Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-18 12:15 PM
    Is there a chance of USCIS coming back and saying that they will not take applications for I485 after July 31 2007 for whatever crap reason?

    Do you think they will do that after all this noise ?

    NO WAY !

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  • desi3933
    03-24 08:50 AM
    I was told if you have valid stamping you do not need get new stamping even if you changed the employer. All you need is to give the new approval notice at the POE.

    am I missing something here.

    If one has I-797 notice without new I-94, he/she should get new H1 visa stamp.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • jonty_11
    02-19 12:32 PM
    As per may work on CIR in March 07 and hand it over to House by APril 07....House may however sit on it for years on end...

    02/18/2007: Need for Immigration Reform and Concerns with Growing Gridlock in Legislations in the Congress

    The Democrats launched a new Congress with aggressive platforms and legislative agenda on January 4, 2007. Madame Pelosi of the House set the first 100-hour legislative agenda and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid presented on the Senate floor ten legislative bills as top priority for the first few months of the Senate.
    However, immersed in the party politics, the Congress left the Hill yesterday, Saturday, for a week long break without achieving a lot because of the gridlock it had faced in the Congress. Samo, Samo Washington politics involving the Republicans and Democrats. It practically means that the Congress wll not resume the active legislative activities until March 2007.
    S. 9, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, adopted by the Senate floor, is in the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. The newly elected Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Leahy, reportedly set the CIR as one of the top agenda of the Judiciary Committee for March 2007 and the Democratic leaders reportedly determined to pass the CIR by April 2007 and quickly send it over to the House for its prompt action. How beautiful the agenda of the new Congress.
    We want to watch carefully how closely the leaders of the House and Senate will follow through the agenda. In a way, from the perspectives of this immigration legislation agenda, we are relieved that the Congress was over with the most serious road block to the Congress, to wit, rebuke of Bush's resurge in Iraq.

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  • freddawilia
    05-15 01:55 PM
    Thanks a lot for sharing the link. Really appreciate it a lot. :)


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  • kprgroup
    07-22 02:35 PM
    Thank you so much for a detailed reply.I really appreciate your time to write this. I don't have I-140 approval notice but have a copy of online 140 case status page showing it's approved.. Did use this during my MTR.

    I did renew my EAD & AP May24th and AP approved and EAD still under initial review.Hopefully I will get it soon.

    One more question.In case of H1B extension denial, has any effort on my pending 485?

    Again thanks a lot for your valuable input.


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  • new2H1&GC
    11-08 12:39 PM
    Hi all,
    This year I got my H1B approved with start date Oct 1st 2007 through a consultancy. I had also applied for GC in July (as derivative) and got my EAD October last week.

    The consultancy hasn't placed me on project so far (it's been more than a month) , and I am concerned , if this period of "no pay" will affect my GC process in anyway.:(

    The consultancy wants me to get an SSN now, because a couple of their clients want to know the SSN number before considering for projects.

    Would getting an ssn number based on the H1B effect me in anyway later case it takes longer for the consultancy to assign me a project?:confused:

    In the mean time I have been looking for jobs in my area , and if I find one before the consultancy assigns a project, I have decided to go ahead and use my EAD card.. and get SSN based on EAD.

    Could someone please please let me know if there is any effect on GC if I get an SSN on H1B...or if I use EAD to get an SSN would it invalidate my H1B?:confused:

    I would much rather be safe than sorry.

    Thank you all for ur replies...


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  • Siddharta
    03-12 08:49 PM
    Doing MBA is useless ... unless you do it from a top 20 school

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  • linuxra
    07-14 08:05 AM
    What do u mean by Company A taking my GC i did nt get u u mean AC 21 or filing a new labor etc...


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  • coopheal
    12-09 07:31 AM

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  • Ramba
    10-24 01:48 PM
    Why do you want to spent $2000 for lawyer for AC21? If you have same or similar offer letter, why cant you type a simple covering letter for your AC21?Do it yourself. US certified post cost around $2.00. Hiring lawyer for AC21 is waste of money.


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  • delhiguy
    07-02 03:42 PM
    USCIS taught me a lesson about life.

    Never go by rules. Find shortcuts.

    So you found it ..... I suggested my friend to get married to his american gf , I think that would be the legal and ideal shortcut

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  • sgorla
    01-29 06:37 PM
    You should not have any problem at the port of entry as long as you have a valid H1B visa stamp in your passport, and have a new H1B approval notice from the new employer.

    I have little different problem here, I got my approval in 7 cal days so which is good and now I have start working with new employer so all good..

    Now new employer wants me travel to Europe for some official work for 1 week and since my passport stamp is on my old employer and approval notice is new employer so do you guys think it would be an issue?

    please let me know what all document etc I should carry during re entry?
    appreicated your help.



