Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • karanp25
    07-13 08:01 PM
    ski_dude12, u r just inviting trouble for urself by not keeping uscis in the loop. I assume u lost ur night's sleep looking for the valid source of my earlier comment? keep looking.

    I will continue shooting "off my hips" .... i think i may have missed it this time...

    Are you sure about that? Can you give your source that says

    "You have to inform them of every small move even after citizenship is approved".

    If you can support your post by citing a valid source then its fine, otherwise stop shooting off your hips please.

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  • sanju_dba
    01-07 02:17 PM
    i see the estimate tool is showing
    max weekly is $415
    max benifits is $10k

    I thought it was like 1/2 of your salary.

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  • eyezberg
    09-22 03:12 AM
    I like Painter a lot, but rarely use it (mostly concentrating on Flash & backend nowadays..)

    Here's the results of the 1st page only Google comes up when searching for "painter tutorials" (might wanna try..):

    there's one link in there where you can order a training cd, haven't looked at the price..

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  • Ram_C
    11-08 12:44 PM
    Hi all,
    This year I got my H1B approved with start date Oct 1st 2007 through a consultancy. I had also applied for GC in July (as derivative) and got my EAD October last week.

    The consultancy hasn't placed me on project so far (it's been more than a month) , and I am concerned , if this period of "no pay" will affect my GC process in anyway.:(

    The consultancy wants me to get an SSN now, because a couple of their clients want to know the SSN number before considering for projects.

    Would getting an ssn number based on the H1B effect me in anyway later case it takes longer for the consultancy to assign me a project?:confused:

    In the mean time I have been looking for jobs in my area , and if I find one before the consultancy assigns a project, I have decided to go ahead and use my EAD card.. and get SSN based on EAD.

    Could someone please please let me know if there is any effect on GC if I get an SSN on H1B...or if I use EAD to get an SSN would it invalidate my H1B?:confused:

    I would much rather be safe than sorry.

    Thank you all for ur replies...

    you can use your EAD to obtain SSN. using EAD for SSN purpose will not invalidate your H1-B status.


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  • desi485
    11-18 06:53 PM
    Amazing progress NSC from July 04 - > July 05 :D

    They can't beat TSC. For last six months, TSC has progressed, moved backwards and what not, ultimately still stuck at last week of June 2007.:confused:

    Also, I am wondering. CIS mentioned 15 months estimated time period to process 485 filed during VB gate. (this was in one of the recent visa bulletin) Isn't that 15 months long over by November-2008????? My 485 has not even an LUD since filed in July 2007, I am sure many others are in same boat.

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  • ivar
    04-29 09:43 AM
    when u file for the new 140..u are supposed to send in theold approved 140 and request for porting.. thats how my attorney did..

    finally i got the 140 from my employer..and my date was ported its all good.

    Happy to know that you got your I-140 approved with old priority date. Is there any link or formal document which suggest that we can file new I-140 along with a copy of old I-140 to retain older priority date. My attorney doesn't agree to this, he says that we need to get the new I-140 approved first and than file for porting the date seperately. If there is any link or document which can suggest that we can file new I-140 with copy of older approved I-140 it will be of great help. I appreciate your reply to my post.

    Thank you.


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  • malibuguy007
    07-17 12:36 AM
    Very well written article indeed and quite balanced.

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  • nogc_noproblem
    06-27 04:02 PM
    Yes, it is frustrating to miss it just by one day, I don't think we can appeal against it, let us wait for the original card to see whether we have any luck. I also filed at NSC.

    I got the e-mail that card prodn. is ordered. Not sure if i'll get one year or 2 years EAD renewal now. I filed in Nebraska center. I called USCIS and asked them but they are not sure either.. I hate to miss out of 2 yr EAD just 'cos it got approved today but not Monday. Is there any way to appeal for a 2 yr EAD ????


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  • kanakabyraju
    05-10 12:22 PM
    We are expecting some surprises in the July Bulletin. Remember July 2007 fiasco. This year also there are some situations like CIR as before. What about the expected spillover? However, can we expect positive surprises?

    Let us start the prediction, analysis, etc, game for the July Bulletin.

    June Bulletin will be history in few days! However, people are paying lawyers even for knowing why the visa bulletin hasn't come on the day they wished, in the first week of the month, even though it is supposed to be on 15th of every month.

    Flagged you RED just wasting my 5 mins time. Write some thing useful Brother!

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  • hoolahoous
    08-27 06:15 PM
    i think there is a provision that if you are traveling for work every few months then you just need to provide your 'permanent' address not the 'temporary' address.


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  • STAmisha
    07-25 01:19 PM
    My company ( biggie US firm) filed 140 and 485 on a substituted LC on July 2.

    Now my own LC which was pending in BEC (and which has better PD) is approved. Can I file 140 on this? Since substitution is risky, I want to use this 140 for my 485 (over the substituted one) ? How do I do that?

    Do I need physical copy of my approved LC to file 140?

    Replies will be greatly appreciated

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  • thadipalam
    10-25 01:12 PM
    Does anybody have an experience of Chicago/Waukegan office?


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  • sunty
    07-11 05:18 PM
    [QUOTE=PS: The whiners brigade who think USCIS moved EB2 forward to make money out of EAD should know now[/QUOTE]

    Maybe I am missing something here...Why do people think its a USCIS conspiracy to move PD forward...If someone's PD is current and he/she gets a 1 year EAD again, they will pay the $360 fee if they filed their I-485 before July 30, 2007, but they don't have to pay the fee again even if they get just a 1 year EAD...only they might have to do is to file the EAD application again next year WITHOUT the fee...

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  • meridiani.planum
    05-05 12:26 AM
    I was not aware of the 120 days... I filed my wifes EAD day 138 days before expiry (should have been more carefull!)... So what happens now? Rejection? Denial? RFE?
    Also what docs should be send after efiling, if any?

    rejected. Meaning they will return it with your filing fees:
    02/14/2008: USCIS Clarification of Denial vs. Rejection of EAD Renewal Application Filed Earlier Than 120 Days Prior to Expiration of EAD

    * We posted this message on 02/04/2008 and raised this issue. The AILA has just reported that the USCIS clarified its message that the premature filing would be "rejected" rather than "denied." What this means is that the filers will at least save the filing fees


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  • langagadu
    03-29 03:49 PM

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  • ambals03
    05-10 07:04 PM
    Obama's immigration reform plan: He should admit lots of super-immigrants, the highly educated, future entrepreneurs. - By Annie Lowrey - Slate Magazine (


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  • jerez_z
    11-03 11:39 AM
    drop me an email (I'm 17) --> jeremy.moseley[AT] MSN -> jim_at_hotmail_dot_com[AT]

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  • bekugc
    03-17 09:29 PM
    regarding the below question while using AC21

    2. first join the new company using EAD, then ask the new company to apply for H1 transfer. will this work?

    can somebody tell if there is any issue with this? as i mentioned, i havent used AP and existing i-94 still indicates H1b status (not AOS


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  • pappu
    06-06 11:10 AM
    Good points.

    Cann't travel outside usa, because of too many restrictions on h1/h4 visa holders.
    yes this can be a newsworthy story from an emotional perspective and views from prominent behaviour scientist to reaffirm our sentiments.

    Michael chertoff
    08-07 04:03 PM
    so far two..

    05-21 05:29 PM
    "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the bipartisan compromise reached late last week is imperfect but a starting point for debate."

    Everybody agrees that this needs amendments. So, why oppose it and not amend it?
    Let us get our points accross and get our amendments. When the lawmakers have decided to fix the immigration system then they will have to address both legal/illegal.

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