Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • Lord Appleseed
    May 7, 02:19 AM
    In 90% of what we say, does it have any point to it? You say, "Hello." What's the Point? You already know that you know them, and they know that you know them; therefore is there any point in saying hello, if you can just smile, showing you've acknowledged them. Also, the- ......OK, I won't go off on a rant.

    When you make a mistake don't get down about it - laugh it off, it'll "lengthen our own life"; however, if you laugh at a person who made a mistake, you'll make them get down about it, therefore, "shortening their's." It also may be referring to suicide, but I haven't read the context - Hellhammer, Herdfan: if you feel you're about to commit suicide, DON'T listen to Adele. :)

    Basically, don't laugh at other people's mistakes; both of them were innocent mistakes - there's no need to point them out - they know what they did, even if it's subconscious - we know what they mean.
    You know I just pointed out that common mistake, typo. I didnt laugh or anything.
    But now I shat brix...

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  • TMRaven
    Mar 8, 08:42 AM
    A lot of the times if you don't properly drive a high impedance can, a lot of its sound won't be as tight and crisp as it should, so it's not just the volume output. I remember the first time I heard a high quality tube amp on a HD650 in a store, it was the first time it made a song I really know and like have a bass that sounded like an actual kick drum rather than a soft boom boom noise, I was pretty amazed.

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  • bludragon06
    Mar 13, 03:03 PM
    As the title says my mother has an original iPad and her iPad is at 3.2.1 or whatever 3.2 or something. Anyways, my question is where can I get the 4.2.1 software for the iPad. If I restore in iTunes right now I will get 4.3. I dont want that. I want 4.2.1! Any way to do that? She is interested in jailbreaking her pad! Thanks in advance...

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  • DivineEvil
    May 2, 02:24 PM
    I use one of those cheap ones for more than an year! I'm very satisfied. Although I had to modify it a little bit it costed me about 10$.


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  • cypher
    Mar 8, 06:44 PM
    Found a great review on the Wack-o-phone... Dsafari%26rls%3Den

    Its a german site but used google to translate it so may not be the best grammar but great review.

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  • Artful Dodger
    Mar 1, 10:22 AM
    Hello, if you look at my other post on the LaCie there is some info that I got from LaCie and some cd/dvd manfs. about the type of disc you need.
    The burner won't be out untill mid March and as LaCie's web page says they are taking pre-orders.

    Artful Dodger, I had planned on buying one of the LaCie lightscribe external burners in the near future, but you mentioned something that caught my attention. Are there only certain blanks that are compatible with the lightscribe capability? I *assumed* any blank without a surfce design would have done the trick, but I guess not. Thanks!

    Yes only certain media will work, TDK, HP (it's their drive in it), Verbatim and only the "+" R media since none of the companies are making any other media as of yet. This was from about 3 or 4 e-mails to different companies that were given to me by LaCie. Also the discs are of a gray scale "etched" quality when burned.
    You will have to look for the Lightscribe logo on the side of the dvd/cd cake packs or what ever they pack them in.
    Hope this helps.


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  • Xgm541
    May 4, 07:19 PM
    Oh okay I'm nowhere near that.

    Thank you!!

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  • taylorwilsdon
    Mar 19, 12:22 PM
    The word "New" is all over this ebay listing. I see that in the top area it shows refurb, but this listing seems to be a little misleading. One of your headings even says "Brand New." This combined with using an actual iPhone box that didnt come with this item seems shady to me. I may be the only one, but honestly i guarentee that who ever wins this item thinks they are getting an actual brand new phone, not a refurbished product.

    At this price I will just buy a brand new one and upgrade them :)

    Thanks for the congrats :) I love ebay.. sometimes.


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  • cosmos
    Apr 23, 02:00 AM
    I have purchased OWC memory as well as other hardware for years. I had a failure of a memory module that was replaced under their lifetime warranty without any hassle. They even replaced the other module in the same bank just to ensure that there would be zero problems.

    I have total confidence in both their products and their warranty support. Something that is becoming rare today from most retailers. Another plus is that they have better prices as well.

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  • Anthony8720
    Dec 20, 07:59 PM

    How old is your PB - there was a battery recall.

    It is less than 2 weeks old, and I dont have any cords or anything plugged in.


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  • blueflame
    Dec 16, 07:41 PM
    did you see my post about an ipod photo 20 gig, gen 4 perfect condition, in box, never been ever used without the dlo iskin case also comes with an itrip.


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  • roland.g
    May 5, 03:48 PM
    If you just bought a new iMac will apple give you the new lion free or with a discount?

    Not at this point. The time frame will probably be from when they announce the release date at WWDC in early June until the actual release if they don't announce a date at that time, it will be whenever they announce a date. Once they have told people when it is coming out, they don't want to hurt sales, so they offer the new OS.

