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emma freedman feet

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  • jdechko
    Mar 29, 08:17 AM
    2 - Where can I get one?

    Well, I'm not familiar with your location :D , but if you're in the states, you might want to check out EB Games/Gamestop/Rhino. Normally, these stores aren't worth the hassle, but when looking for old game accessories, you gotta take what you can get. Also, look for garage sales. Might be able to pick one up for very little, though you stand the chance of spending more on gas then on the product itself. Then, there's always ebay.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 22, 10:00 AM
    How many times did you try the jb and what were you using? Pwnage or greenpoison? Just because the jb fails once doesn't mean that it was a disaster. Try the jb again.

    Tried it with Greenpois0n and it failed so I tried it with Redsnow and it worked. It's tethered, but thats no big deal as I rarely ever turn it off. But now what do I do with the host file? I deleted what I added and now it looks like this. Is this correct?


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  • petvas
    May 6, 09:10 AM
    one thing in lion that will not get used for me is the launchpad. damn on my 27" ACD it's so big. i remember all of my installed apps and prefer to use spotlight for easy way to launch them.

    I totally agree. Launchpad should run in a window. Spotlight is still the way to go for power users. Of course,normal people will like the launchpad.

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  • emw
    Jan 7, 10:07 AM
    In general, FileVault is useless, IMHO. You are better off using Disk Utility to create a password protected Disk Image and storing personal information there.

    As for optimizing - I don't know if you can force it to optimize, but it should ask you again if you logout/shutdown.


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  • xyzzy-xyzzy
    Apr 25, 01:53 AM
    most TVs don't include an audio in port for the HDMI.

    you can use something like
    this ( - a dvi and digital audio combiner, that outputs HDMI.
    and one of these ( toslink to mini cable to connect audio from your computer to the box.
    and one of these ( dvi cables to connect your computer to the box.

    you'll also need an HDMI male to male, to plug the box into your TV.

    also look at your TV manual, or if you're using an external stereo that has digital inputs. the toslink to mini cable might come in handy.

    FWIW, I use that specific box ( referenced by waw74. Works just fine on my Mac Pro.

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  • jusacruiser
    Apr 27, 12:55 AM
    When you took the screenshot, the shot screen loads in a new Preview window. Press CMD+A, then CMD+C to copy it.
    Or use the shortcuts listed here (

    Ok, thanks.


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  • iTeen
    Jun 21, 09:08 PM
    Wait what now?

    Why can't you just buy it yourself?

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  • mdwsta4
    Apr 20, 08:49 PM
    what are the main differences between the iphone and ipad versions? Figure I could just buy the iphone version and use it on the ipad with fullforce.


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  • DreaminDirector
    Jul 6, 04:27 PM
    Strange! I had the same problem about 2 days ago. I finally used google to search for answers. Ended up that I didnt need to call adelphia, all I had to do was unplug both the airport extreme and the cable modem. Then wait like 30 seconds, plug the two together via ethernet cord, then plug in the modem, wait for it to reset then plug in the Airport....

    All that headache for something so damn simple.....

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  • waterskier2007
    Jun 20, 01:52 PM
    i would take the pink sock, how much will u sell individual socks for


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  • KingYaba
    Mar 31, 06:28 PM
    and Anderson Cooper by 18%

    I'm glad his viewership is up but I guess this is why I haven't heard much Fox News is the best comments lately on all the forums. :)

    So, has Fox News reported on their losses? Bill O'Reilly never seemed to miss a chance to talk about how he's #1 with x million viewers.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Jul 23, 12:29 AM
    I suppose any evidence of a Strawhenge has long since been destroyed.


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  • mcdj
    Apr 23, 01:27 AM
    I have the A Jays Four and am not impressed. Muddy sound. Suggest taking a peek at forums. Those boys will set you straight. I suspect they would side with the UE models.

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  • MarcusRules5
    Feb 12, 01:44 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The iPhone 4 was a failure at launch. The antenna is broken. It drops Internet connections and calls if held a certain. The glass claiming to be strong is weak sauce and the only good things on the phone are the cameras and screen.*
    Am I the only one who feels this way?


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  • OutlawImmortal
    Apr 23, 08:32 PM
    My wife has downloaded a couple of movies via itunes but for the life of me I have burned through dvd after dvd and cant get them to work. He keeps telling me I have a data error when I pop the DVD into one of our players.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 16, 11:03 AM
    The Resolved prefix (at least) doesn't show when the forum is viewed from the mobile site.

    BIt's too bad that the mobile forum software doesn't support all features of the full site interface.

    Too bad resolved cannot auto-close the thread.
    We wouldn't want it to. [Resolved] means that the O.P. considers the problem solved or question answered, but other users may still have comments to make, for example if they encountered a similar problem, had a similar question, or didn't understand the previous posts.


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  • roadbloc
    Apr 11, 05:19 PM
    I gotta admit, it looks awfully similar.

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  • orangeclockwork
    Jul 9, 05:28 PM
    every sellers record seems flawless...the catch is none of them seem to have sold expensive stuff before...they all have sold either baseball cards or cheap books...sounds kind of iffy

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  • solvs
    Jun 12, 04:42 PM
    Originally posted by rhpenguin
    I just picked up my iBook a few weeks ago (seven days before they drop the price... bastards...)

    You know if there is a price change with-in a certain time period, you can be refunded the difference right? I though ti was 10 days, but I could be wrong.

    Don't know if you're beyond the statute of limitations though.

    May 1, 04:21 AM
    See this thread if you consider the 6870:

    However it, seems like there are some glitches vs. a 5870 with no real big performance gain.

    I have a 5870 in my 2010 Mac Pro and every game runs perfectly with max settings at about 60-100 fps on my 27" Dell at 2560x1440.

    Mar 20, 04:22 PM
    Yes, that does look very cool. :) Would you please post a pic of how you wrapped the PS printout for the top layer around the rounded corners of the top casing? I didn't understand that. :(

    All I really did was put the paper on the back (inside) of the case, and then kind of creased it on the edges where the case curved. That held it in place long enough for me to place the cover back on the computer itself. I didn't glue it or anything, just a simple crease with my finger along the edge. Sorry I don't have any pics, I really can't take this apart again, the screws are really worn and stripped.

    Mar 14, 04:03 PM
    iSwifter. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

    Nov 13, 09:16 PM
    i dont have a boot floppy can i make one from a pc or do you know where i can get one?

    Oct 17, 01:08 AM
    Originally posted by ForumApple
    HELP!! My G4 CUBE450 has gone crazy recently!

    1. It turns on and off by itself all the time.

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