Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • sts_seeker
    02-07 01:11 PM
    you are the kinda guy who is screwing up everyone by filing unnecessary labors, too many I140 and clogging the system for genuine people. Shame on you.

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  • indianabacklog
    10-24 03:44 PM
    I am very keen to try and get a state chapter from Indiana. There have to be at least half a dozen of us.

    There are millions of Starbucks in the area, maybe we can monopolize a corner in one of them some time.

    From what I have read here then most of the replies are in the Indianapolis and northern suburbs, so I am proposing that we meet this Saturday at the Starbucks in Westfield!

    By this location I mean where Ashleys furniture is on US 31 and 146th Street.

    I can make it any time on Saturday but we have to set on a time, I am suggesting 11am.

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  • Hassan11
    02-21 04:35 PM
    My answer might be a little too pessimistic but I actually filed an appeal for a denied LC in Sep 2006. and as of today I still haven't heard from them. we tried calling and emailing them but they keep asking us to wait and they will get to it.

    sorry and good luck. please keep me updated if you hear something from them.

    I filed my LC on June 06. The Certification was denied on Feb 07, I filed an appeal right away, and I have not heard anything. I called the DOL so many time and they gave me the same response: "Your case is in process, we work on first in, first out, and we do not expedited cases, we don't have a frame time" That is not a concrete answer.
    There is any body that faced a similar situation, Please advised�. what to do!!!!
    Thank u.

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  • rkgc
    11-18 05:43 PM
    I recently booked interview appointment for Dec in chennai, I used IE all along, there are some bugs when you use firefox.



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  • Sreenuuk
    08-07 09:29 AM
    are you dumb or something????

    this has been out for weeks...we are waiting for the september bulletin

    what a moron!

    Relax guys...sorry ..

    do you need to use these kind of words for posting a thread which I did by mistake?

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  • nousername
    11-11 07:05 PM
    1. Logically HUD document should work but again we are talking about Indian government so not sure. Insurance document might not work and I'm almost certain about it.

    2. Notarizing: If the website says "Photocopy of all supporting documents including Photo should be notarized and attached to the application" then yes..

    Not sure where you live but if it is driving distance then I suggest you go there.. Leave early and park on the north side of the street (it is free).

    Need advise from someone who renewed Indian passport by mail at the San Francisco Indian Consulate.

    My wife filled the application online and is ready to mail it, but there are questions regarding the supporting docs.
    1)Proof of Residence:CGISF website shows applicable docs as Driving license or PG&E, Water or landline telephone bill displaying applicant�s address or
    House Lease Agreement.
    However in my wife's case, her name is not on any of the utility bills mentioned above and her Driving license has the old address.
    Can we use the HUD-1 closing statement or home title as proof. Or can we use a insurance bill for this purpose? If not, please advise on other options.

    2)Notarizing:I understand photo copies of any docs that I sent needs to be notarized.
    Is there anything else that needs to be notarized?Your website says that "If applying by mail, Photocopy of all supporting documents including Photo should be notarized and attached to the application".
    Do I need to notarize both the photos from page 1 and page 4? Please clarify.


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  • thomachan72
    11-05 03:00 PM
    Dude, if you find it difficult to digest, then don't do it with your kid. Its that simple.
    A debate on this is probably not warranted, as its subjective to every individual's situation.

    And btw, both my kids live with me, but they travelled with someone else to spend their vacation at grand-parent's house, so I am not trying to oppose your viewpoint.

    This is an infant we are talking about (less than 2 years!).....:o:o:o

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  • rkat
    02-06 11:38 AM
    Thanks friends for your input - Appreciate it.! I am pretty certain that there is no rule like this.! But it would be helpful if there is some printed info on this issue. Anybody out there who has any more information on this.??
    Thanks a ton!


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  • sGC
    08-08 04:50 PM

    Recently we went for interview and they requested a PCC for my wife since her finger prints were non classiable. So i have contacted my local city police and they have requested to contact the nj state police. The nj state police has requested a fill out a form with all the details anf they took the finger prints. my question is since the finger prints taken were non classifiable earlier how are these FP's taken by the state police going to help them. do i have to do anything else? has any one been in the same situation?


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-13 12:02 PM
    Filing I-140 petition on your behalf signifies immigrant intent. So if you travel outside, you could potentially be denied entry.

    The safer option would be wait till your I-140 gets approved, if your PD becomes current, filed I-485. If the PD is not current, seek 3yr H-1B COS under the AC 21 provisions.


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  • sreeanne
    01-02 06:37 PM
    I have few questions on filling AP document.

    1) What could be the best reason to write on 131 document. USCIS says it should be family emergency or business. I am going on family visit. If i write "Family visit" will it be a problem ie RFE from USCIS saying that reason for travel is not good or something else.

    2) I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Should i send 131 to texas service center or california. All my 485 & 140 were with TSC. Coz when i goes to USCIS website, Arizona state is not covered by TSC.

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Administrator2
    12-05 04:22 PM
    Here is a link to update your profile - you could pick a new state of residence.

    Hope this answers your question.


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  • pappu
    10-02 11:58 AM
    This article is old (Dt:06-Sep-06) but has correctly predicted about SKILL bill going to lame-duck session.
    It would be great if our core members get in touch with the executive editors of Information week (All contact information listed in and send a document representing our issues. There is a good chance that it gets printed.
    Information week magazine has a nationwide audience including CEO's who can push our case for lobbying. They have printed various articles in the past about HIB and Greencard issues.

    thanks. I have written to the magazine today and will followup in a few days. However I urge sreekanth and IV members to write to
    Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

    and copy
    Rob Preston
    John Foley
    Chris Murphy
    Tom Smith

    several emails from IV members will surely help our cause. Pls. post on this forum once you have written so that we all know how many people took action.

