Friday, June 3, 2011

rachael leigh cook 2011

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  • iQuit
    Sep 29, 01:18 AM
    There are usually pretty descent deals on the refurb store and usually not just one, so I am sure if you wait a while longer you will still be able to get a good deal, if not there are always other online stores such as eBay. BTW how much were you looking on spending?

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 3, 10:01 PM
    The Vodafone ad above is still there. It is annoying as hell since it sits right underneath the browser tabs and to avoid it you have to move the cursor around it. Any chance of getting rid of it?
    Thanks for letting us know.

    Is it exactly the same ad as in the screenshot above, or a similar one? We may need a new screenshot, and we need to have the latest URL it links to.

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  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 7, 04:55 PM
    I was finally able to check that and your are CORRECT it wasn't that line - I found that the reason it didn't work was that I had $webmaster and $email set to the same email address and something didn't like that... case closed.

    Nice! And sorry if I came across as a jerk at any point -- wasn't my intent, honest :-)

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  • kbfr08
    Jun 6, 07:38 PM
    The larger one was my original vision. It didn't look so great @ 75x75px so I just put 10^7 instead.

    Also, I'm going to change up the colors, nothing is final.


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  • hotsnuglemonstr
    Jun 24, 07:15 AM
    Now in line.. People bumrushed a makeshift line and the police let us stay.. If u ain't here now... 0 chance. Insane

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  • tablo13
    Feb 10, 08:07 PM
    Restore and jb again could solve your problem. Mine wouldnt download cydia at all but after I restored it did fine.

    Restoring didn't do anything for him.


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  • Rodimus Prime
    May 4, 02:57 PM
    They probably would have just picked up and left after that five year reprieve. That has happened multiple times where I live - the factories come for tenish years, their tax exemption ends, and they leave. Then the massive local unemployment starts again
    not surprised in the least. I think states should put other requirements on if they leave after there tax exemption with in X number of years they are required to pay all taxes during the exemption as well basically lose tax exempt status.
    Apparently, a coalition of state retailers weighed in and convinced the legislature that not having to collect taxes would give Amazon an unfair sales advantage.

    Honestly I am glad seeing more and more states stand up to like this. SC is just another state and Amazon is going to quickly run out places to go and more or less be forced to play hard ball. If anything I believe a national law should be passed.

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  • Reflow
    May 5, 07:57 PM
    I'll just throw this out there, but to me it looks like the video resolution is set wrong.


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  • Michaelgtrusa
    May 6, 09:49 PM
    Yep! Don't rely on the Best Buy web site. I called around and they had the new iMac's in stock and on sale! Just picked mine up.

    On sale by how much?

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  • Hellhammer
    Sep 8, 01:10 PM
    how can you install snow leopard off a usb flash drive? i am currently running tiger...


    rachael leigh cook 2011. Actors/friends Johnny Alonso and Rachael Leigh Cook find time to talk on camera about Rachael#39;s upcoming film quot;Vampirequot; at the Sundance Film Festival 2011.
  • Actors/friends Johnny Alonso and Rachael Leigh Cook find time to talk on camera about Rachael#39;s upcoming film quot;Vampirequot; at the Sundance Film Festival 2011.

  • Shrek
    Oct 30, 02:15 PM
    Well, this was quite unexpected, but very :cool:! However, I don't see the iPod for sale anywhere on Dell's website ( :confused:

    rachael leigh cook 2011. Rachael Leigh Cook 18th Annual
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  • edesignuk
    Aug 16, 12:31 PM
    Or- if you watch it for long enough, it will rotate 1,000,000 times!!!1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7....


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  • TheGimp
    Mar 16, 03:47 PM
    don't even go there. :o I went out and bought Bullet Witch & SSX Blur today :rolleyes: That on top of Motorstorm PS3 arriving in the post :D :rolleyes: :D I'm not sure if I'm a gamer or addicted to shopping :D

    Depends on how you are actually spending your time, not your money. Gamers mainly game, shoppers mainly shop (or talk shop talk). Others are somewhere in between. If you are actually immersing yourself in the games once they arrive - not just imbibing on their novelty and promises of blissful abandon - then I would say you are a gamer through and through. If after reading this you're still on the fence regarding in which camp you belong, then just ask yourself the next time you have a substantial chunk of free time whether you'd rather be playing a game than reading about it and milking the purchase of vicarious enjoyment of others.

    SotN looks great. I also like the idea of a sharper hd version and the attractive border wrapped around the inset game. What would also be cool (er, not exactly, but...) would be ability to toggle between original (100% emulated) music and enhanced soundtrack with high-end DSP (easy on these new consoles).

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  • Multimedia
    Oct 9, 02:01 PM
    I knew nothing of the negotiation details. I agree with you that is bad. I also noticed that our docks are sorely lacking modern technology that would allow them to load and unload ships and load and unload trucks way faster.


