Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • Paintball613
    Feb 25, 10:01 PM
    Never hurts to drop off your resume to one of the store's managers. Ask for the "Store Leader" though as that is the main store manager and usually has the final say about the hiring.

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  • That-Is-Bull
    Oct 26, 02:43 PM
    I'll be there if I can. Is there going to be a line at launch?

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  • whocares
    Sep 28, 06:53 PM
    <ignore>Permissions should be 744 I guess (all-read-read), maybe 755.</ignore>

    .htaccess files are inherited. Put one in your root directory, and all directories will be 'protected'. :)
    You may of course over-write the inherited .htaccess parameters for a given directory with a new .htaccess file. In turn, this new file will cascade down to all sub-directories.

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  • brokin
    May 5, 01:48 PM
    same issue here. any app that has an iAd in it stays up when i close the program. i can respring or just wait it out until it goes away. luckily only one app i use regularly has ads. its pretty annoying and i thought it was just me.


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  • joepunk
    Feb 24, 02:59 PM
    Will be recording the launch :)

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  • DanTheMan
    Dec 22, 10:38 AM
    The Denison unit seems good enough, but I don't like the dock....bulky.

    I'd prefer the solution Monster has come up with, that is, just a cable to connect to the dock.

    I wonder what the prices are like for the Denison ice>Link is. $200 for the Monster solution seems pretty steep.

    You can get the Denision unit without the dock too, just the cable. Same price either way though.


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  • adouglas2001
    Jan 17, 12:54 PM



    Should be called the iDoofus.

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  • cokirex
    Nov 12, 03:39 PM
    ha! i actually bought this cd off itunes a few months ago. could do with some more sequencing and layering. but what it is great for is sampling. i took one of the ink cartridge hitting the side of the caseing sounds and processed it into a kick drum. heres a rough mix.



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  • zebell1
    Jun 13, 01:32 PM
    kinda funny, now when I use a pc I expect it to crash, its like I'm waiting on it to, I was at a friends house with windows 98 and he was trying to copy a cd, so he did the usual stuff with nero and called me when it didn't work, after an hour of crashing I finally got it to work, made me want to use my iBook that much more when I got back home. I should have switched much sooner, my blood pressure would have dropped faster lol!

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  • elvisizer
    Apr 25, 08:55 PM
    that won't work in a mac pro unless you replace the heat spreaders, anyway. they have the standard jedec spreaders on them.


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  • Erniecranks
    Apr 13, 01:43 PM
    Here is my code:

    > fp1c<-read.csv ('/Users/richardlerner/Desktop/feralpm1combo.csv', header=T)
    > attach(fp1c)

    And here is what got printed out:

    The following object(s) are masked from 'package:datasets':

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  • mainstreetmark
    Feb 23, 10:34 AM
    So did I. Oh well.

    Navicat looks alright, though. I've been using CocoaMySQL and, of course, phpMyAdmin all this time.


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  • homerjward
    Dec 5, 11:29 PM
    Thanks for that 101 � it helps.
    What does designating something a "title" do if you are also putting in size 5 green text?

    I know how to customize my CSS within GoLive's graphical interface so that "title" means something by going into the CSS menus and then clicking on my CSSs "tags" on the sideline bar thingy. In other words, I create a standard title look without code. :o
    the title i made is just the page title. i don't know css yet :o

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  • David Schmidt
    Mar 24, 07:29 PM
    The operating system is in the ROM, right? No need for a floppy OS or something?
    Correct. It has a BASIC interpreter that is available without any other startup operations like the other computers of the day. Though there are a couple of different Disk Operating Systems you can use, if you want to go that route. But they're not necessary.

    Does the computer need a mouse? In my reading, it seems like it doesn't.

    It only had two cards inside: the 5.25 floppy card and what I think was the RAM. Does it need anything else to operate (i.e. a video card)?
    No. The RCA jack on the back is composite video; it'll plug into any video-in source on a monitor.

    Lastly, are there any things I didn't think of that I should know??
    Try stuff out here:

    Any sweet games for it on eBay?
    I guess that's for you to determine.


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  • cemorris
    Dec 2, 10:08 PM
    I have run accros many of these in my area. I always send an email asking to meet somewhere so i can check it out. So far i have always gotten an email back about how they are currently out of the country, but they want to do the transaction via some escrow service. I guess i am hoping someday i might get lucky, but probably will never happen.

