agreed. The Amazon product you'd be looking at is "CloudFront", not "S3".

    And Rackspace does offer a CDN now, but it's actually using Akamai for the CDN functionality. Akamai is the big corporate CDN player I've used. It's pricy, though.

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