Thursday, June 2, 2011

tom cruise and katie holmes

tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • blevins321
    Apr 3, 12:13 AM
    What will happen if you lose your car and house keys?

    He'll call 911 ;)

    tom cruise and katie holmes. TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • pcinfoman
    Apr 29, 05:52 PM
    Has anybody seen this problem before?

    Has anybody got a solution?

    tom cruise and katie holmes. tom-cruise-and-katie-holmes.
  • tom-cruise-and-katie-holmes.

  • Shebasher
    Oct 22, 04:16 PM
    I am interested in buying a new multifunction printer/scanner. I've seen a couple of posts talking about printers alone, but not together. The salesman at Best Buy was trying to get me to buy a EPSON Stylus Photo RX600. Has anyone bought and/or used this before?

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Katie Holmes Tells Tom Cruise
  • Katie Holmes Tells Tom Cruise

  • ATD
    Oct 20, 11:27 AM
    Stunning... no other word for it. But is it the right typeface?

    Good catch. I had a Homer Simpson moment shortly after I posted. I was hoping I could just quietly replace the image but the mods want me to start a new thread.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. :)

    Edit, new thread started


    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • pagansoul
    Oct 5, 11:31 AM
    I want the wood ones. What are they?

    You will find them here.

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

  • jusacruiser
    Apr 26, 03:58 PM
    I don't understand what the "Preview" app does. What is it good for? :confused:


    tom cruise and katie holmes. People ExclusiveTom amp; Katie#39;s
  • People ExclusiveTom amp; Katie#39;s

  • cosmos
    Apr 28, 03:17 AM
    I would say that it is a toss up at this point whether the new Mini will get either the HD 2000 or HD 3000 graphics. I would hope for the better, but Apple has upgraded CPUs and opted for less powerful GPUs in the past.

    I guess that it depends on the price point that they can get. At this point in time, it really is anyones guess outside of the citadel of Cuppertino. If I were in the market for a Mini this would be a hard choice as the current 320Ms are very good for their class of GPU.

    tom cruise and katie holmes. I#39;m loving Katie#39;s look: she#39;s
  • I#39;m loving Katie#39;s look: she#39;s

  • Nishi100
    May 4, 01:30 PM
    just chatted with a representative:

    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Hi Robert Kaplarczuk,
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Thank you for contacting Monoprice Tech Support.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): My name is Lacey H.. Give me a moment while I review your question.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): How are you doing today Robert Kaplarczuk?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: very good I'm going to be purchasing the new iMacs and had a question about the HDMI converter
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Alright, how can I help you with that?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: it says that it goes in the mini display port which the new iMacs have
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    Robert Kaplarczuk: however at the botom of the page it also says thunderbolt compatible which the iMacs also have
    Robert Kaplarczuk: how is it t
    Robert Kaplarczuk: hunderbolt compatible
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): it it FULLY thunderbolt compatible
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so it can be connected to the thunderbolt port as well?
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, the thunderbolt port is a mini displayport, basically an upgraded mini displayport port
    Robert Kaplarczuk: ok thank you\
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so basically any mini display port wire ordevice can be used in a thunderbolt
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, thunderbolt is fully backwards compatible, however that does not mean it will give your devices thunderbolt compatibility if they have the previous displayport version.
    Robert Kaplarczuk: thank you

    Question guys:

    What she mean by previous display port version? Does her explanation mean that certain devices do not have to have Thunderbolt ports only mini display ports to plug ihnto the thunderbolt port?

    I think she's saying that objects with mini-display ports won't suddenly change into a thunderbolt port, when you connect it to an iMac. They'll still only be able to carry video.


    tom cruise and katie holmes. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise
  • Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

  • floyde
    Sep 23, 01:41 PM
    So your assertation is that since nature takes a long time to make changes on it's own, any changes we make much faster will be OK. That makes sense, insomuch as now i know that the anti-global-warming people just aren't applying any logic anymore.

    My thoughts exaclty.
    Sdashiki, when people talk about global warming, they usually don't refer to the phenomenon per se (which is a natural process that changes climate slowly over thousands of years), but to the part of it that is caused by human activities (which is a rapid change of climate due to the emission of greenhouse gases).

    from a scientific (NOT environmentalist) point of view cant be proven
    Well that's interesting, but "actual" scientists mostly agree that it is real (

    The scientific opinion on climate change, as expressed by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and explicitly endorsed by the national science academies of the G8 nations, is that the average global temperature has risen 0.6 � 0.2 �C since the late 19th century, and that "most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities",

    Anyway, what can't be easily proven is that these hurricanes are related to global warming, not that global warming is taking place.

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • ljg93
    Apr 15, 10:57 PM
    hey everyone i submitted my first app 5 days ago, I was wondering how long it takes to get accepted, ive been stuck in "waiting for review" . Im just looking for some other peoples actual experiences.

    also do they accept apps on weekends?


    tom cruise and katie holmes. Katie Holmes won#39;t be walking
  • Katie Holmes won#39;t be walking

  • eNcrypTioN
    Mar 16, 11:05 AM
    Thanks, just what I was looking for.