    Anyone buying from this past Tuesday until that announcement is not eligible for anything less than what anyone else would pay.


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  • design-is
    Feb 11, 02:21 AM
    I'm a lover of WordPress. If it can't do something out of the box, there's likely one of it's many thousands of plugins which can help. And as you say, it's so much easier for clients to get to grips with than many other CMSs.

    Let us know which route you choose and how it turns out :)


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  • clayj
    Sep 22, 06:52 PM
    It was originally 250 and it was one that was up for the 100 dollar rebate. When i ordered it the website said that it was on back order adn that it would probably take 6 weeks to get here, which did not bother me seeing as i did not need it right away.

    I just called them and they said it was discontinued and that they no longer carried it. Meaning that i ordered a printer 5 weeks ago that in the end would never get here. I am peeved because when i ordered the printer it was not discontinued. And while there are some other printers availible they are not the ones that i want!! I want the one i ordered 5 weeks ago.

    Apple should at least honor the orders that were mad for that printer before it was discontinued!!Seems to me that the reason the printer was originally on backorder was that it HAD been discontinued (by the manufacturer), but Apple didn't know that yet... all they knew was that they were out of stock and that the product was backordered for that reason. As soon as they found out that no more printers would be available, they e-mailed everyone who had the printer on backorder and let them (and you) know that it would not be available.

    Tough break, but you can't expect Apple to conjure a printer for you out of thin air. Perhaps they will give you a comparable rebate on a similar printer, but they're under no obligation to.


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  • jmufellow
    Sep 29, 01:14 AM
    Basically, I want to get an ibook, either refurb or used--just something cheap that will do internet (wireless), word processing, and that's about it. I have a biggger mac for storing music burning dvd's etc.

    There's a nice ibook on the refurb page right now. My question: if I let this one pass will something else come up on that page pretty soon or is it a rare thing to find this kind of deal.

    My reason for not buying now is because I did not plan to get something this soon, and money would be a tad bit tight to spring and get it right now. Should I spring for it now (aka credit card) or is it safe to wait for this deal to surface again? :confused:

    Thanks for the reply BTW :)

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  • windowsblowsass
    Mar 7, 04:48 PM
    Maybe one should receive his/her G4 and G5 status 6 months after it is reached in post #'s or, in other words, "announced."

    That way, it would be a fairly accurate depiction of market conditions. :D
    maybe you have to be a 601 for a designated amount of time then you have to do some special project to reach g3 much like boyscouts


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  • iGary
    Sep 23, 12:12 PM
    I would.

    I almost did, but he drives a local water taxi and I don't want him talking **** about me or my company. Annapolis may be the capital of Md., but it is a small town. Word travels fast.

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  • hajime
    Apr 24, 06:39 AM
    You can consider:

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 11, 10:45 AM
    Also I even tried restoring twice into earlier OS X Lion backups but that didn't even work :/ :(

    I had a similar problem with Lion DP1. I erased the HD with Apples Disk Utility and reinstalled Lion DP1. However, the safe boot works usually in the final versions of Mac OS X.

    Mar 11, 12:49 PM
    Recently I have had an issue where if I get 1 piece of new mail the Dock Icon tells me that there is 3 instead of one. If I quit and relaunch Mail it will display correclty...any ideas?


    May 5, 01:29 PM
    I concur, external is the way to go. Dlink and others make some relatively inexpensive external enclosures that can hold 2, 4 or more drives, depending on your budget; you buy your own drives, whatever size you want, say 2x2TB drives and configure the enclosure (not all do this) with RAID 1, that way you have redundancy if one drive fails. This is what I would suggest you look into, its not that expensive and provides lots of space and protection from drive failure. Most of these enclosures are USB, some, usually more expensive, offer firewire or network connectivity.

    Feb 20, 10:55 AM
    Well I agree with the original review completely this thing is just awesome and i have had absolutely no problems (sometimes its slow to wake from sleep but thats OS X). It's not to heavy to carry long distances in my opinion but I am a football player so I do alot of weightlifting. As far as the trackpad goes its fine not slow at all. Oh and by the way the couple times I have taken this thing out in public I havent felt akward just a little envied :p . Seriously though you will have people coming up to you asking about it all the time, they all assume its a sony vaio until I shoot that idea down a quick lid close and they know it's apple all the way :D

    Sep 20, 02:39 AM
    UK Store just came back online... I don't see anything different

    Worst update EVER. :D

    Apr 27, 05:55 PM
    FW400 doesn't carry any power so no it's not going to work.

    Of course it does. That's why the ports can blow so that the FW800 connector was improved.

    I am not using one of those awful mini FW ports.

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