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  • shree09
    08-07 02:55 PM
    I need some info. about whether it is good idea to do Canadian PR Landing and H1B extension stamping in one visit to Canada?

    Here is the situation:
    1. I got Canadian PR approval. I have submitted passport for stamping. After They mail it back to me, I need to travel to Canada(want to go to Vancouver) and at the border apply for PR Landing forms.
    2. I have H1B extension approval but need stamping as I need to travel to INdia later this year on vacation. So when I go to canada, can I go to US Consulate apply for stamping and come back to US with same stamping???

    I dont have AP so I cannot come back to US without the stamping. So what is the best solution in this case.?

    I need to land in Canada before May 2008.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated

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  • andycool
    11-17 09:26 AM
    DMV stopped issuing DL based on EAD card in Virginia. I guess it will be same for TX and other states. You need original I485 receipt to get one year extensiton. EAD no more valid document for extension.

    please do little research friends ...this was discussed long back in this forum...

    all the documents are available in this forum

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  • jonty_11
    07-24 12:19 PM
    what abt ppl who are already contributing members...?
    Poll doesnt cover them

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  • nhfirefighter13
    November 21st, 2005, 03:46 PM
    #2 is my favorite.


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  • go_guy123
    01-21 02:48 PM
    I am speculating this. Elite people in USA predicted this situation in early 90s and they put Country quota. We all knew that countries like UK, Germany, France are Staunch Allies of USA for many decades. So USA did not want those country persons to wait years . India was least favored country in past due to many political reasons. Though it is changing now still USA may like to give preference to many of their close Allies. Canada had TN Visa but India does not have similar thing. If this is a speculation then it is possible to change Country Quota. I strongly believe that it is easier to increase GC quota or recapture bill than removing country quota.

    Actualy per country quota was made in 60s replacing and even more rigid system that alloted quotas based on existing us population origin (mainly from western europe) by
    Senator Kennedy.

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  • sk.aggarwal
    08-15 11:10 AM
    If this allows people to get EAD soon after getting approval for I140 I guess it should be good. Once a person gets EAD after 180 days he will be eligible to change employer. Also spouse will be able to work all the time we are waiting 5-7 years for PD to become current. Looks good to me.

    I feel scenario that dates become accidentally current is quite rare. Am I missing something?


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  • reedandbamboo
    08-29 12:54 PM
    volunteer as a writer.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-22 02:59 PM
    Buddy for what I know everybody (mis)used the number so much that the US CIS had to change the extension. Now we will have to wait for somebody to (re)figure the extensions for the Service Center.


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  • immilaw
    09-15 02:04 PM
    i remember IV team was earlier posting messages asking members to send questions because they have enough room to accomdate those in the same week. so i think the number of question is less now. this might be one of the reason we have conference call with lawyer once in two weeks.

    if they get more questions in future, they can have atleast one conference call per week or they can extend it 2-3hrs too. once we get more publicity and if our members count (and questions) are doubled or tripled, we can we have more sessions with same or different lawyer. what do you think?

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for replying.

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  • RDB
    12-02 08:24 PM
    Don't get excited too soon :)

    I saw the following message when I logged into the USCIS case tracking system.

    * Note on "Last Updated" date:
    Your case may have a new "Last Updated" date and you may receive an Email Notification of your case being updated, without the status of the case changing. This is due to internal USCIS processing being performed on your Case. This will be reflected in the "Last Updated" date, but may not result in a different status message.

    I saw LUDs for both me and my wife's 485 on 11/22(Sat) and 11/24.

    This LUD was after more than a year. Hope Jan bulletin brings some movement.