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Is Tom Cruise Stirring Up
  • Is Tom Cruise Stirring Up

  • Dreadnought
    Nov 5, 04:48 AM
    Interesting, very interesting! Let's hope they also will bring out a version for the G5's. Also the folding on GPU's is coming quite well. Let's hope our electric bills don't go up when you have a dual/quad folding and two X1900 in SLI mode! :D

    BTW Macaholic, how did you get sooooo much folding power?!? And are you folding for Team MR?!?


    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes,
  • Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes,

  • AriX
    Oct 19, 05:06 PM
    Really? I think they're great. I've had much better service with them compared to the Apple stores, hands down.

    Maybe I just had a bad experience...

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Katie And Tom Cruise
  • Katie And Tom Cruise

  • balamw
    Mar 23, 12:38 PM
    There was a recent thread where someone posted the XML link to two full copies of the drivers. You may be able to pull the drivers out of one of those packages. (LINK:

    Do you happen to have an Apple remote? You can bring up the boot loader by holding play during boot.

    EDIT: 7-zip can get you into a pkg file.



    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • dfusion-
    May 7, 02:40 AM
    My Uptime - 12 hours :p

    Do you pay your electricity bill?

    Also that is one sure way to fry your Mac. Power surge can happen at any time.. Do you really trust those $100 surge boards for 24/7 use or do you have UPS.

    Also think of how much dust gets in there...

    Not smart to leave your computer on 24/7.

    lol dont worry about the electricity bill, the project pays it selfs :)

    but is it really bad for your iMac to leave it 24/7 ? :eek: discuss ?:D

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • Tech198
    May 5, 05:04 AM
    I updated to 4.3.3 no problem , run like a charm

    same here.


    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes

  • Kwyjibo
    Jul 9, 09:23 PM
    Originally posted by mnkeybsness
    AOL charged my friend double for 5 months. they just billed him twice for each month on one bill and wouldn't admit their mistake. he threatened them with the BBB and lawyers and they refunded him.

    hmmm my dad has had problems with them too before we got cable but now those problems are over and i'm really happy to have wifi all over the house with broadband.....the odd thing about AOl tech support and billing is that its in India...apparently its cheaper to pay all those longdistance fees and teach a group decent english than to pay american workers and american taxes....

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise
  • Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

  • mileslong
    Mar 16, 03:03 AM
    i have the latest developer build of chrome and the latest build of firefox as well and they both work perfectly for me on lion...

    tom cruise and katie holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on

  • mad jew
    Dec 16, 06:05 PM
    Yeah, a restart may help. :)

    IJ Reilly
    Nov 9, 11:39 AM
    Pages is perfectly fine for word processing, which I know from experience as I been using it for that purpose every day for nearly two years. Most of the people who say otherwise either haven't learned to use it or would have preferred that Apple produce a Word clone. Some of are very happy that they did not go that route.

    Apr 28, 07:53 PM
    Direct your cousin to, which has tutorials. He may have missed a step somewhere.
    its a 3GS.. damn that sucks, ok. the only reason is because my cousin just updated to 4.2 firmware and he said he cant jailbreak his phone at all. he's tried greenpoison, limerain, he said nothing seems to work so if i update im worried i wont be able to jailbreak my phone anymore

    Dec 5, 11:15 PM
    Thanks for that 101 � it helps.
    What does designating something a "title" do if you are also putting in size 5 green text?

    I know how to customize my CSS within GoLive's graphical interface so that "title" means something by going into the CSS menus and then clicking on my CSSs "tags" on the sideline bar thingy. In other words, I create a standard title look without code. :o

    May 4, 01:52 PM
    Turns out I never should have been required to purchase a data plan from Verizon in the first place. Data plans are only mandatory for verizon on phones introduced after 2009. Palm Centro was released in 2008 (and available on ebay for a very reasonable cost). I asked specifically not to have a data plan when I called to activate, and was told I had to purchase one in order to activate the phone. Apparently their reps are not well informed about their company's policy. I discovered this only after reading another consumer forum after 2 years of paying for the data plan. I am pretty irritated at having spent so much money unnecessarily. If you go this route you will likely told you need a data plan to use Palm Centro on Verizon - not so. Ask to speak with a supervisor until you get them to activate without data plan.

    This phone works for me because it is so easy to sync my calendar and contacts using missing sync. What I really needed was a mac syncing qwerty PDA with a phone. This fits the bill as it seems few CMDA phones do.

    Jul 4, 10:28 PM
    Just for a quick check, I've got 10.2.6 and have the following Dock and Finder files in my /System/Library/CoreServices:

    Finder, 368 bytes, version "Mac OS X Fake Finder 10.0", date 14/7/02, 11:34 PM., 10 560 787 bytes, version "Mac OS X Finder 10.2.1", date 22/10/02, 11:35 AM., 585 510 bytes, version "Dock 1.1.1", date 22/10/02, 11:25 AM.

    I installed from the 10.2.1 CDs and updated to 10.2.6. Take a look at your files and see if they're the same size and version.

    Edit: Just looked at the permissions, all 3 files are set to:

    Owner: system
    Access: Read & Write
    Group: wheel
    Access: Read only
    Others: Read only

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