Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • gkarris
    Apr 2, 08:09 PM
    Not limited edition according to Engadget and Joystiq. Worry not.

    The version but what about the Black color - is that permanent?

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  • Xgm541
    May 4, 07:19 PM
    Oh okay I'm nowhere near that.

    Thank you!!

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  • gansan
    Mar 11, 08:39 PM
    Just as a launch day update, I was literally the last person in line at 4:45pm or so. Security rejected all others behind me. About 30 minutes ago, a little after 6:00pm, they came to the back and told us all models were going to run out for us for today, so the whole back of the line dissolved. :(

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  • Benjy91
    Apr 3, 02:58 PM

    A promotional video for Microsoft’s Forza 4 game leaked to the Internet on Friday.

    WinRumors held back from posting the video until Microsoft representatives were able to confirm the video was genuine and not an elaborate April Fools. Microsoft has confirmed the authenticity of the video and has claimed it was never meant for public distribution.

    The video in question was not intended for public distribution and may not accurately reflect features and functionality that ship in Forza Motorsport 4. We will have more to share on Forza Motorsport 4 in the near future.

    The video shows off some of the promised Kinect features for Forza 4. “Stand up and use your hands to open the doors, retract the roof, fire up the engine,” says the narrator of the video. The game will feature 80 car manufacturers, a figure that has never been seen before in a racing game. “Kinect powered head tracking allows you to look into the corners while you race,” says the narrator. IGN also notes that Top Gear’s own test track might make its way to Forza 4.

    The video shows that the Kinect integration will mainly be for the less hardcore gamers. Microsoft’s promise to share more information on Forza 4 “in the near future” will keep the masses hoping for further Kinect integration.

    Forza Motorsport 4 Developer Video (


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  • alust2013
    May 4, 01:20 PM
    How much do you think the Lion update would cost?

    My guess is around $100, so it may be worth waiting for a little while. At this point, I personally won't be upgrading for a while, as I'm not a huge fan of what I have seen so far out of Lion.

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  • RawBert
    Aug 3, 10:25 AM
    It's Y2K all over again. :)

    I hope the extent of damage is minimal. Just think if a few key satellites are damaged. Some won't have a cell phone for a while. Maybe go without TV. ...The horror.
    As far as more serious concerns, I'm sure the military has contingency defenses in case the system comes crashing down. :eek:

    It's gonna be interesting to see.


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  • brad.c
    Jan 14, 08:48 AM
    I don't know what I'll do--wait for the video stream, or watch the text feed feed. I do miss the days of the live stream, when you were forced to let the suspense mount in real-time. But trying to recreate that suspense during the dry iTunes-market-share-pie-chart extravaganza just may force me to hit the FF button. And muck it up somehow.

    Besides, it's not the same when it's live, and you know you are finding out at the same time as everybody else.

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  • job
    Oct 23, 05:52 PM
    Originally posted by idkew
    i don't feel near as close to the "crew" as it seems that eye an v and jello... are.

    you're not missing much... ;)


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  • onlnagent
    May 3, 07:11 PM
    I have used Crucial in all my MacBook Pros and have never had a problem. If cost is a issue OWC usually has great deals on their ram and seems to have a great warranty to back it up and will let you trade in old ram to knock the price down even further.

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  • Tiptizzle
    May 5, 11:49 AM
    I'd love to see an end to this question. With every new firmware release this question is posted. Can I still restore to the previous firmware since a new firmware came out today?

    Well, why don't YOU try it and find out the answer to that question?

    The worst that will happen is you will be denied the restore to that firmware if you don't have an SHSH on file for it already.

    This isn't rocket science. The slightest bit of research would turn up this information.

    Maybe they are not at a computer where they can try?


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  • queve
    Apr 9, 11:18 AM
    Hello, I would appreciate your help in order to save me from infinite pain:

    So, my girlfriend's iPod has decided to ruin my life by deleting (hopefully hiding) all of her many (many) photos saved in her iPod. Naturally, she has gone all crazy and evil on me.

    I was the last to use it, so, naturally, she's blaming me. However, I honestly have no idea what has happened. This is the case:

    1) Apparently she had many (many) pictures/photos saved in her iPod.

    2) I used the iPod a few days ago to add/save some new songs. THAT'S ALL I DID.

    3) She went through her iPod yesterday and realized that the pictures were gone. On top of that, they were replaced randomly by some pictures taken from Photo Booth and 3 others saved in our MacBookPro.

    4) She exploded. To make matters worse, all of the "new" pictures that are suddenly there replacing the old ones feature my face and a few things that are mine. She originally thought I added them there myself because they are mostly pictures of me.

    5) Today, while trying to fix this problem, I discovered that these "new" albums/pictures of mine that replaced the other ones in her iPod have been there since 2009 (on Iphoto, I mean)! All this pics can only be viewed through iPhoto. I've tried to "open" the iPod in every way in order to search for any hidden photos or material that could still be there.

    The random albums (that I have no idea how they got there in the first place) date: 1) October 2009 2) February 2010 3) August 2010 and 4) March 28, 2011.

