Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • jbromer
    Apr 7, 12:18 AM
    Hmm, nobody likey???

    I don't care for kickstand cases in general. I like the concept, but it seems a little bulky...

    robert downey jr. wife. Robert Downey Jr and wife
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  • rozwell
    Aug 25, 03:52 PM
    <embed src="mysongname.mp3" autostart="true" hidden="true" loop="true"/>

    that might be it... browsers are lame like that and that slash could be it.

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  • canada eh
    May 4, 09:11 PM
    Thanks for the responses, i'll do a full restore tonight to see if it has any effects on the battery life, I don't want to turn off the push notifications and push email unless I have too.

    it could be that I am in a no service area for most of the day and the phone keeps trying to get the service so maybe I just need to switch it into airplane mode whenever I have no service.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 21, 08:44 AM
    I wonder if cuda would run on the 9400? graphics chip? that would help get some extra ppd. Too bad you can't change graphics boards in that monster iMac, it seems like it could use faster graphics for that large monitor.

    yeah i know. a better video card option would be nice

    I've been doing nothing but GPU folding even with a Q6600 or Core i5 750. :(

    what card do you have?

    I predict 45 mins per frame, 15k PPD.

    but wouldn't 45 min a frame take about 3.125 days to complete, plus the upload time, so about 3.15 days? wouldn't you still get a bonus for that?


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  • thecow
    Feb 12, 11:40 PM
    I have a Mx 1000 too, and as everyone else has said, it is the best mouse I have ever used. It glides effortlessly on my desk and is very accurate and smooth. At first, it sees a little big and heavy, but you get used to it because it is very comfortable. According to logitech's site, the battery lasts 21 days. I haven't timed it, but that is about how long it lasts for me. Amazon had the cheapest price when I ordered it. Check there. It is a bit expensive, but it's worth every penny.

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  • ulbador
    Feb 24, 02:12 PM
    Only three things come to mind:

    1) That you are inadvertently calling mysqli_close somewhere before a query or ping, maybe in one of your includes.

    2) You are overwriting $conn somewhere else.

    3) Some PHP bug in an older version of PHP perhaps. Are you guys running on CentOS / RHEL? If so I would suggest upgrading to 5.2 from the testing repos and see if that helps.

    I could see the close or even possibly an overwrite happening. At the same time, that is kinda what I want to be able to detect with one of the cases mentioned above.

    It's a compiled-from-source version of PHP 5.3.5.


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  • slipper
    Sep 16, 03:34 PM
    Ive have 2 Lacie Porsche drives and they both seem great. One 80gb and one 250gb. If you are only planning to use the external for backup storage then i think the porsche would be perfect cause there is no fan. but if you plan on using the external for extensive rendering and etc. then the D2 would be better.

    robert downey jr. wife. Robert Downey Jr. and wife
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  • dmw007
    Dec 16, 08:06 AM
    Well, it can survive a hard fall of about 4 feet, I know that for sure. I own a G3 iBook without wireless (I'm broke) so I always have a 100 foot ethernet cord trailing behind me. Somehow, as I was walking from one room to another, I got tangled up in it, did a funny little twirly-dance, practically threw the iBook out of my way (if I would have landed on it there would surely be no chance of survival) and fell to the ground face first (ouch). The iBook landed hard on its left side. It was powered on, as a matter of fact I was browsing this forum. The sound it made on contact was horrible to say the least. But I'll be far not a thing wrong with it! When I say it took a hard hit I mean it REALLY took a hard hit. When I picked it up off the floor I wasn't felt like my heart had stopped. The screen was black, all was quiet...for about 3 seconds. All of a sudden the screen lit up and it was right where I left it. I just had to reconnect to the internet and I was rolling again. Just wanted to share that with everyone, for I am blown away that the thing isn't dead. If a moose like me can't kill this iBook it is one hardy machine;)

    Wow, that had to be one heck of a scary moment. Glad to hear that everything appears to be fine with your iBook! :)

    If anything like that happened to my iBook...:eek:


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  • enigma2k
    Mar 23, 06:17 PM
    How likely is it that Apple is holding back the groundbreaking new features or GUI changes?
    I myself think there won't be any GUI changes from the developer version, but maybe some new features that make people go "wow".

    As I am new to the Mac I would like to know what's the experience with previous Mac OS launches. Does Apple wait for the final version with the big changes?

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  • someguy
    Jan 12, 09:38 AM
    I do have an idea which could help Apple. If they want to hear it they can email me.

