Thursday, June 2, 2011

floppy wide brimmed hat

floppy wide brimmed hat. Wide-Brimmed Floppy Hat
  • Wide-Brimmed Floppy Hat

  • eyelikeart
    Oct 18, 09:29 AM

    who's a teenager here? ;)

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  • Alaerian
    Apr 18, 12:28 PM
    If you're entirely happy with a smartphone camera and consider replacing your P&S, you must be happy with mediocre quality photos. Myself, I'd rather have my Canon for when I know I'll be taking photos, and my iPhone for "okay quality" snaps suitable for Facebook.

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  • goMac
    Apr 17, 08:00 PM
    Why wouldn't you use the same metrics you use for any other software?

    How much CPU does the stuff you're serving require? How much disk space? How fast of disk?

    I'm not sure why using a machine as a server makes some special case. Figure out what your server software needs.

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  • Floppy Wide Brim Hat

  • ChazUK
    Apr 18, 02:52 AM
    To be honest, I'd probably get more excited over any optics that Nokia will bring to WP7.
    A friend of mine is unfortunate enough to own an N8 but boy is the camera good on it. :)


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  • alox
    Apr 5, 04:22 AM
    this lookz like a hard plastic bumpber, it gonna break if you drop it :)

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  • King Cobra
    Jul 2, 05:09 PM
    I'm so glad that "Are you sure" is built into 10.2. I must have hit Restart instead of Shutdown, or Restart instead of Sleep, at least 20 times in 10.1, and at least another 10 times in 10.2. This feature has saved me at least 30 minutes in computer usage and about $60 in hard Pro Mouse ass-kicking.


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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 28, 02:54 AM
    i have the windows cd but i have no idea how to repair it using the cd. can someone help me with the commands?

    XP, Vista, 7?

    If XP: Insert disc, hold alt/opt at startup then choose the Windows disc. Wait for the computer to load all the drivers etc. Then press the following keys in the following order: 'Enter', 'F8', then 'R'. Then follow the onscreen prompts. It'll look like Windows is reinstalling itself but it is actually just repairing the system. All your files and settings will be preserved.

    Vista/7: Insert disc, hold alt/opt at startup then choose the Windows disc. Wait for the computer to load the Windows installer. Choose language/kb layout/etc then click Next. Don't click Install now, instead, select Repair your computer. Choose your Windows installation in the popup and click Next. Installer will search for problems and give you the option to repair you installation, if possible.


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  • twisted-pixel
    Apr 25, 10:37 AM
    Apologies, the site is my own and is written in ASP. so no blogging etc, essentially something that will allow me to edit HTML page but with the ability to FTP download and reupload


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  • RedTomato
    Feb 8, 03:55 PM
    Cocks. Armed and dangerous.

    Be careful of giant stabbing cocks.

    Cocking your cock can cock up.

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  • Abstract
    Sep 22, 06:56 AM
    I am looking for a 19" I think, and I do not have to have widescreen. Also, I think I want to stay away from dell. Just personal problems with some of their stuff in the past at work, and I hate the idea of helping Michael out. :o

    Now that is not to say I am saying never on the Dell. What model Viewsonic?
    Dell's LCDs are cheaper and better than Apple's anyway. Apple and Dell also both get them from LG (when it comes to Dell's widescreens.....not sure about the rest).


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  • j763
    Oct 17, 06:26 AM
    Dude, it's apple. you need to b*tch like anything to them to get it fixed. Ask to be transferred to second tier, yell down the phone, whatever it takes... You just have to be really $#!++y with them and then they'll co-operate. that's the only way i could get my base station replaced. trust me, i tried the nice approach, doesn't work, you've just got to be pissed off enough to make them want to fix the problem so they don't have to hear about it any more.

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  • ludevit
    Dec 28, 12:09 PM
    Cromulent, if you still have one left i would very much appreciate to get it.

    My addy: ludevit.stur [at]



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  • JustMe74
    May 6, 12:35 PM
    Thank you!

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  • applemacdude
    Apr 27, 12:29 AM
    wallmart suckes anyway its way to ghetto:D


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  • jimbo1mcm
    May 5, 10:01 AM
    I removed my Samsung 470 SSD from an HP laptop that had Win 7 running. Trim was enabled automatically with Win 7. When I put it into my new Macbook Pro trim was not enabled. You can check by going into the Apple, then About, then More Info and finally into Serial ATA. When you scroll down you will see that trim is not enabled.( Without it, the SSD will fill up and slow down. Google it and see what it does). had a Trim Enabler patch that worked perfectly. I downloaded it and clicked on it and it installed. When I went back into the Apple, etc I found that trim had been enabled. Kudos to Oskar. I dropped a couple of bucks on him from Paypal because I appreciate this kind of work. Maybe Apple will have trim enabled in the next OS, like Win7.

