Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • a_yaja
    06-07 03:54 PM
    Heard on CNN ...

    Looks like the Vote to Limit the number of Debates (On Amendments) on CIR has failed.
    The reporter stated that If the bill fails it will fail by Sundown today
    before the eggs hatch
    We need to wait for sundown. Looks like some backroom manuvering is going on.

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  • rsrikant
    08-24 03:45 PM
    saw this in murthy...
    looks like the no. of applications are less compared to initial projections. the 300,000 include june, july, aug filers including spouses, kids. also seems the number includes 140 applications, ead, ap.. can't believe if it can be that less including all the above mentioned....

    USCIS Filings Surge in July / August 2007
    The CIS Ombudsman shared with teleconference participants his estimate of the number of filings made prior to the August 17th deadline for the submission of I-485s (Applications for Adjustment of Status), under the July 2007 Visa Bulletin. According to his estimation, this number may be close to 200,000 filings. Recent reports in the news media placed the number at about 300,000 filings, due to the priority dates becoming current for most employment-based applicants. It is assumed that this number includes the I-485 filings made by applicants whose priority dates became current in June and July 2007, as well as those of spouses and minor children. It is also assumed that the EAD and Advance Parole (AP) filings are being included in this number, as well as the many I-140s that were filed as part of concurrent I-140/I-485 filings during this period. There may have been a surge in filings unrelated to the June and July Visa Bulletins, as well, which were filed to avoid the substantially increased filing fees that went into effect on July 30, 2007.

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  • suwarnapatel
    07-28 05:47 PM
    Thanks Elaine, I may have misrepresented myself all I wanted to ask is:

    1. If I apply for a second one, will they cancel my previous one?

    2. Will it affect any future chance? And you did say, no to that. Thank you for your response.


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  • dvvb
    03-01 02:59 PM
    Hi Sathishav, Thanks for the response.

    Nope, Co. A filed for my I-140 while I was working for Co. B. and is subsequently approved. Filed for I-485 with Co.A in June/2008 while working with Co. B. Used EAD to move to Co. C.

    to summarize,

    Co. A's GC filed as future employee.
    Joined Co. C on EAD.
    Now Co. A is out of buisiness.
    Does AC21 portability applies ?


    If i understood your post correctly, you have ported of an unapproved I140. I do understand this is for a "future job", but still you have used AC21.

    I agree with your attorney to file, because, if you had worked for Company A and moved AFTER I140 approved and I485 pending for 180 days, you don't have to worry about their status. Since you have not yet worked for them, it safe severe your ties by filing AC21.

    Question 1. How should service centers or district offices process unapproved I-140 petitions that were concurrently filed with I-485 applications that have been pending 180 days in relation to the I-140 portability provisions under �106(c) of AC21?

    Answer: If it is discovered that a beneficiary has ported off of an unapproved I-140 and I-
    485 that has been pending for 180 days or more, the following procedures should
    be applied:
    A. Review the pending I-140 petition to determine if the preponderance of the evidence establishes that the case is approvable or would have been approvable had it been adjudicated within 180 days. If the petition is approvable but for an ability to pay issue or any other issue relating to a time after the filing of the petition, approve the petition on
    it�s merits. Then adjudicate the adjustment of status application to determine if the new position is the same or similar occupational classification for I-140 portability purposes.
    B. If additional evidence is necessary to resolve a material post-filing
    issue such as ability to pay, an RFE can be sent to try to resolve the
    issue. When a response is received, and if the petition is approvable,
    follow the procedures in part A above.


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  • mwin
    12-05 04:03 PM
    One of my friends with his April, 2004, EB3 PD got his 485 approved.
    No wonder they usedup 30% of Visas.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 12:50 PM
    I don't think a 1 year ead or 2 year ead is really affecting 485 applications.

    USCIS will approve 2 yrs EAD only if the dates are not current and visa is not available for that particular case. in my case my pd is always current and visa is available.


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  • chapsi29
    09-15 10:51 AM

    My wife got her H1B approved last year and her start date was 10/01/07. She started working towards the end of Nov. She did not get any paychecks for 2007 before Dec 31st and started getting paid only in 2008. So she did not receive a W2 for 2007. I am about to file my tax for 2007 (had filed an extension) and would like to know the following.

    1: I assume this should not impact me from filing a joint return. Am I right ?

    2: Would I qualify for the stimulus check for $1200 since both of us were employed in 2007 ? Since she did not get a W2, I was not sure if I would get only $600.