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  • skumar9
    09-30 10:27 AM
    Do they provide Visa to Mexico?...or do we need to do it much these people charge( is this inc of Bank Draft+Hotel+Mexico Visa), Please advice..

    Thanks in Adv...


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  • lazycis
    02-12 04:21 PM
    My company is downsizing for sometime now...and I can be next.

    In that case can I move to EAD in the given situation ( as above) ?

    Of course you can move on EAD provided EAD is current.

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  • fromnaija
    11-17 11:48 AM
    Hey arnet! I am having the same problem. I filed for EAD renewal and then I got my card the other day, but problem is they gave me the same expiration date w/c is Jan. 2007. I called the 1-800# 4 times the day after I got my new card to let them know of the error. I never felt so disappointed and frustrated in my whole life! The first 3 representative I spoke could not tell me anything but "sorry we can't do anything about that". One of them even told me to go to the USCIS where I had my biometrics taken.. and that was 5 hours drive from where I live. I was so pissed. Then I tried to call again that same day just to see if there's anyone in their customer service who has some sense to tell me. And luckily a lady answered and she told me to fill out another I-767 form and send it to the service center who approved my case without the filing fee. That is if it's their fault, they're going to waive the fee.

    The only thing that gets to me is, we put our trust in these people to do their part.. because we do. We pay our taxes, we pay for all these filing fees, we do not violate their country.. we're just here to work. Yet after all the waiting that we do, all the hoping, all the sacrifices..this is all we get. A MISTAKE on our IDs.

    I filled out a new EAD application, made copies of all the notices I received from them regarding this application...and I even wrote a damn letter just to explain what happened. I'm in so much pressure right now because I need to have my new card as soon as possible... I am due for renewal of my driver's license. If I can't have that card by the end of this year, I am doomed! I will lose my license and my job. Thanks to them! :mad:

    This is one good reason I support the person who posted on another thread that one keeps status in H1B and not work with EAD. I an not trying to justify the USCIS mess up but if you have the option to keep extending H1 until you get GC, please do so.


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  • smartboy75
    08-14 11:56 AM
    Hi All

    Just wanted to share my exp as I had been to Biometric appointment yesterday.

    I had an appointment @ 9:00 AM and my wife had it @ 12:00 PM...I reached at 8:15 AM and requested the staff if my wife could get her biometric done with me instead of waiting till 12:00 ...she refused....inspite of having only a handful of people she said she will only take her by 12:00 PM.....

    I had my biometric done in 1 min...they took the application, asked me to confirm my name , took index finger print , took a snap and I was done....same thing for my time for both biometric 2 mins...wait 3 hrs....

    Also intrestingly my wife had received an RFE for her EAD renewal.....guess what the RFE would be ???? I could not believe when I received the letter....the RFE letter was mailed on Aug 8th ..I received it in AUg said that USCIS has not yet received my wife's biometric information and hence her case has been put in hold......the second page said pls provide the date of bimoetric appointment, ASC code , QA Review by -------- on ----------- and confirmation number if any....

    Luckily for me our Appt was on Aug I took the letter with me and showed it to the lady at the centre and she filled it out....but had a received the letter a day later...I had no clue what the heck to fill in QA review by ------ on -------- section....

    What is more ridculuos is USCIS sends in the letter that they can see that biometric has not been done and hence they put my wife's case on hold.....they can very well see that the appointment is on Aug why send a letter to me asking when the Appointment is ????

    What a waste of time and money....and the bigger implication is people who r working on EAD and who desparately need the EAD renewed in time have to unnecessarily go thorough the agony of having their application put in hold till the response is sent..when time is so crutial. If this unnecessary delay causes the EAD renewal to take more that 90 days, it is again the risk of loosing employment or salary for the applicant....

    Anyways, I have filled out and mailed the respose to RFE today and hopefully they should process the application now...

    Thought I should share my exp for all those who may receive same letters in the future......Hope this helps....

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  • sanatshah
    10-25 06:09 PM
    Mine 485 receipt no# also starting with SRC08008XXXXX and it's not showing online status.

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  • JunRN
    12-17 07:37 PM
    It your decision and must get a good lawyer. If I were you, I will file AC21.

    11-09 09:04 AM
    Sincere request to all the retrogression victims from the great State of Oklahoma.

    Please post your willingness or send me a PM if you are interested in working for IV's cause.

    Lets go guys!!!
    Make some noise. The timing has never been better.

    02-09 02:40 PM

    Check this Out:
    Q. How do I make a complaint against my attorney or representative?
    A. If the complaint concerns the conduct of an attorney or representative in a matter before the Immigration Court, BIA, or DHS, you may complete a Form EOIR-44, �Immigration Practitioner Complaint Form� but it is not required. You may write your own complaint statement or letter. This statement or letter must include.

    Your name and address,
    The attorney�s or representative�s name and address,
    An explanation of the circumstances and details of your complaint, and
    Your signature.
    Along with your Form EOIR-44 or your own complaint statement or letter, you may also submit supporting documents and information, such as:

    Correspondence between you and your attorney or representative,
    Documents concerning the underlying immigration case (including the case name and number), and
    Copies of filings in connection with the case.
    Neither EOIR nor DHS can accept complaints over the telephone.


    Thanks a ton for the link. This will definitely bring shivers to those belligerant lawyers.

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