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  • dingudi
    03-05 12:17 AM
    My luck is just not good w.r.t GC. Afte long wait my spouse finally had received her FP notice and is scheduled for her FP in couple of days. But today she accidently burnt her finger and that too right at the spot where we give the FP.

    Guys , any suggestion as to what needs to be done. Should she still try to give the FP and see if it works. She has a big blister on her finger.

    Any similar experiences , please post.

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  • redgreen
    05-10 11:40 AM
    We are expecting some surprises in the July Bulletin. Remember July 2007 fiasco. This year also there are some situations like CIR as before. What about the expected spillover? However, can we expect positive surprises?

    Let us start the prediction, analysis, etc, game for the July Bulletin.


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    07-10 10:00 AM
    I'm not from India, can I come ???


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  • singhsa3
    08-19 05:34 PM
    It takes courage to stand with fliers in your hand in the middle of a crowd, trying to hand out to people and in return get a look from them as if they are saying we are not buying whatever you are selling.

    But three of our members had courage to face that looks and ignore the humiliation of being ignored by most people. These people are Raj , Murali and Kumar.

    In spite of several people residing in tri state area , only four (including myself) volunteers showed up to distribute fliers at the India day parade. In the eyes of IV and all those who are living far enough to participate in our effort, these people are true heroes.

    Interestingly, we met couple of people at the parade who claimed to be member of IV. What does being a member of IV means? Unless you actively participate, you are not a real member.

    Anyways, the crowd at the parade was good and our team did best they could do and were able to distribute around 500 fliers. I fully agree that we could have done more and with more enthusiasm had our number were greater. But in spite of the odds, the spirits remained high.

    I thank again to Raj , Murali and Kumar for sticking together for our cause. It is the people like you who will make the change happen.

    May god bless you!




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  • ilikekilo
    09-17 04:04 PM
    u pushed it a bit too mcuh,,,but its ok,....not biggy.who knows some people might have been encouraged

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  • franklin
    01-23 03:12 PM
    That's certainly a lot better than the "spam" i got from Senator Feinstein.

    I just got some *#&$ about thanking me for supporting her blue card and AgJOBS initiatives, with not a mention on tackling retrogression issues.

    Hardly a huge surprise, but I'm writing back

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  • alparsons
    November 17th, 2004, 06:28 PM
    It's a bit of a guess without seeing the images, however when the light source i.e. a lamp, or a window is in the picture area it forces the camera to average its brightness into the exposure calculation. The result = dark pictures. I remember way back when when I was just getting started I had no Idea how dark it realy was when I started shooting indoors. Uping the sensitivity As previosly described is most likely necessary. (either that or a tripod, and neck clamps for your subjects as was done in the days of tintypes.) You might also consider bouncing a flash off of a white ceiling or wall to soften the light and avoid the harsh lighting you have learned to dislike.

    01-07 02:20 PM
    I want to apply for my OPT extension. I am currently on 12-month OPT.

    I am too close to my deadline. So guys please reply ASAP.

    I found 2 contradicting information on USCIS website.. Please help..

    USCIS - Instructions for Electronically Filing Form I-765 ( D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD)

    Who Is Eligible to e-File This Form

    Except for those categories listed above, applicants falling in the categories described in Part 2 of Form I-765 Instructions are eligible for electronic filing.

    Category 274a.12(a)

    .. Blah Blah Blah

    (18) L Spouses

    Category 274a.12(c)

    (2) Dependent of TECRO E-1 Nonimmigrant
    (3)(a) Pre-Completion Opt 12 Months
    (3)(b) Post Completion Opt 12 Months
    (3)(c) 17-Month STEM Extension

    Allright so this says WE CAN

    Now look at this link

    USCIS - Application for Employment Authorization ( D&vgnextchannel=7d316c0b4c3bf110VgnVCM1000004718190a RCRD)

    Electronic Filing:

    Please note that the option to file Form I-765 electronically for the eligibility category (c)(3)(i) has been disabled. The option to file Form I-765 electronically for the new eligibility categories (c)(3)(A), (c)(3)(B), and (c)(3)(C) is currently not available but will be available shortly. When this option becomes available, an update will be posted to this page. The option to file the Form I-765 for the eligibility codes (c)(3)(ii) and (c)(3)(iii) remains in effect.

    From above it says, WE CAN'T
    Any ideas any one ??

    Also my another question is with Form I-765
    Question 11. Date you applied for previous EAD ??

    Notice Date
    Receipt Date
    StartDate of Previous OPT
    ExpiryDate of Previos OPT
    Granted Date(How do i know that??)
    Received Date

    Thank you..

    From the above, it seems the option to file F-1 based OPT was available online at some point but for some reasons currently is disabled. So you cannot file online.

    08-07 11:51 AM
    Good job, people can laugh by this post in a busy work schedule.

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