Saturday, June 11, 2011

osama bin laden

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  • gman
    06-19 04:00 PM
    As previously stated you have to maintain H1 status for the the spouse to be on H4. If you change status to AP/EAD then your spouse will be out of status. I am in the same position as you are. My PD recently became current and my wife filed last month I-485, AP, EAD. You can change jobs but new company has to sponsor/transfer your H1.

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  • gjoe
    03-29 06:23 PM
    I would suggest having a potluck in front of capitol and also see the cherry blossom in the evening. If possible a boating ride can be squeezed in.

    This would make a statement that we are well off and out only problem is the delay in GC

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  • rockstart
    06-21 06:28 PM
    The business analyst you are mentioning is classified as systems analyst in USCIS code. In this case its prefereable to have computers or electrical degree. A civil engineering degree is little difficult to understand

    Other than a MBA or MS, what else could be a better qualification for Analysts / Business Analysts??? Why shld they question the need for Masters? I was of the opinion that for a Business Analyst type profile, MBA would be apt / required to perform the duties.... your thoughts?

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  • muthukmk
    08-03 04:25 PM
    Are u sure that we have to withdraw old EB3 case. My understanding is that u can file a fresh EB2 and use the old EB3 priority date.

    Experts please clarify


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  • doshhar
    09-24 11:37 PM
    I am a July 2nd filler and I didn't get any updates yet.

    My I-140 got approved from Texas center and my LUD is 08/05.

    What are we trying to analyze here?

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  • natrajs
    09-03 10:09 PM
    My Fall classes are starting on Sep 8th, after that I am planning to meet International Student Association people. If the event is planned on eve then I will be able to attend

    Let me know


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  • bitzbytz
    07-13 02:17 PM
    wooah...i got the problem solved.
    The problem we had was, we got the pay from jan to may but the employer gave all the pay just for pay period May instead of individual months.

    NY ways, i consulted a attorney and he suggested few things....

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  • DSLStart
    10-02 09:22 AM
    If he'll be receiving his paystubs for each pay period for next three months, he should still be in status.

    Is the employer-employee relationship going to go on for 3 months? (ie. is he going to go to office, get paid at usual intervals etc)? If so, he is fine, he is in status. If he has been laid off, has no access to teh office anymore etc, then as far as H1-B goes, the employer-employee relationship has ended and he is out of status; he should transfer teh H1 asap.


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  • bestia
    01-27 02:15 PM
    These are minor things, although annoying, but I wouldn't worry about them. I guess it's just your GC interview. The good thing is that they are processing your case. I would suggest taking your lawyer with you. When is your interview? Just curious what is the time frame. Good luck.

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-20 12:49 PM
    If you are not satisfied with ur current job/salary then you can think of moving..I would say get H1 transferred to big concerns as direct employee...then you dont needs to be worried abt being paid. Job market is good for .NEt rite now so you should get a good offer..but try to stick wtih ur current employer for atlz 180 days before you move and also make sure that ur I-140 is approved.


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  • sanju_dba
    02-28 04:56 PM
    Usually , Individual insurance will not cover pregnancy!
    with Humana, you need to buy it as an extra option ( rider) .

    check if you can save in long run with HSA accounts.

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  • mirage
    07-11 01:29 PM
    1 year from now, only EB3-Indians with PDs of 2001-2006 will hang on the IV website. Everybody else(or atleast 99%) will be gone...
    We will need help renewing our EADs and AP each year forever...and will seek answers on wague rules and regulations USCIS/DHS will keep putting in


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  • desitechie
    05-03 11:19 PM
    I have applied EAD renewal to AZ lock box. It was delivered on Mar 29. I have not got any receipt so far. Also check is not cashed.

    Now it is 30 days and I should be able to call USCIS.

    I have two questions:

    1. Mail was sent with delivery confirmation, which confirms delivery on Mar 29. What if the package is lost there? Could I applying again? How USCIS treats two applications?

    2. I have not received any receipt, except I have delivery slip from Post Office. In counting 90 days, is it taken based on receipt or based on Post Office slip?

    Thanks a lot.

    Sorry about your plight. did you use USPS express mail? Do you have the name of the person who received in the Chase lockbox?


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  • rkrit07
    07-17 05:42 PM
    Yep We Nailed Them, Hatsoff To Iv, Aila, Whoever Ar Einvobed, Including Protesotrs, And My 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000 Cheers To The Great Gandhi, Whose Way Is Still The Best Way To Achieve Anything


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  • urstruly
    07-27 12:42 AM
    485 was approved on 7/26/07. Wife's 485 was delivered by Fedex to Nebraska Service Center on 7/19/07.

    Is wife OK and does this mean her 485 is pending(even though receipt is not sent by USCIS yet) or she is going to be out of status???


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  • bang
    04-06 10:51 AM
    Sorry to hear about your dad's health.

    As per the Consulate web site, admitting to hospital is not an emergency situation. But you better check with TTS and Chennai consulate through email. If you have any proof from the hospital about your father's health condition, scan it and send it to consulate. they normally respond in 24 hours.

    If you applied for 485 and have AP, please keep it with you in case of need.


    You are eligible for a Emergency Appointment as long as you are returning to work in US (H1B), dont worry, just go you can get an emergency appointment without any documentation required.


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  • zico123
    06-22 06:32 PM
    Got this from the Chennai US consulate website.
    Can you post the link. I cannot believe US consulates will take such drastic measures.

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  • sanjeev_2004
    05-26 03:21 PM
    Previously India used to have 150,000 * 7 / 100 = 10500 visas every year. Now India will get 90,000 * 10 /100 = 9000 visas every year. Loss of visas to india because this new law will be 10500 - 9,000 = 1500.

    It will increase the waiting for PDs to be currenct by 1500 * 100 / 105,00 = 100 / 7 % = 14.3%.
    If remaining waiting of remianing qualified aplicant is 1 year then we will suffer 3 more months with our currect emploer and if it 2 years then we will suffer 6 more months with our currect employer only because of this new bill.


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  • makemygc
    08-01 09:36 AM
    The link on USCIS page sends only the user id thru email. It does not send password.

    Once you get your userid. Click on the forgot password link again and enter both your userid and email address, it will send you a link to reset your password.

    If you just enter the email address, it will only send the userid.

    Try this. I helped one of my friend yesterday to get his password reset.

    11-18 01:16 AM
    Do we need to go back and renew again after obtaining the new EAD ?

    Yep - got mine 2 months back. Docs to carry

    - Original social security card.
    - Original EAD card
    - The first lady asked me to bring the employment letter. I did not have it with me, I went home to get it and got in another line, that dude did not even look at it.
    - Passport and I-94 (They did not check this) I took it just in case
    - Cash - 25$

    You will get a 5 year license, but it will say that you are a temp visitor till your EAD expires. You will have to take your EAD in when the new EAD comes in.

    Let me know if you need further details.

    adobe howm
    09-05 12:46 PM

    It should come with in a week. It all depends on whether you filed your I-485 through attorney or not. For me they send it on 08/29/08. My attorneys informed me on 09/04/2008.

    Hope that helps

    Well - not really.

    I was issued on 20th, Aug. but neither me nor my attorney got no clue. some received it within a week but some like me - 2 weeks passed already but still waiting. hope you will get yours soon. please share here when you do so.

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