    What is your opinion on Cisco and Apple's dispute?
    I'm sure they are dying to hear your plan.

    I say may the best man (company) win. To be honest, and this is just opinion, I think Cisco threw the "iPhone" out there because they knew the real iPhone was coming (as did we all) and wanted to bank on it somehow, just like I'm sure iPhone-related email addresses were swiped up recently too.

    I could be wrong, but prove it.


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  • godofguns
    Apr 27, 01:11 AM
    oh yeah. that's BONO's signature edition red iphone, like the red card at starbucks.
    it saves people from aids in africa.
    everytime you order take out on your RED iPhone it cures a little baby and buys an emo kid a pony.

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  • qevalla
    May 4, 02:36 PM
    Anyone understand my problem ???
    Should I reopen my Iphone and check if the screen stays good in his frames?
    More than 100 views and nobody can help me about this problem...:(:(:(


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  • firewood
    Apr 18, 07:27 PM
    use a lightly damp paper towel. then wipe it with a dry paper towel. thats all you need.

    A paper towel can scratch the display. Use a micro-fiber or soft cotton cloth instead.

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  • v2club
    Apr 28, 07:18 PM
    Is there an app that auto-completes the words when you are typing? Something like pressing the ESC button on Pages, but that works automatically?


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  • Cloysterpeteuk
    Mar 4, 05:12 PM
    It is very easy to jb 4.2.1 now. The improvements to the OS certainly make it worthwhile as does the ability to run all the latest apps. Virtual memory hack is no longer required.

    Is it?, is there a really easy to use tool for a proper (untethered) jailbreak?. I've not looked upgrading from 3.2 as I'm not interested in any of the new features, but I keep seeing games I can't buy because I don't have a new ios.

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  • MobiusCreative
    Apr 13, 12:48 PM
    I have an iPad v.1 running iOS 4.2 that won't update to iOS 4.3. Says "Your iPad software is up to date". I've got the latest iTunes (10.2.1) and I've even updated my wife's iPad just fine. Thoughts? The Googles hasn't helped.

    On top of that the 4.3 IPSW is gone from the wife's install so I can't restore to that.


    robert downey jr. wife. Robert Downey Jr amp; wife Susan
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  • bella92108
    Mar 28, 12:11 PM
    Get the latest version of TinyUmbrella. It needs to be updated each time a new firmware is released.

    One would think he'd get the idea when it pops up and says "New Version Available, Please UPDATE NOW" whenever it loads. LOL, but alas, never OVERestimate people, hehe

    robert downey jr. wife. Robert Downey Jr amp; wife Susan
  • Robert Downey Jr amp; wife Susan

  • cube
    Apr 27, 05:55 PM
    FW400 doesn't carry any power so no it's not going to work.

    Of course it does. That's why the ports can blow so that the FW800 connector was improved.

    I am not using one of those awful mini FW ports.

    robert downey jr. wife. Robert Downey Jr amp; wife Susan
  • Robert Downey Jr amp; wife Susan

  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 21, 09:00 PM
    Some fringe Mormon groups believe in blood atonement. So they'd be able to get away with murder.

    Nov 30, 01:38 PM (

    Adobe today announced ( that its popular Mobile iPhone application [App Store (, Free] is now available in all countries with an App Store.After spending three weeks as the "Top Free" app in the iTunes Store following its release in the US & Canada, we are glad to be able to offer Mobile to our global community, and we thank everyone for their patience as we worked to make this app available Mobile was released ( in early October in the U.S. and Canada, and reached one million downloads ( in only ten days. The application offers tools to allow users to edit photos on their iPhone or iPod touch and integrates with the company's ( online hosting and editing service.

    Article Link: ' Mobile' Now Available Outside U.S. & Canada (

    Dec 7, 03:11 PM
    Can I ask what's up with the hard drive?

    Mar 8, 10:27 PM

    Apr 25, 05:19 PM
    Everytime I upgrade to a new version of LR I try Aperture, I tend to find it struggles badly on my Mac Mini - Lightroom doesn't set the world on fire in terms of performance - but it works.

    For me LR is a more polished application, I have no issues with the interface (used it from Beta version) or the need to switch from Library to Develop modules.

    Oct 29, 05:47 AM
    Pretty sure they cannot play MP3 CDs. I don't even think the MP3 CD format existed when the PS2 came out (MP3 files existed, but no one had yet thought of making a CD player capable of playing them directly).

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