    3: Both of us have filed for I-485 and our applications are pending approval. Would there be any problem with her I-485 in the future (like any query) since in 2007, her status was converted to H1B (from H4) and she did not get a W2 ? I am being told USCIS does a complete background check on the applicant with respect to each status he/she has had.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • pappu
    03-17 12:26 AM
    My company informed me today that, when spouse is added to the insurence, the insurence will start from day 1 of next month. My wife will be comming in the middle of month. How to cover this gap with insurence...?? Any suggestions...????

    Please correct your profile. The dates are incorrect. Thanks.


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  • mrsr
    08-03 09:42 PM
    Today nebraska issued total 4234 cases which includes all kinds of applications.
    last Lin numuber is lin0722554234


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  • gcwait2007
    12-21 08:51 PM
    Thanks, Bestin.

    I have another question. If my I-140 is approved in next few days, how the status will change?

    Thanks in advance


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  • kokil
    05-17 09:26 AM
    I have my H1 B extension approved for 1 year after 6 years time frame, based on approved I140. Now there is another start up company is giving me full time job. So they will ask for at least 3 years of extension. What are the chances that I will get 3 years extension based on existing I140?


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  • pa_arora
    12-03 05:45 PM
    Don't get excited too soon :)

    I saw the following message when I logged into the USCIS case tracking system.

    * Note on "Last Updated" date:
    Your case may have a new "Last Updated" date and you may receive an Email Notification of your case being updated, without the status of the case changing. This is due to internal USCIS processing being performed on your Case. This will be reflected in the "Last Updated" date, but may not result in a different status message.
    lol...where do u see excitement in my post? i know its atleast a year for me to see some green.


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  • bkarnik
    01-05 06:22 PM
    That is one option but given that I am not on H1 and nor with the same employer - it may not be the way to go. This is something I am going to look into and have an attorney weigh in on. Thanks!

    Since her H4 is tied to your being in status and not to which employer you are working for (she is your dependent) I would say she can safely travel on H4. I would recommend that she carry photocopies or originals of your 485 receipts, a photocopy of your passport with I94 (showing you are in the US) and a copy of your EAD card to show your status. I have never heard of dependents getting denied entry as long as they have a valid visa and can show that their spouse is in status. A change of status within the US is not considered as an impediment to your dependents who may travel on a dependent visa category that was last issued to the principal applicant.

    My 50 cents (2 cents with inflation added in) Do let us know how this thing ultimately resolves.

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  • pkjena
    10-17 07:44 PM
    I am one of the July 2 filers. I need to go to India on 1st November. I was hoping that AP will come by that time. But there has been no progress on that. Just spoke to my Attorney. She said that USCIS does not have any facility to issue AP for an emergency.
    Then I called USCIS. I was told the same thing. The Customer Service representative said - I should go wherever I need to go. On arrival contact the local US Embassy and tell them that you need AP to travel back. They will "guide you".
    On this forum I have read about INFOPASS many times. I was hoping to use that facility if I did not get AP in time. I am trying to find out if anybody actually used INFOPASS to meet a local Immigration Officer and got AP on an emergency basis.
    No theoretical guesses please.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 04:58 PM
    Aug bulletin:


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  • smartboy75
    08-14 02:48 PM
    Another bizzare behaviour with Renewal of Efile EAD....

    My 2 cents is just send them what they need....they have specifically asked us not to send photos when e-filling and now they raise an RFE coz u did not send photos...

    God come down to earth and save us from this atrocity....


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  • kadarm
    04-05 10:03 AM
    I got my FHA loan using EAD, no issues.

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  • logiclife
    03-09 12:39 AM
    Thanks to first few members who have volunteered to help with membership drive.

    Getting more and more people on board with immigration voice goes hand in hand with fund raising we need to broaden our base to have more voices and more dollars.

    IF you lose sleep over retrogression or backlogs, email me at so that I can reply back to you with a pdf file that will enable you to help us better.


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  • airbusfan
    05-19 09:14 AM
    Pappu -- Is there anything i need to do besides sending the e-mail. I've sent the e-mail twice and its been a week since the contribution has made. I am by no means waiting desperately waiting to get access to donor forums but i am curious. Please let me know what i am missing. If the team is busy, may be IV should think about looking for more volunteers.

    I also have access issue, but just since yesterday. Again like Rahul, I'm by no means desperate to have access to the forums, but would be nice. Please let us know if there is an issue that we can help out with in this regards!

    02-17 04:30 PM
    Really speaking I care more for the dates to get current so I can add my wife to my GC application and get her an EAD and AP. After that I won't mind if I have to wait for some more time before I get the actual GC in hand

    09-06 09:42 AM
    3. Internal memo in USCIS not made public about holding visas for EB3 India etc.

    Can you explain what do you mean by holding visa for EB3 India?
    Thanks -

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