Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mitsubishi 3000gt Twin Turbo

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  • Dhundhun
    09-19 07:34 PM
    Look at this guys..Sapin sending the Immigrants back to Home country because they dont want to pay the unemploment benefits in bad economy..


    In USA, the company, who sponsored H/L visa and brought someone from home country is responsible for ticket to home country.

    I wish this does not happen, but in all others case (H1B transfered, OPT -> H1B, EAD, etc.), one has to bear own expenses. Many H1B, students and EB guys have been compelled to go back to home country during last downturn - mostly they has gone back on own expense.

    If one takes help of home country embassy (costs home country), that person may be barred from leaving home country in future.

    I think Spain case is not applicable here in US.

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  • ArkBird
    03-15 11:17 AM
    Didn't most of us came to US through "Desi Companies/Body Shopper/Outsourcer"?

    Now that we are feeling the pinch, we want to close this door for the other folks?

    Guys, this is pinnacle of hypocrisy. Please convince me how this is different from the Anti Immigrants??

    Please note. I have no axe to grind and I have never worked for Desi Company/Body Shopper/Outsourcer.

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  • j0se
    08-15 03:24 PM

    that's a really nice piece of work, btw

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  • imh1b
    02-16 10:48 AM
    Time for paid membership on this website...at least $5 a month..else, we will these kind of non-sense discussion threads...waste of time and resources (Including this message)

    These time- pass threads are better than EB2 Vs EB3 threads.


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  • imh1b
    12-06 08:25 AM
    What are chances of Dream Act?
    What are the chances of including our provisions in the bill?

    What happens if the bill passes without our provisions?
    What happens if the bill fails?


    Null, zero, Nada, Zilch

    Just google Dream act. and then google Recapture visas. You will have your answer.

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  • sanju
    04-16 12:18 AM
    What is meant by 3 years experience before immigrant petition in SKIL Act.

    Now I have more than 5 years of US experience, will I fall into this category when I file I-485.

    It means a shit if a bill doesn't pass. As of right now, news reports have started suggesting that there may not be any immigration bill this year, which could imply - no immigration bill until 2009.

    Also, could we please STOP looking at how a specific provision would benefit you personally? Let me guess the title of your next post….

    “When will I get my green card”



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  • chanduv23
    07-11 12:47 PM
    Ok I called her - she is interviewing Ashish and Rohika. If anyone in NYC, please call her. Even if you are Indian - call her, it would be better of you are from another country.

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  • uma001
    07-21 06:33 PM
    Hello Uma001, Kindly refrain from giving misleading information. It does put a thought on several people's mind that breaking the law is "chalta hai". Especially cases like these should be asked to be handled by qualified attorney.

    It is not a misleading information..I told what happened to the people I know. Recently In march , mid march my friend filed H1 to h4 transfer and it got approved in 17 days. She did not work from October 2007 till date. She did not get any queries. There is one more case like this,. But hat person got her h1-h4 in one year with no queries, SOmetimes people do get queries, I do not know how they manage it.
    So what is your advice to the OP. consult a lawyer. If she/he consult a lawyer, what will the lawyer say..Same thing, you are staying illegally here. Go back to India and apply fresh H4. Because I heard this from many lawyers. or they will simply file for H1 - H4 transfer.
    Even then My advice is also consult a lawyer and let us know what did the lawyer say.Please update us. There are thousands of H1s who didnot get pay and converted to h4. Have all these people got queries are sent back to India. I dont think so. I am not saying staying without pay on H1 is not breaking law. it is breaking law. But there must be a way ...when you convert to H4. I do not know what is that way? If all these payless H1 are breaking the law and USCIS finds them then thousands will be banned for 10 years from entering US rt. Can anybody tell me to how many people it happened till now?


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  • BeCoolGuy
    04-16 04:29 PM
    Stay on H1B. Renewal does not have any such strict health checks or anything required. Use EAD as a backup only!