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  • phigi
    08-14 07:05 PM
    i was given a red dot as well.. jus coz i started a thread on Oct Bulletin - discussion! with a gracious addressing .. as A.hole!!! what one earth i did to deserve that..
    so anyways...I dont care a **** but this is imperialist

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  • dixie
    10-17 01:42 PM
    They can introduce all the premium processing they want, but the crux of the matter is that it is of no much use to us without the visa numbers to apply for a GC in the first place. USCIS will still end up making a lot of money - guess why - because we will have lost all our sanity by the time our PD becomes current so we wont mind shelling out money for I-485 premium processing even after having waited for ~10 years !! So more severe the retrogression, more the premium processing revenue. Not to speak of the fees for renewing the EAD,AP and so on. So much for the "USCIS certified premium processed" GC


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  • keith_in_us
    04-11 07:03 PM

    I am currently in the 6th year of my H1B. My visa is going to expire in at the end of December. Is it too late for me to start applying for the green card? If it is not too late, what is my status going to be after December if I do apply for the green card now? Also, I have heard that I have to apply a year before my visa expires, is it too late now? Please help! Your response is greatly appreciated!

    I am from Hong Kong, SAR. I have never applied for labor cert. For the past six years, I have just been on H1B visa.


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  • rayen
    07-14 02:20 PM
    Can someone confirm the same for BA via London?

    If you are travelling via London and there is no valid visa on your passport then you need DATV ( Direct airside transit visa ) , it will cost you 83 USD , you can get more info from the below URL.

    Transit (INF 20) (


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    02-25 10:18 AM
    Hi Friends..I am staying in MD and i am H4 visa holder..and i have international driving license with me.. Let me know how can i get the driving license in MD and what is the processes..

    It is easy for International License Holder. You can give your knowledge test first and immediately appear for driver test. If you pass the test they issue a driver license which will be mailed to your address. You will need to provide 2 proof of addresses.

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  • SGP
    09-28 03:32 PM
    Thanks once again for the reply.

    When you say I can retain the priority date, how does that work? Do I have to file the PERM again? Isn't the PERM what gives us the priority date? And then will I have to file the I-140 or is it that I need to file the I-140 only?



    Omi, Mr. Raj would be having a free conference call in which you can ask questions. The call as of now is set for Oct 7, 2010 at 6.45PM EST. Follow the thread "Next Free Attorney Call" on IV for details



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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-19 11:36 AM
    LOoks like ur employer has not given you this (I-485 w/EAD)option. It may be that he wants to milk u a little furthur.

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  • perm2gc
    11-06 10:35 AM
    I have approved i-140 and I have applied for 3 year extension for my H1-B (I am currently in the sixth year of H1-b). If I switch employers, would I get 3 years on my new H1-B or time left in the sixth year? I am willing to restart the green card process due to stalled immigration reform bill.
    Please search the forum.Your question was adressed in many threads.

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  • desi3933
    06-21 05:37 PM
    I am a dentist in state of CA,and filed for EB2 green card.In April 2006 applied for my PERM from MD Dental, a dental group with 5 offices and about 30 employs and owned by 2 partners.Also in April 2006 they applied for my H1b visa.Further PERM and H1b both were approved and in may 2006 I filed for I-140 from the same company.I-140 had a RFE but was approved in Feb 2007.Meanwhile in Oct 2006 both partners had a is understanding and they split the company into 2 companies with one partner getting 2 offices and the other partner getting 3 offices.Originally my perm was filed from the MD dental Van-Nuys office, which was given to partner A who then told me to file for a new H1b as tax ID number for the employer has changed but my job location would not change. I filed for a new H1 visa from partner A which was also approved and started to work for him till Feb 2007.

    In feb 2007 I found a new job again as a dentist with a different company and moved to that company.I am still in good contact with both partner A and partner B of the old company.

    My question is if I could file for I485 from MD dental which is already split with
    approved I140, or I could file it from partner A or partner B`s new company showing either of them as succesor of interest.Also can I invoke AC21 in 6 months and move to my current employer.
    Please advice.

    May be you need to amend I-140. Please consult a good attorney/lawyer.

    Not a legal advice.

    07-19 12:08 PM
    Btw, NBC might not do anything with it at all, but NSC on the other hand might..

    PS: I know its a typo, so just kidding here..
    Thanks for the info..! btw, what about my first question ..When do the 90 days wait start counting? NBC received my app on July 2nd.. Does it mean it's 90 days after July 2nd??


    07-22 10:34 AM
    Thanks for sharing your different experiences. I feel relieved now. I'll check with my lawyer on Monday just to make sure he knows about that potential issue. You've made my day.


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