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  • mthq
    May 3, 06:16 PM
    Is it windows? Open My Computer and click on the iPhone, youll find the pics in a folder. This is with the phone connected.

    I'm on the mac and I was trying DiscAid and iPhone Explorer, PhoneView and all of them are showing that iPhone is passcode locked. I know the passcode but while screen was broken she put this so many times that now it doesn't even let you put passcode it just asks for iTunes.

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  • bousozoku
    Mar 5, 02:35 AM
    Does anyone really use Illustrator CS to it's abilities to create vector artwork on the scale of photographic portraits?

    My Illustrator class instructor does and one of our assignments was to do something of that depth. I'll try to dig up the website, if you're interested.


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  • dino26
    May 3, 10:47 AM
    This sounds like such a scam.

    At first thats what i thought , though i think the OP is just trying to buy loads to sell in Israel but has realised he has got himself into a sticky situation once he realised its only 2 per customer.

    To OP have you tried calling ALL best buys in Manhattan ?

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  • 66775
    Apr 27, 10:54 AM
    by the way, I just ran a "fsck -fy" test and the msg was "The volume MacIntosh HD appears to be OK"

    Please help :(

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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 20, 10:00 AM
    So I cant do it with a DVD at all? WTH? Seems very inconvenient to need the special USB install media.

    That is the case with ALL Macs that ship with newer version of OS X, not just MBAs. The install media is included so you can use it and sometimes it's the only media you can use. Apple didn't include it so you can just throw it away.

    Nov 28, 06:02 PM
    I used the V400 for a while. We didnt get a long to well. It was fine, the battery life was fine for me. Nothing un reasonable. 3-4 days is what I got. I seemed rather slow n sluggish at times. It also scratches very easier. Then my backlight died on it. ( Just one day went out.) I went into Cingular and they gave me a new one on the spot.

    I was done with the phone though, and bought a V600 at the same time. (sold the new V400 on ebay) It much more durable IMO opinion.

    I've since bought a V3.

    All in all its a good phone. Nothing special IMO. but solid.So you would recomend the v600 over the v400 as far as battery life and quality?

    Feb 14, 06:28 PM
    Don't mean to hijack, but I wanted to see what your opinion of the current mini at a high resolution performs like (2560x1440)?

    when I went from the 2007 2.0 with the intel gpu to a 2.26 2009 with a nvidia 9400 gpu.

    i had huge eyeTv improvement in picture quality it was off the air rooftop antenna and CBS NBC ABC FOX all had better reception. Sports movies everything improved along with DVD and netflix streaming. I later upgraded to a 2.66 2009 8gb ram with a double estata hack . I use a pair of these as twin boot drives.

    Sep 12, 01:35 PM
    Googles translation of what I think you all are talking about:

    I met many people yesterday, and I listened much.

    although nothing still is official, it seems that APPLE is directed towards AMD to replace G4.
    One spoke again me of Jaguar under X86.
    In any event it seems that APPLE is directed towards a solution preventing any possibility of installing Mac OS X on a PC.

    (I don't know French :o)

    From that I get no new information, just more pondering. The last line gives me the impression that the writer does not believe that Apple is going to go toward the x86 platform for OSX.

    Anyway, did not Steve say himself that there will be faster versions of the current models next year? and that the G4 still has alot of life? His comments certainly don't point towards x86 in Apple systems, at least not for along time to come.

    I think we should let this subject die for awhile (like the Apple PDA rumors) and wait for more tangible proof and/or information concerning the x86/Marklar rumor.

    How about someone get a screenshot of "about this mac" with Athlon instead of G4 in it? Or maybe something less easily photoshopped, like a motherboard with Socket A connections and an Apple logo next to it ;).

    Lately my stomach has been making funny noises when ever 'marklar' related info is talked about... I guess I'll go to Costco and get some Pepto-Bismol so I can keep reading :D.

    Apr 28, 10:19 PM

    I myself don't add contacts through the contacts app, as I normally key in the number in the dialer then hit the "+" button to create a contact :/

    I think I found it! :D I don't have a number to test it with though lol. In your mail/contacts/calendar settings, there is a setting under Contacts called Default Account. Selectable are the default On My iPhone and my Gmail (don't sync contacts with my work account). Try switching to the exchange account and get someone to call you from a new number and try adding it.

    Apr 24, 12:28 PM
    byteSizeOfElement is wrong. Your code will only work (if all other bugs are fixed) with 64 bit code, not with 32 bit code.

    Care to explain why? :confused:

    Having little faith in the user (mainly me) to actually release the pointer, I already decided to get the value by passing a reference.

    -(void) element:(void *) element

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