Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • wdlove
    Sep 22, 02:18 PM
    I think that the 20" iMac is very nice. Have heard many positive reviews about the iMac and this model in particular. Should handle your programs very nicely. I would recommend getting extra RAM if its affordable.

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  • MaxPower49
    Apr 8, 10:30 AM
    depends on what OS you are on now I guess.

    i just upgraded my ipod touch and also had to restore a couple of times. apparently if you restore from a backup, it causes problems with the new jailbreak... can anyone confirm that? i ended up having to set up as a new (so i lost all settings and game saves) to get some jailbroken apps to work.

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  • redeye be
    Mar 20, 02:04 PM
    nice job!
    i like it. maybe i'd go for a different design, but i like it.

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  • samywamy10
    Apr 10, 06:51 AM
    That looks pretty cool, although I'd agree I'd like to see pictures of all the angles, with the kickstand in and out etc.

    I enjoy your website btw :).


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  • Austin M.
    Apr 24, 12:26 AM
    I can assure you, at $70, the A Jays Fours are no where near "higher end".

    My default set of IEMs is the Klipsch x10i. I have yet to find anything as punchy and detailed and simultaneously comfortable. They put the A Jays Fours to shame.

    They CANNOT be compared. Two totally different IEM's. Two totally different prices.

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  • hdsalinas
    Sep 28, 05:01 PM
    I'm getting a little anxious for iWork '07. Hopefully we'll finally get a spreadsheet program.

    Yes and how about a name for it: "iCheat"


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  • adamjay
    Dec 3, 08:49 PM
    make me an offer on this...

    more PC than you need, but i'm not asking much.
    if you paypal'd me tonight, i'd probably take a good bit less than i am asking.

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  • beige matchbox
    Mar 21, 06:23 PM
    I used to buy lots of single player games way back, but these days i find the AI in the types of games i like to play to be far to predictable, gets boring very quickly :rolleyes:

    I think the only recent single player game i played through was HalfLife 2, and of course epesode1, but i mainly bought HL2 for the multiplayer mods and other content


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  • cymrulp
    Sep 20, 11:21 AM

    Just wanted to see who else uses Logic Pro or all of the Logic Studio software?

    Got a nice surprise from my wife for anniversary present, been wanting it for ages.

    Putting all my thoughts down on

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  • ShiftClick
    Apr 11, 09:20 PM
    One thing to be leery of is, yes keep your original ram and if you bring it in for Applecare, make sure to put the original ram back in laptop.

    What often happens is the person servicing your laptop will restore it to original specs. So if you machine is a 4GB machine, they might take out your 8GB trash it and put in their 4GB so it matches the computer build. I've read many stories on these forums of people losing their expensive harddrive or ram and got back stock items.


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  • Markleshark
    Mar 20, 03:28 AM
    Isn't that the mod that lets you play downloaded roms off the internet?

    Now there is something we shouldn't be talking about...

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  • biket
    Oct 21, 04:03 PM
    Hmm, the update removed src.jar so Eclipse no longer has source attachments, and strangely I am unable to restore via Time Machine. The Developer Package does not help either.


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  • boston04and07
    Aug 21, 09:49 PM
    I have picked up some pretty good deals on Ebay and almost all of them were in great shape. :)

    +1. Also, Amazon's usually pretty good, I get used CDs and DVDs there all the time and they're always great. :)

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  • halledise
    May 3, 03:27 PM
    This will have absolutely no effect on SSDs ( beyond simply wearing them out. A single pass is more than adequate.

    awesome techy article yet 2 questions:

    why would an SSD/Flash Drive wear out within the life of the machine?
    (even with heavy 'normal' use)

    if it indeed did, then what's AppleCare for?

    if you can't get 3 years out of a storage device running Mac OSX - even erasing and reinstalling the :apple: OS once a week - then something's amiss.


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  • farmerdoug
    Mar 29, 04:20 PM
    You have a loop. The "system" command is executed each time in the loop. So when you enter "Q" to exit the loop, all the commands are executed again. That's what the printf should have shown you.

    So what happens when you execute the second system () call? I don't expect it to work. I expect it to overwrite the output of the first system () command.

    I fixed how I exit the loop but overwriting was never a problem. The code that uses the file was not incorporated yet.

    Here, if you're interested is the latest (and still growing version). Thanks for your help.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {
    char *star, *path, *simbad;

    FILE *file;

    star = (char *)calloc(30, sizeof(char));
    path = (char *)calloc(250, sizeof(char));
    simbad = (char *)calloc(250, sizeof(char));

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  • edesignuk
    Dec 29, 03:33 PM

    *Spymac will be taking a Standard percentage (3%) to cover the costs of documentation and handling.
    I'm speechless. I know it's a small percentage, but I cannot believe that they are charging people to make donations via them, when there are so many other options where ALL the money will get to the people who need it.


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  • sillyrabbitt
    Apr 11, 02:31 PM
    Hi All

    Anyone able to get splashtop to work over 3g using a mac osx or windows vista. I can connect fine over wifi but i cannot get 3g to work. i opened the ports etc... i read the tutorials at splashtop 10x but i cannot get it to work :(

    i am using fios with and actiontec wireless router.

    any help is GREATLY appreciated!


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  • outz
    Apr 19, 09:24 PM
    I hope this is standard on ios5. It is pretty rediculous for the data to be there and yet the ipad doesnt use it

    if they do include that feature in ios5, i'm sure they'll require an ipad 3 to be able to use it.

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  • pulsewidth947
    Mar 20, 09:08 AM
    I've been trying to find a USB KVM switch in the UK, and i'm not having much luck. The only ones i can find are ones where the output of the keys/mouse is usb, but the Input of the unit is PS/2.

    I really want one with USB inputs, so i can use an Apple keyboard. Does anyone have any idea of where to look? I've checked ebay, dabs, ebuyer, pc world. They only seem to sell the PS/2 > USB ones..


    After G
    Sep 15, 08:20 PM
    Haven't had experience with either kb; I heard mechanical keys are better for typing. Still, if you are looking for a nice keyboard, you could try the Kensington Slimtype. It's nice, and doesn't cost a lot.

    Sorry for the short post; don't know what else I could say.

    Dec 16, 02:03 AM
    I love the face when the ibook strikes!

    Great Avatar, fits the creative / whitty attitude of the person who created it :p :D

    Oct 13, 06:19 PM
    I just like how this guy seems to know the 'info' he put in there.
    I like the last part as a fact, Apple will unveil OS X 10.7 Lion next week;

    Feb 14, 12:41 AM
    Doubt it. I have the 2.0 ghz and it works great. If you do a lot of video encoding you'll see a speed up, but for me I'd have to be doing video all day for me to want to upgrade. I'm going to wait for a machine that has light peak/usb 3 and and i7 or better ... so I'll be hanging on to this machine for quite some time to come. The .66 increase in speed is just not something I'd see with how my machine gets used. If you do lots and lots of video, upgrade ... if not save your money.

    Oct 16, 06:58 PM
    Very well done!

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