    Why has this happened? How can we fix this?

    1) She says she didn't delete or move her pictures at all.
    2) I haven't that done either. I only copied a music cd in the ipod.
    3) Why are those random pictures all of the sudden saved in the iPhoto AND directly in her iPod? Neither of us did that. The pictures have been saved there since forever (2009). But, what does that have to do with disappearing/deleting many (many) pictures in the iPod?

    Please help me. Is there any way to get them back? I've tried to search the ipod for pics, but, all it says is that there are 26 available photos which are the random ones that replaced all the many (many) others she had.


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  • Cole JM
    Mar 18, 09:54 PM
    Oh Then I'll be able to apply in a few months

    Ill be applying in august, and spending alot of time there.


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  • AWallen90
    May 2, 12:38 PM
    I would definitely be in for the pro model.

    I am a little confused why that source posted those pictures then said in their article the next iphone would only be a slight redesign.

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  • jiminaus
    Mar 29, 05:38 PM
    Perhaps check the return value of your system calls?

    int system(const char *command);

    The system() function returns the exit status of the shell as returned by waitpid(2), or -1 if an error occurred when invoking fork(2) or waitpid(2). A return value of 127 means the execution of the shell failed.


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  • JM8814
    Apr 28, 03:25 PM
    its a 3GS.. damn that sucks, ok. the only reason is because my cousin just updated to 4.2 firmware and he said he cant jailbreak his phone at all. he's tried greenpoison, limerain, he said nothing seems to work so if i update im worried i wont be able to jailbreak my phone anymore

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  • Lucky8
    Sep 18, 10:23 PM
    Apple retail stores do not take returns on online ordered items.
    They have to be sent back at your cost unless if it's defective or damaged during shipment.
    It takes about 2-3 weeks after they receive the items for the credit to show up in your account.
    Oh, and 20% restocking fees for all open boxes within 30 days of purchased.


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  • Flowbee
    Jul 9, 05:44 PM
    There's about a 1% chance that a deal like that is legit. Don't risk it. A 'good deal' on current Mac gear means saving a couple hundred dollars AT MOST. Look at other Mac auctions. Sellers are getting nearly full retail price for newer Macs in good condition. Ask yourself, why would someone sell their setup for nearly $3000 less than it's worth? Don't get greedy. If you want to save some $$ on a mac, check out refurbished products from the Apple store or

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  • Tattoo
    Jul 10, 03:41 PM
    My buddy Jimmy and I will be there! Start camping out around 10PM!!!:D

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  • s2dio
    Apr 23, 01:26 PM
    Hello everybody.

    I have a question about putting the bottom case (plate) back.

    Is there a special (or recommended) order to put the screws in to ensure that the bottom case is properly aligned? To avoid wobbling, creaking etc.

    Maybe there is some kind of a "service manual" for the Air 2010? (there used to be one for the original Air).

    May 5, 05:48 AM
    Turbo Boost effectively lets a processor speed up when it's not using all of its cores by 'shutting off' the cores that aren't in use. Off the top of my head the i5 3.1Ghz can Turbo Boost to 3.4Ghz while the i7 3.4Ghz can run to 3.8Ghz. The real world difference is relatively small but can be worth a couple of frames a second in a game or a few seconds off a benchmark.

    Incorrect. Turbo boost is "dynamic overclocking". Depending on the current number of cores being used and if additional processing power is required, the CPU will slowly increase the clock rate for the currently active cores. It'll do this incrementally until the thermal operating limit of the processor is reached.

    Jan 4, 12:54 AM
    I perused it a bit, and the screen shots did throw me in for a bit of a loop. I wasn't sure what to look out for. Perhaps Spotlight-like dimming only the relevant information and the removal of extraneous items like signatures, could help make it easier for someone to digest.

    The screen shots could be saved as .GIFs instead of JPEGs for more space savings. What's the Wiki etiquette on other users updating an original Guider's screenshots?

    I'm a newb at this, but something like this might be helpful. (#2.)

    Thank you for your feedback. :)

    I will start working on the images, and provide smaller (more to the point) screen shots for the guide.

    I would think part of the etiquette would be to provide some (any) feedback in regards to why the guide was moved, or labeled as ugly. There has to be a reason, otherwise why move it?

    May 3, 08:48 PM
    yeah man you made a mistake and way overpaid for that phone. Only safe thing is to have your friend help. Hopefully she doesn't get attacked.

    Apr 13, 11:34 AM
    ok, im starting saving up. :)
    also you can connect apple display with mini displayport to thunderbolt. what the diference it would be if a display has thunderbolt? bigger resolution because of higher speed?
    and what would daisy-chaining give me?

    The difference would be just one or two less cables. Hopefully two.

    Doctor Q
    Nov 3, 03:28 AM
    We've spotted one glitch from the start: the main album page doesn't display the right images and the links to albums don't work.

    Until we track down the problem and fix it, you can click on the user name for an album and view their photos by clicking an album shown on their personal profile page.

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