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  • GC_ki_daud
    03-13 03:17 PM

    Please help with a reply


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  • immi_enthu
    08-10 04:26 PM
    your attorney or employer (whoever filed it) will get the approval notice.

    wont the company receive a courtesy copy even if attroney files it ?

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  • ivar
    01-21 03:57 PM
    What an irony, these guys will not let us file nor to withdraw, :mad:


    Thanks your comment made me smile. :) I wish there were processing dates for PERM withdrawals and PERM appeals.


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  • morchu
    05-04 12:50 PM
    [QUOTE=gauravsh;338657].....will there is any issues at POE due to my long absence on H1B?/QUOTE]

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  • amsgc
    01-23 12:08 AM
    The objective of the employment based preference system is to give certain professionals, who are ostensibly more useful to the country, a better shot at the Green card than others. So in the long run, EB2 is a better bet than EB3.
    However, given the current situation, it really doesn't matter - if you are born in India, you are in for a long wait in either category.
    Your best bet is to first educate yourself about the process, discuss with peers, friends and employers, about the endless wait, and then work with them to bringing about a change in govt. policy and possibly some change in the law.

    Im hearing that most of Indian filers filed for EB2 which has lead to EB2 demand outstripping EB3.

    So of the two tortoises EB3 might move faster than EB2.

    Any comments ?


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  • jest_1
    08-12 11:04 AM
    What about a scenario like this.. If you had some gaps (less than 180 days), but left and re-entered and then filed your I-485. Would it still be an issue or does 245k cover this scenario ?

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  • manderson
    09-21 03:05 PM
    Hello. I am wondering which is the main factor behind getting your GC independence from your employer - the 180 day test or AC21.

    In other words, if you stay with your 140 employer past 180 days (from 485 filing) and he withdraws (after 180 days) will it affect your 485 process?

    I know that if you change your employer after 180 days through AC21 it won't affect your 485. I was wondering does it also work if you don't use AC21 but pass the 180 day 'test'....

    Thanks is advance.


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  • desi3933
    06-24 07:51 AM
    are you sure that the dates can retrogress by july 15???

    Do you have a precedence of such thing happening???

    I suggest you ask this question to your lawyer/attorney and you may be surprised by the answer.

    People always believe in what they want to. It is so strange.

    Please check and verify details with your attorney/lawyer. This is NOT a legal advice.
    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • vikki76
    09-18 03:12 PM
    Take infopass, go with your welcome notice, get 551 stamp - it will allow you to travel until you get the physical card. Usually, 551 stamp is valid 1 year from the date of stamping.

    I know some people who have traveled using 551 stamp in the past. They had to go through secondary inspection, carried all their docs with them, but everything went fine.

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  • usirit
    07-01 12:43 PM
    Hi Indiana... :)

    If you are stuck :mad: with your PERM LC being auditted by DOL, several of us in the same situation are sending letters to them as well as promoting assistance thru Congressmen.

    Some of us have got a response :cool: from DOL already about it, so go to http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=19432 for more details and participate.


    09-10 11:58 AM
    thanks i hope everything will be ok..one last question what are my chances to have a consular processing?of course i don't want to leave the country and issue my h1b there cause im already here.thanks

    USCIS will not approve your COS because you have no status, rather they may approve a petition for consular processing. Even if USCIS approves your H1B petition for consular processing, you only have 10% probability to stamp your H1B because

    1 - you used your tourist visa to find work
    2 - you have overstayed your I-94

    03-30 10:50 AM
    People who want to contribute money will always do. You may get a few people to donate because of the "Donor" status, but most I feel want to contribute because they care.

    Please allow me to turn around that question and pose it back to you - so how do we keep and attract people to volunteer (for all the wonderful things that I mentioned in my post)?

    All I am saying is that this approach could hurt more than it may help.

    So what do you suggest as the alternate to get the needed fund...?

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