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  • waterskier2007
    Jun 24, 01:26 PM
    I don't care who gets them. I have sent you a few PMs and haven't heard back from you. The other guy is online as well, just waiting on a payment. If I don't here from him within the hour, they are all yours.

    i have been so busy and havent even set up a paypal account yet, so its more likely that u will have success selling to him than me


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  • Anthony8720
    Dec 9, 11:51 AM
    Just curious. I got my new pb and am overall very very happy with it. But i am a biologist and work that i do requires up close scrutinay of several photographs. These horizontal lines make that very annoying. If this is a software problem i wont be that discouraged, but if it is hardware i may have to get a pre-october refurb. Anyone have any insight into this issue?

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  • cubist
    Nov 10, 03:50 PM
    It wouldn't be so bad if their core content was good once you got through the garbage. But their rumors have always been iffy, and as edesignuk says, the gallery has always been slower than watching the grass grow. Maybe they'll take all this ad revenue and buy a newer server. I've got a PM 9500 I'm not using - I'll bet its 200MHz 604e would be a huge upgrade over their current Quadra 650. (Oh wait, maybe they're still using that IIcx they got at the yard sale last year)

    floppy wide brimmed hat. floppy wide brimmed hat.
  • floppy wide brimmed hat.

  • noxtos
    Mar 29, 05:48 PM
    Still no scanner support for MP600.....

    The MP600 scanner drivers are available from the canon web site. I wonder why Apple did not include them.

    Navigate to, select Mac OS X, and click submit to filter non-OS X drivers. The file is named 'ScanGear CS for OS X (12.13.1)'. It's located quite at the bottom of the list.

    Jul 8, 01:58 PM
    you could edit the httpd.conf to search for htaccess instead of .htaccess :)

    Sep 22, 06:47 PM
    Since Apple doesn't manufacture, or control the manufacturing of Canon printers,, it's unreasonable to expect Apple to honor their offer of that Canon printer, which Canon does not make anymore, and Canon discontinued,,
    don't you think?

    How do you expect Apple to get something that is no longer made? I dealt with manufacturers for a number of years,, they normally don't tell you something is discontinued until well after the last production date,,, don't as me why,, but that's my experience,, our retail store has been left high and dry by some manufacturers,, quite often leaving US to fulfil the 'special' as best as we can to keep the customer satisfied.

    I would say, if Apple is willing to offer a similar deal on another comparable printer,, that's the most that can be expected of them.. and you should probably take the deal..

    Apr 17, 04:55 PM
    I agree with above

    Doctor Q
    Oct 16, 08:22 PM
    It loads OK for me if I am patient.

    Young Spade
    Apr 21, 01:28 PM
    So here's my questions for all you Mac guys out there:

    How is security on a Mac as opposed to a PC?

    Pretty damn good. I rarely ever (I don't think I actually have) read about someone getting a virus on their Mac. I don't have any virus protection software and everything is running just fine on mine.

    Is it easy to keep files and programs organized and easily accessible?

    Very easy. Coming from a PC it takes a little getting used to in the fact that you can't just add an organization bar at the top (date of creation, time, date of modification, etc.) [Unless you can, if so, someone let me know :)] You also can't cut and paste, you have to either drag and drop or copy/paste then delete the original.

    How is the "ease of use" for a Mac beginner? I wanna be able to get it and go! Just like with my iPhone.

    Very easy. At a basic point it seems to be a little easier and more user friendly than a windows PC is. Everything is done a certain way and if you can wrap your head around it, it's very simple. HOwever you have keyboard commands which make Macs very efficient. The use of spaces also drastically improves this with the ability to have "unlimited" desktops, each of which you can switch to at any time.

    And my number one priority, how dependable will my Mac be in 2,4,and 10 years down the line if I can't just go and get another one?

    Very dependable. Of course if you're speaking spec wise, it depends on what you get now, although you can always upgrade the specs.

    I'm using an 08 BlackBook right now and love it; 2.2ghz, 4 gigs of ram, and a 320gb hard drive. Amazingly fast and it never lags, allows me to run XP and 7 in a virtual window (within a program, not a separate OS) without much slowdown either.

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