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  • Mac Eagle
    Jun 30, 12:39 PM
    I've updated the app and frankly I really can't tell a difference. I downloaded direct from phone, so unless it downloaded the old version I'm not impressed. The thumbnails still look low rez to me (and not the beautifully sharp images the 4 display is capable of) and the pictures don't look better in my opionion. Would need to do an A/B comparison later with my wife's 3GS. :confused:


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  • macsrcool1234
    Apr 15, 09:37 PM
    I want to buy off ebay because I have ebay bucks and would like to avoid paying 3x the price at Apple.

    Would this be the correct adapter to connect a VGA source?

    The seller says to use the picture to decide. From what I can tell, that is indeed a minidisplay port and not a mini-dvi. Can anybody confirm from the picture? Thanks!

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  • tuqqer
    Dec 11, 04:40 PM
    You won't believe this.

    It was a bad wireless card.

    Using brilliant deductive reasoning I finally thought, "this is either a badly seated Airport card, or just a downright bad card."

    After unplugging/replugging the card in numerous times (disconnecting/connecting the little plug each time), just to be sure it was in fact seated well (which I'd done once before last week), I finally opened up my other Mac laptop (which uses the same identical card) and put it into this new iBook.

    Damn. Lightening fast. I"M UP.

    Just to check, I then plugged in this supposedly broken Airport card into my PowerBook, and sure enough: no signal. The card really is bad.

    Why did the iBook work great while in the Apple Store in Cherry Creek? This is what initially had me think that it could not be a hardware problem. Then I realized: perhaps a Mac can get barely pick up a wireless signal even without the Airport card. Either that, or the card kinda/sorta/sometimes would work. And, I'll bet the signal strength in the Apple store was super strong, and got through even a semi-busted airport card.

    That's the first time a problem has actually been the darn hardware in all my 14 years of Mac'ing. I will never again discount physical matter as the potential source of the glitch.

    Criminy. I think I spend about 30-40 solid hours trying to figure this one out.


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  • aross99
    Jan 14, 02:06 PM
    Can they PLEASE, PLEASE make it downloadable so I can watch it on my Apple TV?

    Everytime a keynote comes around, I end up poking around iTunes, etc, thinking there HAS to be a way to get this thing on my Apple TV, without some cheesy real-time stream capture program.

    How hard is it to post the H.264 file to iTunes?

    Mar 19, 08:31 AM
    Wondering if this is possible here. I am an active member of other forums that has this feature and I find it very convenient. Thoughts?:)

    Doctor Q
    Oct 14, 10:59 PM
    I remember cleo and shrek. Does that count?

    Apr 4, 09:12 PM
    More than likely if I were to take it to the Apple store I'd have restored by then...which hopefully would alleviate the problem at that point.

    My main point is, if I have no recourse in my current jailbroken state, what options are the best to restore yet not have to upgrade my firmware (aka losing the chance to jailbreak untethered)

    Jan 17, 09:30 AM
    Dignity not included.

    Jun 24, 05:56 PM
    I've had my iBook for about 2 months now and i love it. i absolutely love it. my PC has never been so neglected :)

    I have only one small problem with it and thats the keyboard layout. And its not what you think, its got nothing to do with the cmd, alt or ctrl keys, i've gotten so used to them, that i sometimes press Alt V on my windows machine instead of Ctrl V. :)

    My gripe lies with the implementation of the British Keyboard layout. (yes we use our own different layout :) )

    Basically this keyboard is layed out like a std US keyboard with the � on top of the 3. To my british trained fingers lots of keys are in the wrong place, for instance

    @ is on top of the 2, rather than on top of '
    " is on top of ' instead of on top of 2
    Euro is alt2 instead of alt4
    # is alt 3 instead of being on the mid right hand side of the keyboard.

    Its not a big deal (except that when i needed to use keycaps the first time i wanted to use #, and i miss having � off the main keyboard) as my fingers are now used to this keyboard and automatically remember the correct layout when i use another computer. I still love my iBook, and the only way you get it away from me is to pry it from my cold dead fingers, or to replace it with a G5 PowerBook :)

    Just my 2p

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