Thursday, June 2, 2011

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jean claude van damme. Jean-Claude Van Damme
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  • mcdj
    May 5, 03:58 PM
    "Battery life is better" is the new "Safari seems snappier".

    These are the ONLY things Apple said about 4.3.3, so what are you people on about?

    Reduces the size of the cache
    No longer backs the cache up to iTunes
    Deletes the cache entirely when Location Services is turned off

    jean claude van damme. Jean-Claude Van Damme
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  • wsippel
    May 23, 10:48 AM
    Hi folks

    I think I'd like to get a handheld gaming machine, something a little different to relax with. It seems from what I've read the DS lite has better games. I'm into RPG/classic type nintendo games (for the nostalgia) on a handheld.

    The psp seems to have better graphics and all, but the main thing I'm not so hot about the DS is the stylus. Do I NEED this to play the games? Does this not get annoying, having to pick up the stylus, touch something, put it down and get on the D-pad again? I just can't see how the stylus integrates well.

    Anyone with a DS care to chime in? Thanks!
    The DS is the best handheld ever created, maybe even one of the best gaming systems in history. The library is simply amazing. Sure, it lacks in a few genres (western RPGs, beat em ups, sports), but there are so many incredible games for the system.

    The stylus is hardly an issue. Sure, some of the games heavily use the stylus (and some don't use it at all), and quite a few were completely built around that concept and hardly use any buttons, but those are also some of the best games on the system (Trauma Center, The World Ends With You, Elite Beat Agents, Ninja Gaiden or Soul Bubbles for example). Games that heavily use the stylus usually only use the dpad and/ or one of the shoulder buttons though, so there isn't much switching around.

    And the games aren't that expensive, either. They are usually a lot cheaper than PC games, and even cheaper than PSP games, and usually drop in price after just a few weeks or months. The library is already huge, you have a lot of catching up to do, so you might as well start with some of the cheaper classics.

    I would, however, suggest to wait until E3 in June, when Nintendo will reveal their next generation handheld to the public. It will be released within the next nine months and backwards compatible with the DS and DSi library.

    jean claude van damme. Jean-Claude Van Damme
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  • andymac85
    Mar 5, 01:00 PM
    When I load F@H5 in terminal, it skips asking me my name and team. any ideas?

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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Feb 17, 09:01 PM
    P!nk - Live at Wembley Stadium


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  • wako
    Jun 5, 02:17 AM
    Read the marketplace rules...

    You dont have any prices listed, I have NO IDEA which iPhone you are selling, 8GB or 16GB. And again the price?!

    Ill offer you 200 bucks for the 8GB though :P

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  • Learjet035
    Mar 11, 12:52 PM
    There is probably an easy way to do this but I can't seem to figure it out. I have Toast 6 installed on my non admin user. Do I have to re-install it on my admin user to use it there or can I somehow access it? I have music on my admin that I want to burn using Toast but didn't want to install again if I don't have to. Thanks!


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  • macpro2000
    Jul 25, 03:54 PM
    Me too...downloading now.

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  • wickedG35
    Jul 1, 07:06 PM
    Pics are here!

    Without Flash:

    With Flash:

    Again, the monitor is in pristine condition; not a scratch or dead pixel anywhere. I'm really meticulous about my electronics.


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  • Lau
    Sep 22, 05:51 PM
    Ah, Ok. It's a .mov file. That sounds suspiciously Mac friendly. I presume .avi might be better?

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  • jabbott
    Mar 31, 12:00 AM
    camera stabilizer would be awesome... im on a cheap budget..
    Ask and ye shall receive:


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  • Broc27
    Apr 26, 05:39 PM
    Unfortunately it isn't since they aren't using the same chipset.

    You could, however, upgrade the 8-core base model to a 12-core or upgrade the quad core base model to a single 6-core.

    jean claude van damme. Jean-Claude Van Damme
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  • zap2
    Mar 21, 06:32 PM
    Both...I play with friends and myself.


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  • aarond12
    Jan 25, 05:46 PM
    Since no examples were given, I have to say: USE COMIC SANS FOR EVERYTHING. :eek:

    Seriously, each document/logo/presentation needs deep consideration of the audience, corporate branding, etc., to choose a font. This usually isn't a "throw a dart and choose a font" type of thing...

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  • eawmp1
    May 6, 09:10 AM
    Ironically, I am looking forward to vacation out of Florida with the family in the next few months.


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  • ErikAndre
    Jan 14, 12:42 PM
    y dont they feed it live??

    Most likely to help promote being in the keynote attendance. Or it's out of MacWorld's budget. Or Apple said no, because they want exclusive rights to the video and want to put it online on their own terms. Sounds to me like the ladder.

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  • cluthz
    Sep 21, 07:12 AM
    Depends on how much screen realestate you want/need.

    Apple displays are a bit overprices, but if you want "the looks" its what you are looking for.

    I have a Viewsonic 17" which im really happy with.

    Be sure to get a display that supports dvi try a few before you decide, but the market is full with very good LCD for a really low price atm


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  • ucfgrad93
    Dec 14, 11:06 AM
    That manager is an idiot. Posting disparaging remarks about your customers on FaceBook is just incredibly stupid. I hope Chipotle fires her.

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  • applekid
    Apr 1, 11:44 AM
    Not limited edition according to Engadget and Joystiq. Worry not.

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  • Merlyn3D
    Oct 23, 07:34 PM
    I'll be the guy with the HDV camera near the front of the line. :)

    My buddy and I are gonna try to duck out of work early to be there.....I figure that's the place to be....that's Apple's bread-and-butter store.

    May 6, 07:45 AM
    I heard that the Special Red Edition iPhone 3G Pro will be released soon, if so, will it be 16GB or 32GB? Or, it will have both formats? Will you get this special version instead of a black or white one?

    I believe the iPhone would never work as a "Product (red)" seeing as all "Product (red)" products are not for profit. Just like you'll never see a (red) Macbook. It's just too valuable to be for charity, sad ... But true.

    Mar 15, 03:03 PM
    Exactly the site (DSL Reports) will send an email to your account or flash a notification of a replied thread along with a link to specifically jump to a thread where a user replied to you

    Mar 29, 06:20 AM
    Call your local discount broker's office- TD Ameritrade, eTrade and ask them if it's possible.


    Getting advice on the internet about whether its possible is not going to get you what you need. Calling a brokerage firm will quickly enough confirm if this possible.

    Jan 15, 04:17 PM
    I think if we were going to see a Blu Ray drive offered, it would have been part of the Mac Pro updates last week, so I'm doubting that's pending soon. There are third party drives available, though.

    3G iPhone has been expected for this Summer at earliest all along, so I'd expect an announcement at WWDC in June with immediate or very soon availability. If there's not a 16GB by then I'd expect one then. We'll most likely know 100% when it's coming too, because the FCC filings have to be submitted months in advance.
    Are third party drives compatible with Macbook Pro? I'm talking about one you could actually put in the notebook and use on the go. I'd like it to be fully functional for both storage and BD playback.

    Apr 2, 03:12 PM
    don't know about iphoto, but no merge in aperture, or LR for that matter. you could perhaps use a publish setting such as book layout options to get the effect you want, but sounds like a better task for photoshop. if you want something free, photoshop elements.

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