Wednesday, June 1, 2011

roger clemens trial

roger clemens trial. The Roger Clemens arraignment
  • The Roger Clemens arraignment

  • nutmac
    Dec 6, 12:46 PM
    I dont think Apple will slap it into Powerbook, it just seems 2 big for it (phisical size). Remember, PBs are 1 inch think and are getting 20-40 % smaller with Intel!

    Is it really that big? It measures about 1.8" by 1.8", and the package includes both GPU and 128 MB RAM. I forget how big 9700 was, but X1600 should be smaller.

    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens tells ESPN radio
  • Roger Clemens tells ESPN radio

  • dukebound85
    Feb 20, 06:45 PM
    You are the one who is clueless. LOC has ruled it LEGAL. It wasn't their opinion.

    And who will Apple sue, or intimidate, as an equally clueless person posted? Answer that question oh wise one. :rolleyes:

    Donated $100. PT Barnum was right.

    But geohot is using sony code to exploit their hardware which is a violation of copyright according to the DMCA. Quite another beast to deal with and completely separate from what the LOC says...

    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens Trial Delayed Until July -
  • Roger Clemens Trial Delayed Until July -

  • cb911
    Oct 4, 11:50 PM
    heh. lack of user support? more like too much support from the warez community... ;)

    if you dont' know what really happened to it, dig up the whole story, very interesting, amusing and scary all at the same time. :eek: :D

    roger clemens trial. roger clemens rookie.
  • roger clemens rookie.

  • sidgriffey
    Mar 16, 12:37 PM
    OK, so to recap:

    I can leave my SSD as is (that is, I can continue to choose to boot from that and have it run Snow Leopard).

    I can installed Lion on the Hard Disk and choose to boot from that if I want.

    Question: If my home folder is stored on the Hard Disk for when I run Snow Leopard with the SSD, how do I prevent home folder complications when I install Lion on the Hard Disk? Don't want it to mess up the snow leopard experience.


    roger clemens trial. sketch Roger+clemens
  • sketch Roger+clemens

  • deanwaterman
    Nov 30, 10:00 PM
    Umm. I think a new iPod Shuffle goes for 129. I don't know if many people will want to pay $9 less for a used one. Hey but I don't have one! Don't listen to me.

    EDIT: Oh shippings free. GREAT DEAL!

    It has never been plugged into the computer so it is brand new. I opened the box, and decided against it, I got a 512mb and decided not to keep this one.

    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens
  • Roger Clemens

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Mar 3, 07:16 AM
    Yes, bring this thread back to life!

    I looked thru that apple listing of keystrokes, but I couldn't find one to restore windows (or I overlooked it). That is, if a window of an app is minimized onto the dock and you select the app by apple+tab, is there a keystroke to restore the window so I don't have to use the mouse to find it on the dock and click on it?

    Don't think so, but try hiding the apps/windows using cmd-H instead of minimizing them to the dock. Then they are gone from view and reappear when you choose that application again (e.g. using cmd-TAB/shift-cmd-TAB to navigate all open apps), even Finder... (Only problem is that this only works for all the windows of a given program.)


    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens claimed—and
  • Roger Clemens claimed—and

  • TrulyYuki
    Apr 6, 02:20 PM
    I would buy one. if it was a reasonable price. (

    roger clemens trial. talks about Roger Clemens#39;
  • talks about Roger Clemens#39;

  • Mord
    Jan 10, 09:14 AM
    There's no reason why it shouldn't work with 2tb drives.


    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens Pictures roger
  • Roger Clemens Pictures roger

  • nyzwerewolf
    Apr 21, 07:52 PM
    Ok, here is the issue. I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.4 Core 2 Duo (late 2007 model) with 6GB of RAM (DDR2 667). I don't know how to explain this because I am so pissed! Ok so let me try. Take a look at this screenshot. (

    It says Used 5.97GB and Inactive 2.07GB. WTF? why cant it release that 2.07GB? I cant open other apps because there is only 28.6MB of memory FREE.. I know the Inactive Memory is there so it helps the frequently opened apps to start faster.. but what if I want to open apps that I don't frequently open?

    WTF do I do? Is there something screwed up in my OS or is this how OS X manage memory?:mad:

    Sorry for expressing my frustration..

    roger clemens trial. to the Roger Clemens not
  • to the Roger Clemens not

  • TheReef
    Sep 10, 06:57 AM
    So...Labor is in, can I have my broadband...please?


    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens ensures
  • Roger Clemens ensures

  • robla64
    May 2, 09:50 PM
    I have acquired an iMac g4 700 with only a cd drive. I would like to install Tiger via a retail DVD. Can I place the DVD in another machine and install via FireWire?
    Thx rob

    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens#39; day in
  • Roger Clemens#39; day in

  • iMacC2D
    Apr 19, 09:27 AM
    The fact that the artifacts have appeared in the screenshot is a good indication that the LCD is not at fault. It's most certainly a defective GPU. Not much that can be done with it now, ignoring the fact that logic boards are expensive, i'd doubt that Apple would even stock parts for them anymore.


    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens is sworn in on
  • Roger Clemens is sworn in on

  • arn
    Sep 8, 08:02 PM
    I don't think anyone actually thought TiBooks/iBooks would be updated at Paris...

    the only hints have been low powerbook supply reports (which are nonspecific), and a competely BS report about dual G5's via reader email at MacBidouille.


    roger clemens trial. roger-clemens-staring.jpg
  • roger-clemens-staring.jpg

  • RedburnIV
    May 5, 11:57 PM
    Battery life improved for me :)


    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens has again
  • Roger Clemens has again

  • vistadude
    Feb 12, 01:49 AM
    Everyone else going to bed is happy because they're laughing at you.

    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens Stats Images
  • Roger Clemens Stats Images

  • mgartner0622
    Apr 8, 07:57 PM
    Most likely, the buyer will send you back a Core 2 Duo machine and keep your i5. Did you jot down the serial number with pictures before you sent the computer to him/her?

    Yes, I did. But I listed the item as "as-is" with no returns. Is there any way the buyer can get around this?


    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens#39; “defamation
  • Roger Clemens#39; “defamation

  • PlaceofDis
    Mar 1, 05:05 PM
    Congress appears to disagree with the President

    and congress is wrong.

    roger clemens trial. Roger Clemens told Yankees
  • Roger Clemens told Yankees

  • Surely
    Apr 12, 11:24 PM
    I use my iPhone way more than my iPad.

    roger clemens trial. Baseball star Roger Clemens
  • Baseball star Roger Clemens

  • mtbdudex
    May 1, 04:52 PM
    I've been watching eBay and other forums for a couple of years waiting for the right time to unload my banners. I worked at CompUSA during the 2004 remodel of the "Apple Shop" and when we took down the huge 4 foot x 15 foot ones that hung from the ceiling and put up the ugly plastic ones I took 2 of the 3 that we had. I have Amelia and Jim Hensen. I saw someone on worthpoint auctions asking $25,000 for one about 6 months ago. I can't find anyone to tell how much they could be worth. I'm one of the watchers on your eBay auction right now by the way, just curious to see if anyone bites at your $1200 price tag.

    Good thing CompUSA is outta business, I'm no legal expert, just not sure you are the "owner" of those.

    Apr 23, 02:23 PM
    So does anyone else think apples next bluetooth keyboard should have backlit keys? and possibly black coloured keys, like macbook pro's etc, instead of white.

    Is this possible?

    What are your opinions - lets discuss.

    Oct 25, 07:41 AM
    Hi everyone!

    Fellow Australian here... I will hopefully be at the Ginza store as soon as possible after work. Hopefully the trains aren't too packed.

    Can't wait!

    Oct 24, 09:27 AM
    I encountered those bad things. I did have it working under Vista Ultimate 64-bit last year though. I can't seem to get it to work again.

    oh wow. i'm sorry to hear that. yeah i think i've actually got it to work a couple months ago, but it didn't work all that great

    Mar 27, 08:45 PM
    2 Questions:

    May 7, 12:03 AM
    i think you'll miss the hi-res ag screen.

    i'm also getting an imac, just haven't decided on the 27" i7 3.4 or jusr the base 27

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